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Do You Believe That Science Will Make Our World Better?

Few people would doubt that science will make our world better and has already done so. Yet, there are skeptics who cast doubt on this point of view and draw very grim prospects for mankind.
To bring my discussion off, let me say that progress of science means progress for mankind. Firstly, the Internet and new technologies that have revolutionised the world are the product of science. Sec­ondly, breakthroughs in medicine would have been impossible with­out scientific research. Thirdly, genetic engineering is the field of science with a very promising future without genetic diseases.
Having said that, I am fully aware that some scientific discoveries may bring people destruction, diseases and even extinction of life. For example, nuclear energy is capable of ruining vast territories of our planet. Besides, computer-based gadgets can damage eyes and do harm by causing heart problems. To continue, pollution of the environment is a consequence of technological progress and may result in making our Earth uninhabitable.

Despite skeptical ideas, I am firm in my opinion that science does good to people. Thinking about nuclear energy, I must say that the responsi­bility for the use of nuclear energy rests with mankind. Concerning com­puters, it is the user who decides how to use the gadgets, for how long and towards what ends. Finally, I am sure that environmental pollution can be controlled and stopped.
As you can see, success of science proves that it can really make our world better and not worse but this depends on how cleverly people use scientific achievements. (256 words)

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Essay Sample 2


Comment on the following statement:

      Some people think that science plays the most important role in the development of our civilization, others believe that our world would be impossible without poetry.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?
Write 200-250 words.
Use the following plan:
—    make an introduction (state the problem)
—    express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion
—    express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion
— explain why you don’t agree with the opposing opinion
—    make a conclusion restating your position

pir 1

linking words 1

soch 001 001

Some people think that science plays an essential part in the development of civilization, whereas others believe that the civilization would not be possible without poetry.

soch 001 002

I think there is no question that science plays a key role in our progress. First of all, because of science, life expectancy across the globe is now 82 years as opposed to 55 years only one and a half century ago. Second, thanks to GMO engineering people are now able to grow pesticide resistant crops and save people from starvation in countries like Africa. Our medicine is becoming more and more advanced and our technology now allows us to send rovers to Mars, as well as deal with potential asteroid threats.

soch 001 003

At the same time there are people who believe that the world would be impossible without poetry. Some of the deepest thoughts are expressed in it, it helps a person be more empathic and better understand other people’s feelings. It also helps one relax and forget about their problems.

soch 001 004

There is no doubt that poetry, as well as good literature plays a very important role in the emotional growth of people, however I believe that science contributes way more to the growth of our civilization. Poetry will not cure a person from deceases and it will not feed people. It would not shield one from deadly viruses or external threats that will one day come from space, but science will.

soch 001 005

In conclusion, I would like to say that poetry helps one stay in touch with their feelings, whereas science helps develop technology and solve difficult problems.Among these both, I consider science is more important. 

Read by Neil Geitz



esse edit

The role of science in our world

 One sharp-witted person once said: “I like the science — but not so much. What I love with all my tremulous heart is the universe…. Our whole world as being turned up by science expects to be far more wonderful, and even far more curious, than we had any possible chance to expect. …What is true is that the very science is being appreciated due to the perception of the altering universe which it suggests”.

As I view it, the original author of the following abstract wanted to impact the readers by the idea that despite all positive and profound effect of the science on the human development, it is the very universe, which should be valued above all. I couldn’t agree more with the stated position for my fresh part.

Топики по английскому языку.

  • Топик по английскому языку. Тема «Прием пищи и блюда». TOPIC: MEALS
  • Топик по английскому языку. Тема: «Семья».
  • Топик по английскому языку. Тема «Город».
  • Топик по английскому языку. Тема: Дом Topic Mr. White’s House.

