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Short essay on summer vacation , contains a lot of information about how to spend the vacation and also the places I went on last vacation, and all that information you will find here in My last vacation essay .

My last vacation essay

Vacation is something wonderful and enjoyable and you can use it to spend enjoyable and useful times that make you feel relaxed  and all that gives you a push forward so that you can complete your work or study, all of this you will find here in My last vacation essay .

 My last vacation

When the exams are over, the parents start looking for places to spend their vacation with family. They need to take a break from work and the continuous pressure of life in order to try to recharge the body so that they can continue to work actively.

I am a person who loves to travel to different countries and to know different cultures and traditions. I have traveled in the past vacation to many different countries and I enjoyed very much to know about these countries. I will tell you about these countries  and the advantages of each country of them.


Jordan has a Mediterranean climate; in the winter, temperatures often reach 1 ° C, rain falls and sometimes snow falls;  So it is advisable to visit Aqaba and enjoy its warm atmosphere and beautiful beach, and visit the famous Wadi Rum and pink Petra carved in rock.

 While in the summer temperatures reach an average of 30 degrees Celsius, so it is recommended to visit the mountain highlands in the Ajloun and Jerash, where the temperature is moderate.

The Egyptian Arabic Republic

 It contains many famous and ancient tourist sites,  You can go on a trip to Cairo to enjoy the ancient monuments of the region, such as churches and ancient mosques.

 Visiting the pyramids located in Giza is one of the greatest built by the Pharaohs. But avoid sunny and hot days to enjoy exploring the pyramids, walking the desert sands, riding horses and camels, and taking a tour of the Khufu ship or the sun boat.

I really enjoyed visiting all of these areas ,and took advantage of a lot of information that I did not know before, and I hope that everyone goes to these picturesque areas.

My last trip essay

My last trip was to the Maldives. I woke up one day to a loud voice from my mother who was happy and asked us to come.

So I told her what’s going on, Mom, she simply said (Write your name).We are going on vacation to the Maldives. Gosh, there’s this crazy, jumping, happy, dancing moment.

We all talked to my father before that we wanted to go to the Maldives, but because of his permanent work, we could not go. So it was surprising to go on vacation outside the town, especially to the Maldives.

I am very happy with this trip. I enjoyed a lot of swimming in the wonderful turquoise water, which you can see the smallest details through.

We stayed on the island of Mali, which is one of the most beautiful places in the Maldives. Where there are some exciting  areas .

I also enjoyed very much visiting Isidhu and spending all night there. The place was very cool, candles near the water and sitting on the floor everything was great. I liked this place very much and the drinks also.

At the end of the trip, we went to the National Museum, where I enjoyed learning a lot about some wonderful information about the former civilization of the Maldives and its origins.

It was great to have a trip like this and I hope to do it again.

Write a paragraph on my last vacation

My last vacation was so amazing. My name is(..). I study in class (..). I loved the last trip that I and my family took.
We went to visit and entertain cancer patients. We agreed to go on vacation for my father and mother, and bring some presents for young children so that they are happy with it. We already knew about such visits from a family member.

My father told us that there is a social responsibility in our visits to cancer patients. And that there is respect for time and we should not prolong our visit. We must go with a smile and carefully choose the type of dress and speech so as not to affect the psyche of others.

My father also warned us not to show any kind of pity, because that affects the patient’s psychology very much. So it was very important that we pay attention to all these things.

We went there and all our concern was to add a smile to them and to help them through support and love.
We spent the day with them but my happiest moment was when I managed to make the first person I met smile. That upset me so much.

This day is one of the most beautiful days for me, and it was a very useful holiday because it makes us feel the suffering of others. I would very much like to repeat this visit and support them a lot and make friendships with them.

Short paragraph on my last vacation

My last vacation was very interesting as I was able to participate in one of the activities that I dreamed of participating in for a long time.

I love to play tennis a lot. I joined one of the small clubs in my area to learn this game and train until I can become professional.

The coach told us that there is an upcoming tournament and we can participate in it to determine our level.
So I loved joining so much and told him I wanted to join.

Indeed, I was able to participate and train well before the tournament to raise my level of concentration and improve my general level.

At the time of the championship, I was fully prepared, and I went and played with confidence and happiness, despite feeling a little scared, but I quickly recovered myself and managed to win and get the third place. I am looking forward to improving my level in the upcoming tournaments and achieving first place.

