Extreme sports are necessary despite objections and warnings эссе

Some people think that extreme sports help to build up character

Nowadays it has become very fashionable to go in for extreme sports. Lots of people practise diving, parachuting, extreme biking, white water rafting, rock climbing and so on. These people believe such sports make your character stronger.

I cannot agree with this point of view.  First of all, as I have already said, extreme sports are in fashion now. Not everybody who practises them does it for pleasure or for building up character. For example,  sometimes people do it to look cool to their friends. Secondly, I believe those who do extreme sports just lack strong emotions and they get them in this or that sport. Practising extreme sports people get lots of adrenaline and it makes them happy.

However, fans of extreme sports argue that these activities make them stronger not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. They believe by doing extreme sports you can fight your fear.

 The argument seems to be logical, but are extreme sports really so important for our character? I think volunteering, for instance, you can achieve the aim of building up your character and fighting your fears quicker.

All in all, I must say that extreme sports are certainly not the best way to build up your character. There are ways more useful not only for the person but for the whole society.

Some people think that learning foreign languages is a waste of time and money

Nowadays learning foreign languages has become very popular. People learn them at school, at different language courses, with the help of tutors. Meanwhile, some people argue that learning foreign languages is useless and wastes money and time.

I cannot agree with this point of view. First of all, if you learn foreign languages you invest in your career. Now, when most companies work internationally, it is very important to know foreign languages to be able to communicate with anybody. If you can do it you will have a good position in any company. Secondly, foreign languages are necessary for travelling to other countries. When in another country, if you can talk to local people, you will enjoy your holiday more.

However, opponents of this point of view say that foreign languages demand lots of time and money. It is sometimes true. When you learn a foreign language, you spend much time and effort. In some cases you have to pay for the courses or to a tutor.

Nevertheless, I believe that the benefits of learning foreign languages are superior and can improve a person`s life greatly. Therefore, one shouldn`t be sorry for the time and money spent.

All in all, I must say that learning foreign languages gives you many advantages that overweight your time and money expenses.

Some people think that you can have only one true friend

Discussions about friends and friendship have always existed. Some people think that true friendship is just for two, whereas others consider that it is possible to have a ot of true friends.

I strongly believe that you can have not more than one real friend. First of all, a true friend is a person you can trust, with whom you can share all your secrets. Therefore, you should know this person very well, and there are not many people in this world, whom we know as ourselves. Secondly, friends should share the same basic values and have the same view on life in general. Sometimes it is difficult to find such persons, and you are lucky if you find more than one of them.

However, opponents of this point of view say that it is boring to spend all of your free time with the same person. They believe two people can become tired of each other this way.

I can`t but disagree. True friends are never bored of each other and they always enjoy each other`s company. Besides, you can spend time with your colleagues and family as well.

All in all, I must say that true friendship is a precious thing and can exist only between two people. As Aristotle once said, “A friend is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

Virtual Internet communication results in losing real-life social skills

Nowadays the Internet has entered almost every home and family. Some of us cannot imagine our life without it. There is an opinion that it affects us so much, that we are becoming unable to comminicate with people in real life. Other people do not tnink so.

I strongly believe that due to the Internet we are becoming anti-social. First of all, many of us are completely hooked on social networks. People usually “wear masks” communicating in social networks. You can say and do what you want there. Consequently, we lose real-life communication skills.Secondly, spending too much time in the Net we forget about our social roles- we are all parents or children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives.  There is a lack of communication in modern families.

However, some people believe Internet communication is a good thing. They say you get to know lots of new and interesting people in the Net.

I can`t but disagree.  In the Net you do not know the people you communicate with. They can pretend to be anybody they want.  Unfortunately, all these friendships can have a very sad end. There are many cases of crimes because of such “new friends”.

All in all, I must say that the trick with virtual Internet communication is to use it sensibly.

A person who is fluent in a foreign language can easily teach it

Nowadays more and more people learn at least one foreign language. Some people are sure that when they master it,they are able to teach it as well. Others disagree with such an opinion.