I also simply can’t but totally agree with the statement that “science is valuable because of the realistic reception and treatment of the very universe what it gives”. It is really hard even slightly to overestimate the great role of science with reference to the comprehension and perception of the surrounding world. For sure, science is not just the content full of some separate scientific data, its development greatly depends on the progress of our human civilization and is influenced by human’s needs, desires, wishes, likes and dislikes. Generally speaking science is a specific product or output of long civilizations of humanity, the accumulation of the long and hard period of human development. Our world consists of various types of nations and nationalities, differing in their level of culture, speaking different languages, but one should still be aware of one thing that is capable to unite us all – science. Science belongs to the basic domain of the whole great world, independently on all the differences, before it vanishes even the barriers of nationality. Indeed it is absolutely necessary to do justice to those numerous intellectual triumphs (first voyage round the moon, the opening-out of the very neutron, discoveries in particle physics, the revelation of difficult and complicated mechanism of heredity and etc.) which have made a real breakthrough, concerning our treatment of the universe. But I feel complete confidence that, despite all vivid proofs, there is no any essential need and necessity to overestimate the role of the science in our altering world, by practically identifying it with the very universe, for things are far from being as simple. By treating the shifting world as revealed by science, which, as the originator puts it, becomes “far more beautiful, and far more interesting, than we had any possible chance to expect” we put on rose-coloured spectacles. It makes us entirely pin our hopes on the science and ignore the primeval (primordial) essence of the conflicting universe, beautiful and simultaneously spontaneous and perilous. Moreover our explicit belief in science, the so-called “progressivism” can do more harm than good. Showing disrespect for the environment can do us a disservice and the universe can turn its back upon us.

As a result nowadays people are suspecting that they are really obliged to pay a price for the great intellectual achievements or triumphs. Indeed what seemed rather harmless at first sight, turned about to be rather dramatic, and caused a lot of hardships to humanity (take for example the revelation of neutron, which resulted in the creation of atomic weapon all in all). All possible information is at hand for us, we have every right to be aware of what happens in the surrounding world, but it still doesn’t eliminate our suspicion. We can’t take things for granted and enjoy the knowledge unselfconsciously.

All existing facts seem to deny the chance of the worldwide triumph of reason over the unrestrained scientific work in a burst of enthusiasm to make an alteration of the changing universe. But I’m still an optimist (frankly one can go mad if he is not) and do believe in the very possibility, let it seem air-built, of the favorable outcome, the only possible way to which is to learn and to practice how to love the contradictory universe as such. Nature begins from causes, and thence descends to effects.

Роль науки в нашем мире

Один остроумный человек сказал однажды: «Я люблю науку, — но не безгранично. То, что я действительно люблю всем своим трепетным сердцем — так это вселенную…. Весь наш мир, рассматриваемый через призму науки призван быть еще гораздо более замечательным, и даже гораздо более интересным, чем мы можем ожидать….. Верно и то, что сама наука в настоящее время оценивается в связи с восприятием изменений вселенной».

С моей точки зрения, автор данных строк хотел донести до читателей мысль о том, что, несмотря на все положительное и глубокое влияние науки на развитие человека, все же именно Вселенная должна цениться превыше всего. Я, со своей стороны, не могу не согласиться с заявленной позицией.

Я также полностью разделяю идею о том, что «наука ценна той реалистичной картиной Вселенной, которую она дает». Действительно трудно даже немного переоценить огромную роль науки в отношении ее понимания и восприятия окружающего мира. Конечно, наука — это не только вместилище отдельных научных данных, ее развитие во многом зависит от прогресса нашей цивилизации и находится под влиянием человеческих потребностей и желаний, симпатий и антипатий. Вообще говоря, наука — это конкретный продукт или итог череды цивилизаций человечества, опыт, накопленный за долгий и трудный период развития.

Наш мир состоит из различных наций и народностей, различающихся по уровню своей культуры, говорящих на разных языках, но каждый должен четко осознавать одну вещь, которая способна объединить нас всех — науку. Наука относится к основной доминанте всего нашего огромного мира, перед ней рушатся даже межнациональные барьеры. Действительно, абсолютно необходимо воздать должное тем многочисленным интеллектуальным триумфам (первый полет на луну, открытие нейтрона, открытия в области физики элементарных частиц, обнаружение сложного механизма наследственности и т. д.), сделавшим настоящий прорыв применительно к нашему пониманию Вселенной. Но я испытываю полную уверенность в том, что, несмотря на все яркие и очевидные свидетельства, нет никакой насущной необходимости в том, чтобы переоценивать роль науки в нашем мире, практически отождествляя ее с самой вселенной, ибо все далеко не так просто. Рассматривая меняющийся мир так, как это предлагается наукой, который (имеется в виду мир), по словам автора, «призван быть еще гораздо более замечательным, и даже гораздо более интересным, чем мы можем ожидать», мы надеваем своего рода розовые очки. Это заставляет нас полностью возлагать свои надежды исключительно на науку, игнорируя, при этом, изначальную сущность конфликтующей Вселенной, прекрасной и одновременно спонтанный и опасной. Кроме того, наша слепая вера в науку, так называемый «прогрессивизм» может принести больше вреда, чем пользы. Неуважение к окружающей среде может оказать нам медвежью услугу, и Вселенная может повернуться спиной к нам.