Paragraph about last vacation

Last vacation I was able to enjoy a lot visiting my grandfather’s town and gathering to attend a relative’s wedding. I enjoyed a lot getting to know my family members, talking and getting close to my ancestors.

They miss us so much because of the distance between us. We live in the city of (type the city name here). My grandfather lives in the city of (type the name of the city). So we travel there by train,

I really loved riding the bullet train and seeing the countries between us. I really liked the simple life in their city. There are many green spaces and wide spaces, and there is no big traffic congestion like my city.

I was able to learn to use the kite, and I found that all of my relatives enjoy playing it more than electronic games, and they race to raise it high in the air, and the person who can lift it the most is the victor.

So I liked it so much I laughed and had fun and ran a lot more than ever. I would very much like to try again.

Describe Your Last Vacation

My last vacation did not have many outings and activities, or traveling abroad due to the Corona pandemic. But I can describe it as wonderful because the family members were able to gather and enjoy some simple games and talk.

It was a special holiday filled with popcorn and sweets and watching modern movies. I enjoyed a lot of playing cards with my father and my grandfather who was a big fraud and I didn’t know about that. He made me laugh a lot and I learned some tricks from him.

I loved sitting at home this holiday too because I was able to help my mum make more food and learned some great new recipes.

I find that it is a wonderful vacation despite the absence of my friends around me or being in luxury places or tourism in other cities . We enjoyed the simple things and the holiday went by without any problems.

Essay about my last vacation

There is no doubt that I liked my last vacation very much, as I was able to get to know my family members from my father’s side during this vacation.

He had many relatives living in the same town but we don’t know each other or even know what we look like,
So my father decided to take me and my younger sister and go to stay in the family house and invite the family to gather and get acquainted, so that the younger generations can get to know their relatives and their children, and make friendship.

So we stayed at my grandfather’s house near the lake and enjoyed a lot of barbecue and some fun activities. I would very much like to repeat this experience. It is good to feel that you are with your family and get to know them.

What i did during last vacation essay

Every year I learn a lot of experiences, both good and bad, from which I gain some experience. The last vacation was the best for me, because I was able to benefit a lot from it and learn some new skills that may benefit me in the future, such as learning how to prepare  sweets.

Last holiday I was able to participate in a training course to teach the preparation of sweets professionally. I was able to take back a lot from it as I learned to prepare all kinds of dough, learned how to prepare the cream and coordinate the cake to look completely professional.

I was very happy to learn this craft and I feel that in the future I can benefit from it in one way or another. I am thinking of creating a website or a YouTube channel and posting recipes and preparation methods to teach others
Through it.

I work to improve my speaking and public speaking skills and gain some fame in this specialty. Maybe it will be my field of work in the future.

My last vacation with my family

It is great to take advantage of the time we spend in a gathering with the family, especially if it is long. I can say that the last holiday was a long time gathering with my family members due to the spread of the Corona virus.

Therefore, staying in homes was semi-compulsory by the state, and going out only for necessities, and preventive measures must be taken before leaving and returning.

Therefore, there were dangers to my father or mother whenever they went out to fetch food or any other living requirements. So I am very grateful to them.

It was great to be with my family for a long time. In the beginning, it was very difficult and there was some negative energy because we used to go out and do many outdoor activities.

But after a while, sitting became more comfortable, and we became involved in some home activities and hobbies, which helped in soothing the atmosphere, and getting out of boredom and depression.

I really enjoyed doing some activities with my mum like doing yoga, preparing famous meals and playing cards.
I found her very cool at that and I didn’t know it, she always beats us and knows a lot of good tricks and moves.

Write about your last vacation

My last vacation was not very interesting, despite the slow return to life after the spread of the deadly Corona virus,
however, many families still avoid going out, mixing, and exposing their children or themselves to danger.

Therefore, I could not do many of the normal activities that I used to do before, we only watch TV, play some video games and talk on the Internet.

Certainly there are some happy moments that happen inside the house when all the family members gather and prepare some entertaining meals. We can then perform some games or scenes to add a nice family atmosphere. But I can’t wait to get back to normal life and get out and discover life and gain some new skills and experiences.

