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I’ve noticed on this forum that some(if not many people) believe that Itachi’s Tsukuyomi can be broken as long as you have either of the following criteria:

  • Sharingan
  • Mangekyou Sharingan
  • Good Stamina
  • Strong Will
  • Intelligence
  • Etc.

Most of these beliefs branch off of one incident in the manga:

Although Itachi’s Tsukuyomi was broken by his younger brother, should this be condemned as a valid feat? I think it shouldn’t, as there are too many variables within the manga that state otherwise. This thread will go in-depth to the formula and procedure of Tsukuyomi and compare it to the Tsukuyomi Sasuke broke.

Part 1 Tsukuyomi vs. Part 2 Tsukuyomi.

We’re going to compare the differences in the Part 1 Tsukuyomi Itachi used, versus the Part 2 Tsukuyomi Itachi used in his final battle. First let’s take a look at the Databook’s insight on Part 1’s Tsukuyomi:

Databook 2 -Tsukuyomi said:

Amidst the insight and hypnosis possessed by Sharingan, is a supreme genjutsu, born from the aforementioned hypnosis: Tsukuyomi. Originally, people on the face of the Earth live bound by limitations like time, gravity, and space; and how people exert their abilities within those restrictions is what separates the victors from the vanquished. But in the mental world where the caster drags their opponent, the Tsukuyomi jutsu gives them control over those very limitations!

Namely, this means inside the genjutsu, the physical world’s common sense is completely irrelevant and opposing the caster is impossible. Somebody caught into the Tsukuyomi find themselves into a strange world of infinity, their fate entirely lying inside the caster’s hands. Some time, they will undergo the torments of Hell, and some other time, they will be repeatedly shown a horrendous, hellish picture of agony and mayhem*, with no idea of when either of those will end. As a result, the poor prisoner can only wait until the collapse of their psyches…!! Even a body made of iron or the speed of light are powerless before this jutsu, which is the reason why it is feared as the most powerful.

Some of the bolded/colored parts of the following text are things that were not found in the Tsukuyomi broken by Sasuke:

«…the Tsukuyomi jutsu gives them control over those very limitations!»
•that he confirmed Jiraiya did know of a real body (Reality)
•that he confirmed Jiraiya did know of a real body (Tsukuyomi)

None of the limitations mentioned in the Databook were not being taken advantage of.

«…opposing the caster is impossible.»
•that he confirmed Jiraiya did know of a real body
•that he confirmed Jiraiya did know of a real body

Both of these two traits vividly displayed in Part 1’s Tsukuyomi were not present in Itachi’s Part 2 counterpart. Now time to show things apparent in Part 1’s Tsukuyomi as opposed in Part 2’s.

One thing that Itachi’s Tsukuyomi had in Part 1, that Part 2’s Tsukuyomi did not feature was an initial shock. Both Kakashi and Sasuke both experienced an intial shock when they were first hit with tsukuyomi as the jutsu started:
•that he confirmed Jiraiya did know of a real body
•that he confirmed Jiraiya did know of a real body

This was not shown in Part 2, it was more seamless like most weaker genjutsu:
•that he confirmed Jiraiya did know of a real body
•Link removed

As you can tell this major difference may not seem that much of a big deal however it is. Itachi’s Tsukuyomi in Part 1 was more powerful and the victims body responded more violently to it before it started because of the sheer strength of the genjutsu. However in Part 2’s Tsukuyomi, Sasuke didn’t even notice, it was seamless like most other genjutsu which are all weaker than Tsukuyomi. Now this initial shock is not an exclusive trait to tsukuyomi. It’s just how genjutsu works, if it’s strong enough the user will have an initial shock or some other emotion entering the genjutsu. One of the most powerful genjutsu outside of Tsukuyomi, Frog Song has the same thing:
•Link removed
•Link removed

All of the bodies experienced a shock, and Chikushodo experienced a twisting effect.

Another major difference in the two Tsukuyomi’s is the color schemes:
•that he confirmed Jiraiya did know of a real body (Part 1)
•Link removed (Part 2)

As you can tell this is a major cosmetic difference. Of course this isn’t the biggest piece of evidence to the weakness of the Part 2 Tsukuyomi however it is a point nonetheless.

The way the Tsukuyomis were administered in Part 1 and 2 were very different. In part 1 it was more towards torturing the users mind, by either physically torturing them without giving them a chance to revolt. Or by showing them images that annihilates their psyche. However the Tsukuyomi Sasuke experienced in Part 2 was more like other weaker genjutsu, doing one action to end them. The way in which these genjutsu were executed were completely different.

The last difference I wish to share in this thread, is the shocking truth that the Part 2 Tsukuyomi was NOT instant. One of the most incredible aspects of Itachi’s potency of his Part 1 tsukuyomi is the fact that it was instant. However Itachi’s part 2 tsukuyomi was actually not, and it’s shown in this page:
•Link removed

Zetsu noticing something about Itachi and Sasuke show that this Tsukuyomi was not instant.


Saying Sasuke broke a full powered Tsukuyomi from Itachi is quite absurd. The reason is because the manga has said that:

Itachi was trying to lose here. So why would he even gamble with a technique that was said by Kisame to kill upon impact:
•Link removed

Itachi’s Tsukuyomi was also feared by many as the most powerful genjutsu:
•Link removed
•Link removed
•Link removed

So why would Itachi use this strong of a genjutsu when he’s trying to lose, the answer is that he wouldn’t use it. Which is exactly what he did. Itachi used Tsukuyomi. However he watered it down so much that it made it possible for Sasuke to break it. This is my views on this subject.

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