I strongly believe that being fluent in a foreign language is not enough to be able to teach it. First of all, teaching is not as simple as it may seem.  A teacher should know how to teach.  He or she should  use different methods of teaching. If you do not know them, the people you teach will get bored and will understand nothing.Secondly, a real teacher is an inborn quality. One should have a great patience and love for people to teach them. A teacher never gives up.

However, some people think that they do not need any teaching methods, any special traits of character to teach.

 I can`t but disagree. Such “teaching” will not last long and will not be effective. I think it will be just a waste of time and effort.

All in all, I believe teaching is a profession, not a hobby.  If you are fluent in a language, it is fine that you can use it, but that does not mean you can teach it.

Public libraries are becoming less popular and they will soon disappear

Nowadays with the development of technologies many people spend their free time in a way different from that they did before. People read less, and if they do, they prefer E-books, I-Pads or I-phones.

I believe that real books will soon become rare and very expensive and public libraries will not exist any more. First of all, public libraries do not have all the books and the information you can find in the Internet. 

Secondly, libraries are not convenient.  It is much easier to take your I-phone, for example, and download any book you want.  You do not even have to leave home for that. It is much better to stay in your cosy armchair and read a new book or work with the information you have found in the Net.

However, some people believe that public libraries are sure to stay. I can`t but disagree. Nowadays very few people use the libraries, and they are mostly students. Libraries are not in fashion any more.

All in all, I strongly believe that libraries will not be much needed soon and we will find all the information and  books in the Internet. Therefore, I think, libraries will soon be gone.

Представлено сочинение на английском языке Экстремальный спорт/ Extreme Sport с переводом на русский язык.

Extreme Sport Экстремальный спорт
Many people today go in for extreme sports. Perhaps, they find ordinary sports too boring and unexciting. It is also known that extreme sports help to build character and form a strong personality. Многие люди сегодня занимаются экстремальными видами спорта. Возможно, обычные виды спорта им кажутся слишком скучным и неинтересным. Известно также, что экстремальные виды спорта помогают развивать характер и формировать сильную личность.
There are different types of extreme sports, for example, rock climbing, rafting, scuba diving, surfing, snowboarding, parachuting, hang-gliding, bungee jumping etc. These activities usually involve speed, height and a good level of physical training. However, they become more and more popular even among the beginners. Doing such sports people learn how to overcome difficult situations and how to survive in an emergency. It also develops patience and self-control, and helps to control your fear. More importantly, it gives the sense of achievement. Существуют различные виды экстремального спорта, например, скалолазание, рафтинг, дайвинг, серфинг, сноуборд, прыжки с парашютом, дельтапланеризм, прыжки с тарзанки и т.д. Эти виды деятельности обычно включают скорость, высоту и хороший уровень физической подготовки. Тем не менее, они становятся все более и более популярным даже среди новичков. Занимаясь такими видами спорта, люди учатся, как преодолевать сложные ситуации и как выживать в чрезвычайных ситуациях. Это также развивает терпение и самоконтроль, и помогает контролировать свой страх. Что еще более важно, это дарит чувство достижения.
I have always been scared of parachuting, but surfing or windsurfing don’t seem frightening to me at all. I like doing these sports. Some people might think that they are rather dangerous or risky. They simply don’t know how it feels to be out there standing on the surfing board. I think when you risk you learn how to use your head before acting. Nowadays, many young people find these activities entertaining and spend their free time paragliding or surfing. Я всегда боялся прыжков с парашютом, но серфинг и виндсерфинг мне вовсе не кажутся страшными. Мне нравится заниматься этими видами спорта. Некоторые люди могут подумать, что они довольно опасны и рискованны. Они просто не известны ощущения, которые испытываешь стоя на доске для серфинга. Я думаю, только рискуя, можно узнать, как использовать голову, прежде чем действовать. В настоящее время многие молодые люди считают такие виды деятельности занимательными и проводят свое свободное время за серфингом и парапланеризмом.
At the same time most adults think that there are safer sports, which also help to build your character. For example, swimming, football, ice hockey, skiing and some others. In conclusion I’d like to add that even though I don’t parachute or scuba dive myself, I admire people who dare to do such sports. В то же время большинство взрослых считают, что есть более безопасные виды спорта, которые также помогают развивать характер. Например, плавание, футбол, хоккей, катание на лыжах и некоторые другие. В заключение я хотел бы добавить, что, хотя я сам не прыгаю с парашютом или не занимаюсь дайвингом, я восхищаюсь людьми, которые осмеливаются заниматься такими видами спорта.
I think it requires a lot of courage and inner strength to do extreme sports. Я думаю, для того, чтобы заниматься экстремальными видами спорт требуется много мужества и внутренней силы.