My last vacation essay for class 5

My last vacation was special and wonderful. We are now in the summer. There are many places to go and enjoy, such as amusement parks, the beach, picnics in the streets, clubs and cinemas. It was a great vacation, I enjoyed a walk with my family, whether on the beach or in the city.

I learned some new games from my brothers, and my father and we raced a lot. He made me win in some races to make me happy with that.

I also enjoyed going with my mother to shop and buy vegetables, she taught me how to choose some good fruits and vegetables.

I am very happy when I feel that I have learned something new, so I feel that the time I spend is valuable and that I have a role in society. I hope to continue learning and developing.

How did you spend your last vacation essay

I spent the last holiday of this year wandering with some of my close friends, going swimming or playing some electronic games, or playing soccer. Some days we went cycling in town, talking to some friends.

It was a nice vacation and I enjoyed it a lot after what we went through from the Corona crises, not mixing, no wandering and sitting at home.

So it was great to go out and walk with friends and feel the return to normalcy again. And there are some group activities we can do.

How I enjoyed my last vacation essay

The last vacation was a lot of fun and had a lot of funny activities that I enjoyed. I also made some fun new friends, and got to hang out with them a few times, where we could go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine and  swim.

We enjoyed camping and sitting by the fires, eating some snacks while talking and having fun. It was definitely a great vacation more than  the past two years, breathing, meeting new people, gaining some new skills, developing myself, and feeling more confident and fun than I was before.

We have already provided you with My last vacation essay, and you can read more about the vacation through the following link:

  • My summer vacation essay


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My Last Walking Tour. Мой последний поход

My Last Walking Tour

Last time I went on a walking tour was last summer. My friends and I decided to go and find some picturesque place on the bank of the Siversky Donets. You know there is a fine pinewood on its banks.

So we took all necessary things for sleeping and cooking meals with us. We chose a route of our journey and planned our trip. Our rucksacks were rather heavy, but this fact didn’t spoil our journey. As it was a walking tour we got to the place on foot.

We set out early in the morning, the weather was perfect, and we enjoyed the freshness of the air and the silence of the morning. There were some clouds in the sky but soon the wind took them away. We stopped at some fine grove not far from the river. But as there are always a lot of mosquitos at the river — not too close to it. All day long the sun was shining brightly, and we sunbathed and swam in the river, played volleyball and football.

Our first meal in the open air was unusual — it was a bit burnt — but we didn’t pay much attention to it. In the evening we made a fire and sang different songs. One of my friends plays the guitar, and he accompanied us. As soon as we got into our sleeping bags we were fast asleep.

Early in the morning one of us went fishing. Some time later we heard a tremendous splash. We all ran to the river to see what had happened. Our friend saw a huge fish and wanted to catch it with his hands, but fell into the water. We all laughed, and that was the end of his fishing.

The day was not sunny, so we just hired a boat and ran it down the river. We saw a lot of beautiful places, and the nature was magnificent. It was time we went home, but no one wanted to leave. It was an unforgettable journey.

Мой последний поход

В последний раз я ходил в поход прошлым летом. Мои друзья и я решил пойти и найти живописное место на берегу Северского Донца. Вы знаете, на его берегах есть прекрасный сосновый лес.

И вот, мы взяли все необходимые вещи для сна и приготовления пищи. Мы выбрали маршрут нашего путешествия и спланировали его. Наши рюкзаки были довольно тяжелые, но это не испортило нашего путешествия. Так как это поход, мы добрались до места пешком.

Мы вышли рано утром, погода была идеальной, и мы наслаждались свежестью воздуха и тишиной утра. На небе было несколько туч, но вскоре ветер их развеял. Мы остановились в какой-то красивой роще недалеко от реки. Но, так как всегда у реки всегда много комаров — не слишком близко к ней. Весь день ярко светило солнце, и мы загорали и купались в реке, играли в волейбол и футбол.

Наша первая еда на открытом воздухе, было необычной — мы её немного сожгли, — но мы не уделяли этому особого внимания. Вечером мы разожгли костер и пели разные песни. Один из моих друзей играет на гитаре, и он аккомпонировал нам. Как только мы забралист в спальные мешки, мы крепко уснули.

