Internet chat rooms do not serve a useful purpose сочинение с переводом

Nowadays chatrooms are very popular among youth. Even without noticing it we spend a lot of precious time discussing something totally useless. Could each of us boast, that he or she uses chatrooms only for necessity?

To start with I want to say that chats were created to make an exchange of information more comfortable, to use it for specific, concrete point. And by the way I think that it is a very useful invention if you can manage it cleverly. But young people turned it into something where they can spend their leisure time.
In my opinion chatroom brings more harm than good. Of course you can cheerfully spend your time there talking to your friends, but nothing supersedes live communication. Just imagine how many useful things could you do instead of staring into screen of your computer or mobile or how many real people you could meet and become acquainted with.
On the other hand there are a lot of situations when it is hard, uncomfortable or expensive to keep in touch with someone dear who is studying, working or having a rest abroad. These moments chatrooms are indispensable helpers.

All in all, we often lie ourselves that we do everything we want in time, but in fact we always complain about lack of time and opportunities. I would like to advice you not to spend your spare time so silly and to use chatrooms only by perforce.

I totally agree with a statement that Internet chatrooms do not serve a useful purpose.

In the 21 century during the period of new technologies and discoveries people often replace real communication to the Internet. Of course the Internet chatrooms which are mostly part of social networks have their advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, the main users of the Internet chat rooms are children, who spend there all their free time. Chatting in social networks, children can come across with adult photo, videos, themes, forums, which are not for the child’s age, who has just started to discover the world. Of course, visiting this type of sites that excites the curiosity of a child. And the less he knows, the more is his interest. The topics of sex, violence, extremism, terrorism and other negative things should not be absolutely taboo in the family. Sometimes parents do nothing about children dependence on the Interner, because they are addicted to it.

Secondly, we see social media platforms, such as facebook, which helps to organize the movement by its chat rooms and also fueled the news cycle mainstream media, which reported to the region and rest of the world about changes. What has happened when the young people at Tahrir Square raised placards with the names of their hashtag in Twitter? The satellite channel Panarbskgo filmed them and showed them all over the world, and drew attention to real voices in the streets.

Finally, using chat rooms we will never replace living communication, which passes real human feelings and mood

Bardzo proszę o szybkie sprawdzenie poprawności.

Internet chatrooms do not serve an useful purpose. Write an essay giving arguments for and against this statement and also state your own opinion.

Do we need internet chatrooms? I think that each of us ever used a chat, but is that safety? In my essay I will try to show advantages and disadvantages of using internet chatrooms.

First of all thanks to the chatrooms we can talk and write text messages to each other for free. What is more chatrooms are becoming more and more popular especially among teenagers but according to recent surveys more and more older people start to use chatrooms to make free conversation instead of using telephone.

On the other hand people stop to meet each other. If you are spending a lot of time in the chatrooms, you do not have enough time to socialize in the real world. Much of them think that chatrooms can replace their social life. A final argument is you never know with who you are talking to. Finally information in chatrooms are not checked, so you can think you learn something but later you find out it was wrong.

I think that advantages of using chatrooms are undeniable. Thanks to chatrooms we can communicate with other people from different countries. All in all I am certainly sure that despite of lots arguments against I will still use chatrooms to communicate, but I will not forget about meeting friends.

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 Not only Internet chat rooms, but the Internet in general do not serve a useful purpose.

net has intensively invaded our lives. It has just huge influence on us.
Probably ,we are addicted to it.

Can you
imagine yourself without a computer and the Internet? Taking a step in your life that does not depend
on it? Even if you want to go for a walk, you have to check the weather or find
the timetable of the bus you need to catch
 and you do it using the net. However not only
students, but their teachers are obsessed with this “game”. That’s why, I
think, this technologies are the field of our future, the field that could help
students, teachers and even parents.

   By the way, the Internet and chatrooms which are in it created an unreal world, where we feel
ourselves comfortable and which is more interesting for many of us. And this
 separates people from each other even more.

   I definitely agree with the statement, that Internet chat rooms do not serve a useful purpose.

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