Painting is just another way of keeping a diary сочинение

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Есть много способов улучшить английский. Как можно интересно улучшить словарный запас по английскому языку?

Цель проекта

Ведение личного дневника на английском

1.Завести личный дневник на английском.

2.Делать записи в дневнике на английском каждый день.

Тип проекта:


Тема личного дневника всегда актуальна среди подростков.

Этапы проекта:

1.Выбор темы проекта

2.Определение цели и задач проекта.

Новизна работы:

Новизна работы заключается в том, что знания по английскому языку, полученные на уроках, я могу применять для ведения личного дневника.

Продукт проекта: личный дневник на английском языке

Практическая значимость проекта: Я пишу на английском языке каждый день, запоминаю новые слова и выражения. Я на практике применяю знания, полученные на уроках. Дневник – хороший источник воспоминаний.

Сроки работы: 2 месяца

План проекта:

What is a personal diary?

Pros and cons of writing a diary?

What do I write in my personal diary?

How can it help me in learning English?

The brightest pages of my diary?

В этом году я посещала элективный курс по английскому языку. Мы решили завести личные дневники на английском языке. Я выбрала ведение личного дневника на английском языке темой своего проекта, потому что мне стало интересно.

What is a personal diary?

Cambridge Dictionary explains –“a personal diary is a book in which you record your thoughts or feelings or what has happened each day.

I decided to keep a personal diary.

It is especially important to share my experiences, emotions during the day.

Many people use the PC and create their diary online. But I decided to keep a notebook-based diary. So I have to work hard. It is handy because I can take it anywhere to sit and write in.

I have chosen a quality notebook with a thick cover and decorated my personal diary — a yellow theme is perfect for a teenage girl. I try to make it attractive. They say a personal diary is a window not only into the world of memories and new experiences. Writing down what happened to you, you can express your emotions and feelings. It is a good chance to describe the best moments or negative emotions on the paper. It is a good chance to remember every moment of our life.

Pros and cons of writing a diary

Many teenagers like writing a diary. But keeping a diary has pros and cons.

Keeping a personal diary can absolutely change our life. Studies have shown that diary writing can help students improve marks and lowers stress.

On the one hand my personal diary helps me to learn English. Second I write English and I’m not afraid of mistakes. Third it is a good friend when I feel lonely.

Diary writing can help me focus on my goals and motivations. It can get me organized. It improves my memory. Writing things down can help them stay in my mind for longer.

On the other hand it takes a lot of time. Sometimes it is difficult to express my thoughts in English.

Anyway, my personal diary is always happy to «listen» to all my secrets. It helps me enjoy myself!

What do I write in my personal diary?

At first it was difficult to write my diary. Then my English teacher recommended me to have a plan for each day.

I should write the date, the day of the week, the word of the day, my wishes, my dos and donts. Besides I write my feelings and emotions during the day. Sometimes I write down some facts of my life.

The very first topic of my diary is the information about myself: my name, age and contact phone number. I write about my hobbies and interests, for example, about my favorite food, music, television programs, films or cartoons. In addition, in the diary, I can paste my photo and decorate it beautifully. I can write about the events of the past day, about relationships with classmates, about quarreling with friends or conflict with parents.

On another day I can write down my favorite poems, song words or quotations. Also, an excellent topic for my personal diary is animals. Besides, I can draw pictures, paste photos and stickers of my favorite cartoon characters, television series or movies. I write in it everything I want, all that I am afraid to say out loud.

I try not to show my diary to everyone. I know, openness can turn against me. I don’t want to lose or forget my diary.

How can it help me in learning English

I am sure my diary helps me in learning English.

First, I write English every day, learn new words and expressions. I revise the material of English lessons. Writing down in my diary I am not afraid of mistakes. Nobody checks my texts.

The brightest pages of my diary

I think some pages of my diary are very bright. I would like to show you 3 pages of it. (photo). Look at this page…

В заключении я хочу сказать, что мне понравилась эта работа. Вести личный дневник на английском очень интересно, познавательно. Дневник я вела с радостью, это стало привычкой — писать каждый вечер о своих эмоциях. Я дальше буду продолжать вести дневник на английском языке.

Приложение №1

UK ​ /ˈdaɪə.ri/ US ​ /ˈdaɪr.i/

Приложение №2

Приложение №3

‘A diary means yes indeed’ Gertrude Stein , an American novelist.