Рано утром один из нас пошел на рыбалку. Через некоторое время мы услышали огромный всплеск. Мы все побежали к реке, чтобы посмотреть, что случилось. Наш друг увидел большую рыбу, хотел поймать ее руками, но упал в воду. Мы все рассмеялись, и это был конец его рыбалки.

День был несолнечный, так что мы взяли лодку и поплыли вниз по реке. Мы увидели много красивых мест, а также великолепную природу. Пора было возвращаться домой, но никто не хотел уходить. Это было незабываемое путешествие.

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My trip to Spain

I would like to tell you about my trip to Spain last summer. I think that it was the most interesting trip in my life. I travelled there with my parents.


The nature in Spain is very beautiful, and all trees were green when we came there. I saw the deep and blue sea, and I wanted to swim. But on the third day of our staying in Spain we saw dark clouds, and so we decided to go sightseeing around the town. There I saw real Spain’s life. It was very attractive to me.

During the first week of our trip we only swam in the sea. It was very warm with large waves. Near the rocks there were a lot of different fishes, and all the tourists watched them.  One day we went on the excursion. It was the excursion to the Salvador Dali Museum  – a famous Spanish painter. We went to his castle and admired his garden around it. There were many trees and beautiful flowers.


Моя поездка в Испанию

Я хотел бы рассказать вам о моей поездке в Испанию прошлым летом. Я думаю, что это была самая интересная поездка в моей жизни. Я ездил туда с моими родителями.

Природа в Испании очень красиво, и все деревья были зелеными, когда мы приехали туда. Я увидел глубокий и синее море, и я хотел, чтобы плавать. Но на третий день нашего пребывания в Испании мы увидели темные облака, и поэтому мы решили пойти на экскурсию по городу. Там я увидел жизнь реальной Испании. Это было очень привлекательным для меня.

В течение первой недели нашего путешествия мы купались только в море. Это был очень теплый с большими волнами. Возле скал было много различных рыб, и все туристы наблюдали за ними. Однажды мы пошли на экскурсию. Это была экскурсия в Музей Сальвадора Дали — известного испанского художника. Мы пошли в свой замок и восхищался его сад вокруг него. Были много деревьев и красивых цветов.

Представлена подборка сочинений о Путешествиях на английском языке с переводом на русский язык.