Эссе (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему: Some people think that extreme sports help to build character


Nowadays more and more people go in for extreme sports like skateboarding, base jumping, parachute jumping, mountaineering and others. They believe that extreme sports help to build character.

In my opinion, extreme sport is a good way for a person to develop him or her physically and psychologically. As to the character, it is really the fact that extreme sport helps to increase willpower, persistence, and patience. Firstly, if you do any of extreme sport, you are often exposed to danger. You have to compel yourself to overcome fear and to move forward. Secondly, extreme sport is often a team activity. For example, mountaineering is usually done by a group of people who are dependent on each other. So they have to trust and help each other, otherwise they cannot achieve their goals. However, there some people who think that people do not necessarily need to do extreme sports to build character. Their reason is that there are a lot of other means of personal development, which are safer and more comfortable. For example, reading books or watching films about heroes and their valorous actions can help you cultivate your mind and character. As for me, I cannot adopt this point of view because of its deficiency. I strongly believe that you need action to improve yourself.

To sum it up, building character is a serious work, which demands a lot of strain. I am convinced that extreme sport is a sure way to this goal.



Essay Sample 6


Comment on the following statement:

     Some people think that extreme sports help to build character.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?
Write 200-250 words.
Use the following plan:
—    make an introduction (state the problem)
—    express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion
—    express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion
— explain why you don’t agree with the opposing opinion
—    make a conclusion restating your position

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Some people think that extreme sports help build character whereas others think it’s a bad idea.

soch 001 002

I think that extreme sports definitely help build character. First of all, extreme sports help develop qualities such as discipline, persistence and focus. Second, they teach a person to overcome fear, build confidence and mental strength. The reason why extreme sports are better at it than other sports is because the price of an error in extreme sports is very high. One has to stay focused and be athletic in order to make as few mistakes as possible, and that requires discipline in training and all those other qualities.

soch 001 003

At the same time there’re people who believe that extreme sports are above all dangerous. One can start doing boxing and get a concussion, or fall off a cliff while climbing a rock. Also such sports can be addictive. One may become an adrenaline junkie who would do anything just to get that rush, and sometimes that can lead to serious injuries.

soch 001 004

In my opinion these people have a point. Extreme sports are definitely dangerous and they can be addictive. However, I believe that if one is smart about doing them, in most cases he can avoid serious injuries. The risk still remains, of course, and it’s up to anyone whether they want to do extreme sports or not. But there’s one thing that’s certain – they do help build character.

soch 001 005

In conclusion, I’d like to say that extreme sports are surely dangerous. At the same time, they’re one of the best ways I know that can help one develop a very strong character.

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esse edit

Can you suggest an appropriate conclusion to finish my essay below?

Extreme sports such as sky diving and skiing are very dangerous and should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

In recent years, extreme sports have become increasingly popular, and some people argue that governments should prohibit them. I completely disagree with the idea that these sports are too dangerous, and I therefore believe that they should not be banned.

In my opinion, so-called extreme sports are not as dangerous as many people think. All sports involve some element of risk, and there should always be clear regulations and safety procedures to reduce the possibility of accidents. People who take part in extreme sports are usually required to undergo appropriate training so that the dangers are minimised. For example, anyone who wants to try skydiving will need to sign up for lessons with a registered club, and beginners are not allowed to dive solo; they must be accompanied by an experienced professional. Finally, the protective equipment and technology used in sports from motor racing to mountain climbing is constantly improving safety.