‘Memory. is the diary that we all carry about with us’ Oscar Wilde , an Irish poet and writer.

«Память . это дневник, который мы все носим с собой «

‘I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train’ Oscar Wilde

‘The life of every person is like a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another’ James Barrie , a Scottish novelist.

‘Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can’ Douglas Pagels , modern American author and editor of numerous books

‘I’m a slave to this leaf in a diary that lists what I must do, what I must say, every half hour’ Golda Meir , Israeli teacher, stateswoman , politician .

‘Painting is just another way of keeping a diary’ Pablo Picasso , a Spanish painter.

8. You need to read the text aloud. You have 1.5 minutes to read the text silently, and then be ready to read it aloud. Remember that you will not have more than 2 minutes for reading aloud. — Вам нужно прочитать текст вслух. У вас есть 1,5 минуты, чтобы прочитать текст про себя, затем будьте готовы прочитать его вслух. Помните, что у вас будет не более 2 минут на чтение вслух.

This painting has a very interesting style. It’s called Man with a Guitar. The great Cubist artist Georges Braque painted it in 1911. It shows many different lines and shapes like squares and triangles. When you look very closely, however, you can see other things. You can make out parts of a human body. There seems to be a musical instrument in there, too. With a little imagination, you can see the parts of a guitar. And there’s something else about the painting. It’s the way the artist has used colour to show meaning. The painting is in grey, brown, yellow and green. All the colours are in dull shades. This gives it a gloomy feeling. When you look at the painting, you feel quite sad.

9. Use these words to describe painting B. — Используйте эти слова, чтобы описать картину В.

  • strange objects — странные объекты
  • swans on a smooth lake — лебеди на гладком озере
  • reflection of elephants in lake — отражение слонов в озере
  • bright colours — яркие цвета
  • clear blue sky — ясно-голубое небо

How does it make you feel: astonished, anxious, curious, confused, excited? — Какие чувства вызывает у вас картина: изумление, тревогу, любопытство, конфуз, восхищение?

The painting Swans Reflecting Elefants was painted by Salvador Dali in 1937. In this surrealistic show, we can see an amazing combination of illusions. We see an independent image that changes when you stare on the picture and two different objects in which the artist sees an unexpected similarity. We can see three swans on a smooth lake and three dried-up trees. And we can see the reflection of elephants in the lake. Have you tried rotating the painting 180 degrees? Let’s do this. You’ll see that the basic idea of the painting has not changed. Still, we can see swans that are reflected in the lake as elephants. Bright, rich colours, clear blue sky, soft contours of strange objects, shapeless objects create an unusual atmosphere, strangely contrasting with the ordinary figure of a standing man in the background in the left part of the picture.

10. Do you agree with this quote? Discuss in small groups. — Вы согласны с этой цитатой? Обсудите в небольших группах.

Pablo Picasso — Пабло Пикассо

Probably Picasso was right. Some paintings reflect artist’s feelings better than words written in a diary. Some artists try to show their emotions, feelings in their painting. As they use imagination we can better understand their inner world. That’s why we think some artists are really crazy.

Возможно, Пикассо был прав. Некоторые картины отражают чувства художника лучше, чем слова, написанные в дневнике. Некоторые художники в своих картинах пытаются показать свои эмоции и чувства. Поскольку они используют свое воображение, мы можем лучше понять их внутренний мир. Вот почему мы думаем, что некоторые художники реально сумасшедшие.

  • Для учеников 1-11 классов и дошкольников
  • Бесплатные сертификаты учителям и участникам

Подготовила и провела: учитель английского языка

Дьякова Анна Сергеевна

Тип урока : урок открытия нового знания

Форма урока: урок-соревнование

Цель урока : совершенствовать навыки изучающего чтения текста и навыки говорения с использованием тематической лексики урока.

— научить составлять краткое монологическое высказывание c опорой на ключевые слова;

— научить читать текст с полным пониманием содержания;

— развивать память, внимание, воображение, логическое мышление;

— развивать навыки говорения, поискового и изучающего чтения, аудирования, языковой догадки.

— воспитывать такие положительные качества личности, как доброта, взаимоуважение, активность, культуру общения;

— поддерживать интерес к изучению английского языка, культуре страны изучаемого языка.