Travelling Путешествия Travelling to new and interesting countries has always attracted people. It’s like a part of routine. People work for some time and then they travel during their holidays. The choice of a place depends on their interests and wishes, on their finances and the length of the holidays. Поездка в новые и интересные страны всегда привлекала людей. Это как часть рутины. Люди работают в течение некоторого времени, а затем они путешествуют во время каникул. Выбор места зависит от их интересов и пожеланий, их финансов и длительности отпуска. Читать полностью >>> Travelling Of My Dream Путешествие моей мечты Travelling is one of the best activities a person can do. When you travel you get new experience, learn about the cultures of other countries and visit unique places around the whole world. Travelling is learning foreign languages, tasting local dishes and meeting new friends. Путешествия – это одно из самых лучших занятий для человека. Когда вы путешествуете, вы получаете новый опыт, узнаете культуру других стран и посещаете уникальные места по всему миру. Путешествие – это изучение иностранного языка, дегустация местных блюд и новые знакомства. Читать полностью >>> My Travel Моё путешествие Millions of people in the world spend their holidays travelling. Luckily, there are many companies today, which can organize your tour and leisure time whenever or wherever you like. As for me, I am curious to know more about new places and countries, to explore their sights and to learn about other people’s culture. Миллионы людей в мире проводят свой отпуск в путешествиях. К счастью, сегодня есть множество компаний, которые могут организовать ваш тур и досуг, куда угодно и когда угодно. Что касается меня, мне любопытно узнать больше о новых местах и странах, исследовать их достопримечательности и узнать о культуре других людей. Читать полностью >>> I Love Travelling Я люблю путешествовать Millions of people throughout the world spend their holidays travelling and I’m no exception. Travelling is my passion. Luckily, my parents are of the same opinion. So, each time we have a holiday, we try to go somewhere new. It can be either a new city, or a new country. Миллионы людей во всем мире проводят отпуск, путешествуя, и я не исключение. Путешествия – это моя страсть. К счастью, мои родители того же мнения. Поэтому, каждый раз, когда наступает отпуск, мы стараемся посетить какое-нибудь новое место. Это может быть либо новый город, либо новая страна. Читать полностью >>> Travelling By Sea Путешествие по морю There are numerous means of travelling, but many people choose to travel by sea. I’m sure they have a number of reasons for that. First of all, it is a pleasant feeling to be in boundless expanse of the sea or ocean. Secondly, travelling by sea is comfortable and speedy. Существует много способов путешествия, но многие люди предпочитают путешествовать по морю. Я уверена, что у них есть на это ряд причин. Прежде всего, приятно плыть по бескрайним просторам моря или океана. Во-вторых, путешествие по морю удобно и быстро. Читать полностью >>> Cruise Морское путешествие A year ago, I had an opportunity to take a short cruise with my parents. It was just my second trip abroad. The first time I flew to Turkey with my mother. By the way, there was also a boat trip, but I can’t call it a cruise. Год назад, я с родителями смогла совершить небольшое морское путешествие. Это был всего лишь мой второй выезд за границу. Первый раз я летала в Турцию с мамой. Там, кстати, тоже была морская прогулка, но назвать её морским путешествием, думаю, нельзя. Читать полностью >>> Travelling By Car Путешествие на машине Travelling is one of the most pleasant pastimes for me. I love seeing new places, meeting new people and learning about other cultures. There are many ways to travel, for example, by train, by plane, by bus, by car, by ship. Путешествия – это одно из самых приятных видов времяпровождения для меня. Я люблю осматривать новые места, знакомиться с новыми людьми и узнавать о других культурах. Существует много способов путешествовать, например, на поезде, на самолете, на автобусе, на машине, на корабле. Читать полностью >>> Travelling By Plane Путешествие на самолёте Travelling to another city or even a country is always an exciting adventure. A lot of interesting things await you ahead: new acquaintances, amazing events, visits to unusual places, beautiful nature. But in order to get to your destination, you need to take a train trip or flight. Путешествие в другой город или даже страну — это всегда захватывающее приключение. Впереди тебя ждёт много интересного: новые знакомства, удивительные события, посещение необычных мест, прекрасная природа. Но чтобы добраться до места назначения, нужно совершить поездку на поезде или перелёт. Читать полностью >>> Why Do People Travel? Почему люди путешествуют? I can’t remember any person in my life who ever said “I don’t like travelling”. To my mind travelling is one of the best activities a person can do. And there are many reasons to travel. Я не помню, чтобы хоть один человек сказал мне «Я не люблю путешествовать». По-моему путешествия – это одно из самых замечательных занятий для человека. И существует множество причин, почему мы должны путешествовать. Читать полностью >>> Travelling Abroad Путешествие заграницу Travelling is a very nice activity. You can travel in your own country or abroad, you will anyway get lots of impression. It’s not only a lot of fun, but it’s also quite useful for a person. As for me I prefer traveling abroad, because I like seeing people from other countries and learning about their culture. Путешествие – это замечательное занятие. Вы можете путешествовать по своей стране или заграницу, в любом случае вы получите массу впечатлений. Это не только весело, но еще и полезно. Лично я предпочитаю путешествовать заграницу, потому что я люблю встречать людей из других стран, изучать их культуру. Читать полностью >>> I Want to Travel Я хочу путешествовать There are over two hundred and fifty countries on our planet, and it is unlikely that there is at least one person, who managed to visit each of them. На нашей планете насчитывается более двухсот пятидесяти стран, и вряд ли существует хоть один человек, который успел посетить каждую из них. Читать полностью >>> We Like Traveling Мы любим путешествовать My family likes traveling. Dad has already been to almost 50 countries, my mother has several countries less, and I have