В результате в настоящее время люди, начали подозревать, что они действительно обязаны заплатить цену за большие интеллектуальные достижения и победы. В самом деле, то, что казалось довольно безобидным на первый взгляд, обернулось весьма драматичным, и принесло много бед и неприятностей человечеству (взять, например, открытие нейтрона, которое привело к созданию атомного оружия в итоге). Вся необходимая информация у нас под рукой, мы имеем полное право знать, что происходит в окружающем мире, но даже это еще не устраняет полностью всех наших сомнений. Мы просто не можем принимать ничего на веру, как должное, и пользоваться знаниями самозабвенно.

Все существующие факты, кажется, отрицают саму возможность мирового торжества разума над безудержной научной работой по изменению хрупкой вселенной. Но я по-прежнему оптимист (честно говоря, можно сойти с ума, если ты им не являешься) и верю в саму возможность, пусть и довольно призрачную, благоприятного исхода, единственным способом на пути к которому будет научиться любить наш противоречивый мир, как таковой. Природа начинает с причин, а уже оттуда переходит к последствиям.

“Beauty will save the world” is a fairly common expression in the modern world, which every person has heard at least once in his life. The constant debate about the truth of this statement often confuses mankind. Some believe that this is impossible, and some believe that it can be justified and confirmed. If you read this saying several times and think about its meaning, every person will understand something special for himself. Personally, I think that such an expression is appropriate, but my understanding of it is quite different from others that I have come across while writing my own opinions. In this work, I would like to justify this saying and prove to everyone that it contains quite a lot of meaning for all of humanity.

What is beauty? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, because each person has his own opinion on this matter. For some, beauty is a person’s appearance, clothes, jewelry, beautiful hair and bright makeup. Some believe that beauty is imprinted in the inner feeling of a person – it is his spiritual state, restraint in emotions, the ability to respond beautifully to insults and self-development. I prefer the second version of the explanation of beauty, because I can prove it. I believe that every modern person understands that a beautiful wrapper is not always cool. I agree that most people strive to look modern, fashionable, bright, try not to be like others, but if a person’s inner world is full of dirt, then no appearance will help in this.

I have often come across the saying: “Meet by clothes, but see off by mind” and I completely agree with this. We all first pay attention to how a person looks, and only then we begin to notice his character, behavior, ability to communicate with others. I often met girls and boys whose appearance attracted millions, but when they opened their mouths, all their beauty instantly disappeared somewhere. All this happens because a person does not pay much attention to his development and constantly tries to take care only of his appearance. However, the main task of humanity in this world is to bring something of its own, to fill this world with the beauty of one’s own soul.

To be honest, beauty can save the world if humanity comes to its senses and understands the deep meaning of this saying. For example, if all people in this world will dress according to fashion magazines, buy expensive decorative cosmetics to put on makeup for a walk or a party, will do new hairstyles and paint their nails every day – what contribution will they make to the future of our planet? In addition to the fact that they will have a lot of attention from various people around them – none, but this contribution is only for themselves, to raise their own self-esteem. It will affect the world more negatively, because mass buying of things will begin, and later this can lead to bad consequences.

I believe that inner beauty can make a significant contribution and revolution in our world. I will explain why. When a person begins to actively engage in self-development, he begins to read books, work in his favorite field of activity, make a significant contribution to society, then at the same time he actively begins to work on his inner world and begins to change his own opinion about many things. She becomes more tolerant, sensitive, sincere and tries to bring this goodness to the world. If every person begins to understand the importance of self-development in his life, it will be able to significantly influence further changes in society and the world as a whole. She will begin to bring beauty with her words and actions, which will change the stereotypical opinion that was imprinted in society millions of years ago.

I believe that I was able to prove the point that inner beauty, not outer beauty, will save this world. Humanity will come to its senses and understand the importance of bringing goodness and beauty not only for itself, but also for others. Only in this case, this expression can be appropriate, if its meaning is correctly understood. You certainly remember how from a very young age we are taught to see beauty in small details. In general, the whole world is built on the fact that everything in this world is beautiful, but there are certain stereotypes that do not allow us to see this beauty.

Not only material things, but also spiritual things can be considered beautiful. It is precisely because of the fact that materiality recedes into the background that a person is seen as beautiful not by his appearance, but by his attitude towards others, by his behavior and character.

So, I believe that everything that surrounds us can be beautiful in this world. Incredible landscapes, beautiful birds and plants, people. Absolutely everything brings beauty to this world. However, only humanity, sincere feelings and emotions, common sense will be able to save the world from the constant raids of evil people who want to destroy this beauty.