While I support regulations and safety measures, I believe that it would be wrong, and almost impossible, to ban extreme sports. In the first place, we should all be free to decide how we spend our leisure time; as long as we understand the risks, I do not believe that politicians should stop us from enjoying ourselves. However, an even stronger argument against such a ban would be the difficulty of enforcing it. Many of the most risky sports, like base jumping or big wave surfing, are practised far away from the reach of any authorities. I cannot imagine the police being called to stop people from parachuting off a mountain face or surfing on an isolated beach.

In conclusion,…

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Some people think that doing sport especially extreme kinds is good not only for men’s body, but it helps to build character too. However, the others claim that risky sports are not right idea for people’s health.

As for me, nowadays, it is popular among young people but I am against keening on extreme sports. The first thing that needs to be said is these sorts of activities are very dangerous for men’s health and emotional mention. Someone can hurt him or herself or may get serious injuries or even lose their lives. Secondly, extreme kinds of sport need not only physical strength but they need a great number of money. At present special gear is very expensive, not everyone can allow having it.

On the contrary, the percent of people, who consider that doing ordinary sports is not such gripping and breathtaking as extreme sports. That people get the adrenaline and pleasure from following kinds of sports: bungee jumping, mountain climbing, parachuting or scuba diving.

I disagree with this point of view, because extreme sport lovers risk their lives despite magical experience and changing in life routine.

In conclusion, I should say that extreme sports are not for the faint-hearted. You must think carefully before doing something risky.

emotional mention

serious injuries

physical strength

ordinary sports

gripping and breathtaking

life routine

the faint-hearted

To have a wholesome effect on – благотворно влиять на

person’s mood


case-harden the spirits – закалять дух

will for victory

poor/good posture – неправильная.правильная осанка

shortage of time — нехватка времени

in spite of everything – вопреки всему

emotional release – эмоциональная разрядка

core subjects — основные учебные предметы

well-being – здоровье, благополучие

devotee — ярый последователь

thrill seeker – искатель острых ощущений

to relieve stress – снимать стресс

precious gift – бесценный дар

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Imagine that you are doing a project on why young people  in Zetland do extreme sports. You have found some data on the subject-the results of the opinion polls (see the table below)

Comment on the data in the table and give your opinion on the subject of the project.

Motives Number of young athletes (%)
To get some adrenalin  49
To follow modern trends  17
To increase self-confidence 13
To fight fears and stress 12
To explore one’s limits 9

Write 200-250 words

Use the following plan:

  • make an opening statement on the subject of the project;
  • select and report 2-3 facts;
  • make 1-2 comparisons where relevant;
  • outline a problem that can arise with doing extreme sports and suggest a way of solving it;
  • conclude by giving your opinion on the role of extreme sports in the life of young people.

Recent studies show that more and more people start doing extreme sports. To learn more about it, I have found some information on why young humans in Zetland do extreme sports. As a part of my project, I have analyzed these data and come across some interesting findings.

According to the data I have found in the table, young generation has a wide-range opinion when it comes to extreme sports. The majority of respondents like getting some adrenalin (49%) whereas exploring the limits is the least popular reason (9%). Increasing self-confidence is also a quite popular reason as well as fighting fears and stress, making up 13% and 12% of the respondents respectively.

It is noticeable that there is a substantial difference between the most and the least popular explanations. Getting some adrenalin is almost at 5 times more popular than exploring the limits. The difference between the percentage of people who do extreme sports for the sake of following modern trends and increasing self-confidence is also considerable. It is less than 5% which is surprising because both of these reasons are not favoured by youngsters in Zetland.

Although nowadays doing extreme sports is becoming very popular. it still can lead to some problems. For example, defferent kinds of extreme sport are very dangerous and people can get serious injuries doing it. The best solution is to find a place which can provide insurance and the real safety for fans of extreme to prevent accidents.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that despite some problems associated with extreme sports. it obviously plays a big role in youngsters’ lives because it helps to reduce negative emotions and then feel much better.

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