only 8. I’m not discouraged, my time is still ahead, I will have enough time to catch up and overtake my parents. The last country we visited was China. Наша семья очень любит путешествовать. Папа посетил уже почти 50 стран, мама на несколько стран меньше, ну а я, пока только 8. Я не унываю, моё время всё ещё впереди, я успею нагнать и перегнать родителей. Последняя страна, которую мы посетили, это Китай. Читать полностью >>> Tourism Туризм Tourism is becoming more and more popular. It’s one of the best ways to spend a holiday. It’s also a well-developed business nowadays. There are so many means of travelling around the world, such as jet-planes, express trains, cruise liners, comfortable buses, personal cars and else. Туризм становится все более и более популярным. Это один из лучших способов проведения каникул. В настоящее время это также хорошо-развитый бизнес. Существует так много способов путешествовать по миру, например, реактивные самолеты, экспресс поезда, круизные лайнеры, комфортабельные автобусы, легковые автомобили и т.д. Читать полностью >>> Tourists Туристы Tourists are those people who love and travel around their country and the world. Now there are a lot of them, the vast majority of people are tourists. Tourists can be divided into several different groups which, however, have some similarities. Туристами называют людей, кто любит и путешествует по своей стране и миру. В настоящее время их очень много, подавляющее количество людей — туристы. Туристов можно поделить на несколько схожих, но всё же различных групп. Читать полностью >>> The Place I Will Never Forget Место, которое я никогда не забуду Last summer my mother and I visited Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. This place made a big impression on me which I would never forget. Прошлым летом, я с мамой побывал во Флоренции, одном из самых красивых городов Италии. Это место произвело на меня большое впечатление, я его никогда не забуду. Читать полностью >>> Where I Was In Summer Где я был летом My name is Julia and I’m fourteen years old. Summer is my favourite season as it is full of activities and exciting adventures. It’s not a secret that we have the longest holiday season at this time of the year. Меня зовут Юля и мне четырнадцать лет. Лето мой любимый сезон, так как оно изобилует активной деятельностью и увлекательными приключениями. Не секрет, что самый длинный курортный сезон бывает в это время года. Читать полностью >>> Where I Went This Summer? Куда я ездила летом? My name is Anita and I’m 14 years old. I’m a high school student now at the school number 125. I live in Yekaterinburg with my parents and my younger brother. My grandparents live far from us. It takes an hour and a half to reach them by car. Our city is large and beautiful. I like living there. However during the holidays we often travel. Меня зовут Анита и мне 14 лет. В настоящее время учусь в старших классах школы № 125. Я живу в Екатеринбурге со своими родителями и младшим братом. Мои бабушка и дедушка живут далеко от нас. Для того чтобы добраться до них на машине нужно ехать полтора часа. Наш город большой и красивый. Мне нравится жить в нем. Однако во время каникул мы часто путешествуем. Читать полностью >>> Seaside Vacation Каникулы на морском побережье Last year in June when summer vacation just started, my parents and I went to Cypress. My father got lucky and bought last-minute tickets. We were going to stay at the seaside for 10 days, that was the best start of my summer vacation! В прошлом году, в июне, как только начались летние каникулы, я с родителями отправился на остров Кипр. Моему папе повезло, и он смог купить горящую путёвку. Целых десять дней нам предстояло прожить на морском побережье, отличное начало каникул! Читать полностью >>> Seaside Vacation Каникулы на море Summer vacation is the best time for every schoolchild. It’s so great if you can spend it at the sea! Warm sun, salty water, hot sand and, of course, a lot of fun activities, nothing can beat that! Летние каникулы — это самая долгожданная пора в жизни каждого школьника. А как же здорово провести их не где-нибудь, а на море! Жаркое солнце, соленая вода, горячий, обжигающий ноги песок и, конечно, множество веселых развлечений — ничего не может быть лучше такого отдыха! Читать полностью >>> The Country Of My Dreams Страна моей мечты I have not visited many countries yet, but I hope that this list will only increase. My greatest dream is to visit the UK. I can surely say that this is the country of my dreams. Я побывал пока не во многих странах, но надеюсь, что этот список будет только увеличиваться. Самая моя большая мечта — это побывать в Великобритании. Можно сказать, что это страна моей мечты. Читать полностью >>> I Want To Visit All Countries In The World Я хочу посетить все страны мира I have thought that it is impossible to visit all countries of the world recently, but once I heard the news that one of the famous bloggers had visited all countries in the world. I realized that it was real and I wanted to repeat his success. Ещё недавно, я думал, что посетить все страны мира невозможно, но тут в новостях я услышал новость, что один из известных блогеров посетил все страны мира. Я понял, что это возможно и мне захотелось повторить его успех. Читать полностью >>> The Country I Want To Visit Страна, которую я хочу посетить I really want to visit one of the most unusual and mysterious countries in the world, Japan. Everyone has undoubtedly heard the words, that were unclear not long ago but now entirely entered the Russian language — samurai, geisha, sakura, ikebana, sumo, origami, sushi and others. Я очень хочу посетить одну из самых необычных и загадочных стран мира — Японию. Все, конечно же, слышали, ещё недавно малопонятные слова, а сейчас плотно вошедшие в русский язык — самурай, гейша, сакура, икебана, сумо, оригами, суши и другие. Читать полностью >>> Where I Want To Go Куда я хочу поехать “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. I absolutely agree with this quotation. I have always wanted to know more about the world, to see new places, to discover new sights, to learn more about different cultures. «Мир – это книга, и тот, кто не путешествует, читает только одну страницу». Я полностью согласна с этим высказыванием. Я всегда хотела знать больше о мире, посещать новые места, открывать для себя новые достопримечательности, узнавать больше о различных культурах. Читать полностью >>> The Place Where I Want To Go