Science is important to most people living in the modern world for a number of reasons. In particular, science is important for world peace and understanding, for understanding of technology, and for our understanding of the world.

Science is important for world peace in many ways. On the one hand, scientists have helped to develop many of the modern tools of war. On the other hand, they have also helped to keep the peace through research, which has improved life for people. Scientists have helped us understand the problem of supplying the world with enough energy; using energy of the sun and of the atom. Scientists have also analysed the world’s resources. Scientists study the Universe and how to use its possibilities for the benefit of men.

Scientists are also important for everyone who is affected by modern technology. Many of the things that make our lives easier and better are results of advances in technology. In some cases, such as technology of producing salt from ocean water, technology may be essential for our lives on Earth.

Scientists are learning to predict earthquakes, to study many other natural events such as storms. Scientists are also studying various aspects of human biology and the origin and development of the human race. The study of the natural world may help improve life for many people all over the world.

Basic knowledge of science is essential for everyone. It helps people to find their way in the changing world.


Over the years that the humans have walk upon the earth there have been countless technological innovations, some dating back to the Stone Age.  Although the ancient world didn’t have all the resources that we have today, the people of those times did magnificent things that paved the road for us today; from the stone tools made in Paleolithic and Mesolithic times to the wheel in 3000 BC, all the way to the pyramids in 2560 BC.  These inventions helped make it possible for us to build smartphones, remote controls, and skyscrapers.

Throughout the Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods, humans used stone tools.  These stone tools are the oldest technology that has evidence of surviving.  The humans would use flakes of rock, usually flint, to make different tools.  For example, the oldwan choppers, seen to the right, were designed to help break things down.  These stone tools can be compared to smartphones, the most useful tool of today. 

While the humans of the past had a different shape designed for different tasks, today we have “an app for that.”  Smartphones have different apps designed for each task; likewise, there are different designs of stone for each objective.  A smartphone is a tool that most people today could not live without.  Like stone tools, a smartphone is designed to make the lives of people easier. 

Lastly, stone tools were refined by Neolithic farmers.  These farmers sharpened the stone tools, making them better suited for hunting spears and knives.  The same goes for the smartphone.  It seems like every other month there is a new update to make the device better suited for the task at hand.


With the invention of the wheel, transportation was put on another level.  Although it is believed that the first wheels were meant for pottery in Mesopotamia, they ended up being an invention that changed the way humans traveled.  The remote is a great innovation to society. 

The remote, like the wheel, changed the lives of humans.  Before the wheel, people would have to walk everywhere.  In the same way, the remote made it so we did not have to get up to change a channel on the television.  The remote made life easier for people, as did the wheel.  These two inventions were made to help people in their everyday lives but actually helped to make people lazier. 

The wheel made it so people didn’t have to walk and the remote made it so people didn’t have to get up, leaving people able to sit most of the time.  Obviously, these technological breakthroughs had both positive and negative effects.


Around 2560 BC, the Egyptians created one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the pyramids.  The Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest man-made structure for almost 4,000 years. Today, if we go to a city we can see buildings that are a quarter of a mile tall.  These buildings help to make more space for business by taking up unused air space, which is why they are an important invention. 

Skyscrapers have multiple purposes, one of these purposes is to be a living environment like hotels and apartments.  The pyramids were used as a final resting place for Egyptian kings.  Like the rich kings of Egypt who had the best, rich people today usually have the best living environment in hotel skyscrapers. These huge structures are all being outdone, like the pyramids were, losing the title of the tallest building. 

The Great Pyramid of Giza may have lasted 4,000 years without being outdone, now, however, it is hard for one to last 10 years.  The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world, reigning 2,717 feet, but there is another skyscraper said to be built in 2017 which would be 3,280 feet tall, that is nearly one kilometer.  Clearly, the ancient world built up the way for us to soar to new heights.

To conclude, the inventions from the past can be seen in the innovations of today; from the stone tools and the wheel help making it possible to make the pyramids, all the way to discoveries today, like the smartphone, remote, and skyscrapers.  Nolan Bushnell once said, “The best ideas lose their owners and take on lives of their own.” 

This quote is seen in all of these technological discoveries that changed the world.  Ultimately, without these inventions we would be just cavemen without tools, never advancing in evolution.

 William Anderson (Schoolworkhelper Editorial Team)

Tutor and Freelance Writer. Science Teacher and Lover of Essays. Article last reviewed: 2020 | St. Rosemary Institution © 2010-2022 | Creative Commons 4.0

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