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People benefits more from traveling in their own country than from traveling to foreng countries.

Most of people love traveling to other countries and even in their own country, and it is really important in people life because it is the moment that they relax after a years of hard work, meet their friends and families and have the opportunity to know beautiful places around the world. I think this can depend on different needs and priorities compare to a person who intends to same money or know a specific place or building that do not exist in their country. Generally speaking, I believe that it is better for all concerned if people travel to their own country, particularly if they look for cheaper trips and beautiful places.

First of all, it is important to consider much money one can spend in their trip. Certainly, it is possible to travel abroad and save money for example when you intend to buy electronics and clothes, because in my county is cheaper to buy this things from other countries. On the other hand, these days it cost a lot to travel abroad. By way of example, I live in Brazil and the dollar is so expensive, so is more likely to travel in my own country to save money.

In addition to the importance of finances, I think this is better to know our own culture. For example, Brazil is an amazing place to visit, there are a lot of attraction. Of course, some people plan their tips to know famous buildings and architectures from other countries. For instance, Pyramid of Egypt, Coliseum and so on . However, I think it would be fair to say that for most people they are more likely to visit their own culture and famous landscapes. Namely, we have warm all over the year and because of that to travel to board cities is a very good idea, and the famous one is Copacabana. Besides that, we have Amazonia Forest, which is the greater forest in the world. I can recall a trip a made to Rio de Janeiro, I had a lot of fun in Copacabana beach and after that I visited the state of Chirst and It was so nice because I took a pictures with the Christ and the view from the top of the mountain was amazing

By way of conclusion, based on the arguments explored above. I am of the opinion that in most cases it is actually more beneficial for most people to travel in our own country.

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Some people say that traveling abroad helps to understand one’s own country, whereas others believe that in order to better understand one’s country better people should not go abroad.

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In my opinion in order to understand something better one should be able to compare it with something else, and countries are no exception. It is a general principle and I support it. First of all, when a person travels abroad he or she sees the differences in other countries compared to their own ones. For example, something that people took for granted in their home country suddenly becomes very valuable in another country. Second, people go to see different cultures and it makes them think more about their own because comparison is a part of human nature. For instance, a person cannot say if one thing is better than another without comparing them.

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At the same time some people say that one should learn more about their own country by not going anywhere. One should visit all regions of his or her country first before going somewhere else. The more places in the country they visit, the better they understand it.

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I cannot agree with the second opinion mentioned above for a particular reason. Comparison is a basic principle of every human’s understanding of the world. No matter how long a person studies something they will never get to the depth of it without seeing different versions of what they are studying in its home environment.

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In conclusion, I would like to say that enriching one’s knowledge about their county by traveling abroad is a very effective and efficient of getting knowledge. When people compare architecture, tradition, art, music, philosophy and religionsof other countries they get a better understanding of their own country.

There are different ways to get to know your country, and travelling is one of them. Some people believe that trips throughout your homeland is the best method to become acquainted with its geographical and other peculiarities, while others opt for alternative approaches. In this essay I am going to detail my own view on this issue.

As far as I am concerned, I prefer using the Internet to travelling in case I need to learn something about my country. First of all, the World-Wide Web is the quickest source of information. You just have to do a couple of clicks and here you get innumerable pages with relevant data. In addition, surfing the Internet is much cheaper than any ticket for a tour of the country.

Yet, there are people who insist on travelling as a non-competitive means of learning their native country. The main argument for such position is that people need to come into direct contact with an object to understand it better. For example, it is better to visit a place personally and get impressions straight from the source.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with my opponents’ position. Trips and journeys are known to be exhausting and to lead to a worse sense perception. You become unable to feel the atmosphere of a place, to see every detail of it or to admire its grandeur.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the priority of the Internet over any other ways of learning your country.

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