Место, куда я хочу поехать I really want to go to Lake Baikal. It is not only a lake, but also one of the most interesting and unusual water bodies in the world. Firstly, it is the deepest lake in the world, its depth is 1642 meters! Я очень хочу поехать на озеро Байкал. Это не просто озеро, а одно из самых интересных и необычных водных объектов в мире. Во-первых, это самое глубокое озеро в мире, наибольшая его глубина 1642 метра! Читать полностью >>> Where I Want To Travel Где бы я хотел побывать I am lucky to have parents who are interested in travelling. Each year we go somewhere new and exciting. I’m only 14, but I’ve already been in several neighboring countries and even in Thailand, which is 9 hours away by plane. Мне повезло, что мои родители интересуются путешествиями. Каждый год мы ездим в какое-нибудь новое и интересное место. Мне только 14, а я уже побывал в нескольких близлежащих странах, и даже в Таиланде, до которого лететь 9 часов. Читать полностью >>> I Want To Visit The USA Я хочу посетить США I really want to visit such a beautiful country as the USA. This desire I have had for a long time, I do not even remember when it started. Perhaps this dream appeared when I was playing computer games, where the action often took place in American cities. Я очень хочу посетить такую прекрасную страну, как США. Это желание у меня появилось очень давно, даже не помню когда. Возможно, эта мечта появилась тогда, когда я играл в компьютерные игры, где часто действие происходит в американских городах. Читать полностью >>> I want To Visit Italy Я хочу посетить Италию My name is Alina and I really want to visit Italy. It all started in 6th grade, when I watched some programs of a famous blogger about Italy. I liked what I had seen so much that I began to look for additional information about this country and even learnt a little Italian. Меня зовут Алина и я очень хочу посетить Италию. Всё началось в 6 классе, когда я посмотрела несколько передач известного блогера об Италии. Мне так понравилось увиденное, что я начала искать различную информацию об этой стране и даже немного учить итальянский язык. Читать полностью >>> I Want To Visit France Я хочу посетить Францию I have been looking forward to visiting France for a long time, because I fell in love with it when I was 10 years old. This is probably due to the fact that I study French in school and our teacher, who also likes France, talks about it a lot. I am now 14 years old and my dream has recently become more realistic. Я уже давно хочу посетить Францию, так как влюбилась в неё, когда ещё мне было лет 10. Наверное, это из-за того, что я в школе изучаю французский язык, а наша учительница тоже любит Францию, поэтому много и интересно о ней рассказывает. Сейчас мне уже 14 лет и моя мечта совершенно недавно стала более осуществимой. Читать полностью >>> The City of my Dream Город моей мечты Since young age, I have always wondered what the perfect place for living would be like. Now, I can say that I have a clear vision of the city of my dreams. First of all, it should be situated in a sunny part of our planet and have great weather conditions all year round. С ранних лет мне всегда было интересно, каким было бы идеальное место для проживания. Сейчас я могу сказать, что у меня есть своё чёткое видение города моей мечты. В первую очередь, он должен быть расположен в южной части нашей планеты и иметь отличные погодные условия круглый год. Читать полностью >>> The City I Want To Visit Город, который я хочу посетить There are many wonderful cities in the world that I’d like to see. However, my long time dream is to visit the British capital. In my opinion, London is one of the most diverse and interesting cities on our planet. I have a to-do list for this place, which consists of six important points. В мире множество замечательных городов, которые я хотел бы осмотреть. Однако моя давняя мечта посетить британскую столицу. На мой взгляд, Лондон один из самых многоликих и интересных городов на нашей планете. Для этого места я приготовил список дел, состоящий из шести важных пунктов. Читать полностью >>> At The Airport В аэропорту Travelling by plane is one of the easiest ways to see other countries. I love travelling and being at the airport. This place has a special atmosphere. For me the journey starts once I get there. Путешествия на самолете – один из самых лёгких способов увидеть другие страны. Я люблю путешествовать и бывать в аэропорту. В этом месте особая атмосфера. Для меня путешествие начинается, как только я туда попадаю. Читать полностью >>> Hotel Отель Now a lot of people like travelling, and I also like it. There are millions of places to go and see. Some people like staying with their friends when they travel, some rent a flat or a house, but most of people book a hotel. Сейчас многие люди любят путешествовать, и я тоже. Существуют миллионы мест, куда можно поехать и что-то посмотреть. Некоторые любят останавливаться у друзей во время путешествия, некоторые снимают квартиру или дом, но большинство людей бронируют отель. Читать полностью >>> Should You Visit Russia? Стоит ли посещать Россию? Should you visit Russia? I think every foreigner asks himself this question before they come to Russia. All these doubts are caused by some old negative stereotypes that all the Russians are unfriendly, inhospitable people with criminal mind and uncontrollable drinking habits and low culture. Стоит ли посещать Россию? Наверно, этот вопрос задает себе каждый иностранец перед своим первым визитом в нашу страну. Такие сомнения во многом могут быть вызваны устоявшимися негативными стереотипами, согласно которым русские — это недружелюбные и негостеприимные люди с криминальным мировоззрением, неконтролируемой склонностью к употреблению алкогольных напитков и низким уровнем культуры. Читать полностью >>> My Dream Моя мечта Every person has imagination, which can enter our thoughts. Thanks to that we can dream. At first, they are small and simple. For example, every kid’s dream is to have a candy or to get a small toy as a present. When people grow up, their priorities change so their dreams change with them. У каждого человека есть воображение, которое может проникать в мысли. Благодаря этому, у нас появляются мечты. Вначале они маленькие и простые. Например, мечта каждого ребенка получить конфетку или небольшую игрушку в подарок. Когда люди вырастают, их приоритеты меняются, и их мечты меняются вместе с ними. Читать полностью >>>

Написать сочинение на английском языке на тему «Мое последнее путешествие» можно не длинное, где-то 6-8 предложений, желательно с темой про море

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I`d like to tell you about my summer trip to the sea. Last year my family and I went to Anapa. I was very interested in this resort, that`s why I often took pictures of beautiful places there. We were very lucky with the weather. The sea was warm. That is why my sister and I swam for a long time. Our parents couldn`t make us to come back to the beach. It was funny! In the evening we went to the park. There were a lot of side-shows in it. I tried all of them and I liked them very much.

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last travelling»

like traveling, but unfortunately I do not do it often.

last trip was last summer. I went with my boyfriend, sister and her husband to
relax at sea. We drove in our car and got to the place for sixteen hours. We
were on the Black sea in Kabardinka. We rented an apartment for seven days. The
weather was beautiful, the sun, warm wind and good mood.

first few days in the morning we enjoyed the sea, in the evening we went to the
rides and walked along the coast.

the middle of our trip, we visited the museum, there were many unusual plants.
Of course, we didn’t leave without beautiful photos. Then we went to the
dolphinarium for a show that we also really liked.

next day, early in the morning, we went to Gelendzhik, to the water park called
«Golden Bay». This is a huge territory with a variety of water slides and
pools. We spent the whole day there and unfortunately burned. But we did not
want to sit at home, because we only had a couple of days before departure. We
booked an excursion on ATVs, this is an unforgettable memory when you drive
through the mud and then swim in the open sea.

the last day of our vacation, we went to see the attraction on the seashore —
the ship «RIO». This ship was washed ashore during a storm and is now
a landmark of the Black Sea. We took a lot of photos. In the evening we walked
along the promenade, bought souvenirs for relatives and friends, and just sat
on the beach listening to the sound of the sea.

next day we went home. Our travelling lasted seven days, but vivid memories
from it will still be in my memory for a long time.

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