Формы работы : фронтальная, парная, групповая, индивидуальная работа.

Технологии: педагогика сотрудничества, технология развития критического мышления, коммуникативная, проблемного обучения, здоровьесберегающая.

Метод : коммуникативный, беспереводной, проблемного диалога.

I . Начало урока (10 мин.)

1. Организационный момент (1 мин.)

T: Hello, dear students. Nice to see you!

Cl: Nice to see you too!

T: How are you today? How is your brother/ sister?

2. Постановка цели и задач урока. Мотивация учебной деятельности учащихся (4 мин.)

1) Создание проблемной ситуации. (Поиск начала и окончания цитаты, соотношение цитат с их авторами)

T: Let’s look at the blackboard. I’d like you to match the beginnings with the endings of these phrases to make up quotes of famous people. Then from the list of the names, which are on the small blackboard, choose a person who might have said it. I give you 2 minutes to think it over.

Ok, I see you are ready.

Use: It must be … / It may be …. / It can be….

I dream my painting, and then way of keeping a diary.

Painting is colour to paint with is love.

Painting is just another I paint my dream.

The best silent poetry.

S1: ‘Painting is silent poetry’. It may be Pablo Picasso.

T: Thank you. But you are not quite right. Simonides of Ceos said it.

S2: Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. This must be Picasso.

T: Yes, you are right.

2) Побуждение к осознанию противоречия

T: Was it difficult to cope with this task? Why? What is common and different between all these people?

S: Yes, it was. The common is that all these people are famous artists but their views and painting styles must be different.

3) Формулирование темы урока учениками

T: Well, can you tell me what we are going to discuss today?

S: The topic of our lesson is: ‘Famous artists and their painting styles’

T: You are right. Thank you.

The best color to paint with is love.

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.

Painting is silent poetry.


I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.


3. Фонетическая разминка (2 мин.)

T: Let’s learn some names of painting styles. Read after me. Now read in pairs.

Painting styles .

abstract art – [ ˈæbstrækt ]

4. Речевая разминка (3 мин.)

T: Answer my questions, please.

— Have you ever heard names of these painting styles?

— Do you know any artists that create their paintings using these styles?

— What images come to your mind when you hear the word ‘Realism’? What about ‘Surrealism’?

— What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Romanticism’. What kind of painting do you imagine?

— Which painting style is the oldest? ( Classicism )

— Which painting style is the most modern? (Surrealism)

II . Основная часть урока.

1. Закрепление в речи новых ЛЕ по теме ‘Стили живописи’ (15 мин.)

1. Распределение на группы (по 4 человека)

T: Let’s work in small groups of four now. Choose a captain in your group, please.

2. Работа в группах: ознакомление со стилем и его дефиницией (беспереводной метод) (4 мин.)

T: Ok, now we are going to have a small competition. Your task is to match the name of style with its definition and the painting. I give you 5 minutes.

3. Проверка выполненной работы в группах по эталону (1 мин.)

T: Check if you were right. Captains, tell me the number of correct variants, so I give you the same number of smile cards. So, which team is the winner in this task?

4. Задания для капитанов (3 мин .)

T: You are going to hear 10 questions of the quiz. Wait till I read the answers. Only one answer out of 4 is correct. If you know the correct answer, raise your hand, please. Listen attentively. You will get a smile card for correct answer. Are your ready?

1. This style shows things as they really are lifelike pictures.


abstract painting

2. Who is not a representative of realism?

Albert Anker

John Constable

Salvador Dali

3. Artists of this style show strange images and ideas together to create strange vision of things.



4. Claude Monet , Edgar Degas and E. Paproski are representatives of this style .


abstract painting


5. It doesn’t show real people or things, but only shapes and colours.


abstract painting

6. Pablo Picasso, George Braque and Alexander Arkhipenko are representatives of it.




7. Artists of this style show the inner world of emotion rather than external reality .

abstract painting

ex pressionism

8. It shows contrast between light and very dark shadows. The purpose of this style is to highlight the main subject.



9. In t his style the things are broken up into angular shapes: rectangles, cylinders and cubes.



10. Who is not a representative of expressionism ?

Vasily Kandinsky

Van der Burgue

Paul Gauguin


T: It’s high time to have some rest. Repeat after me.

Hands on your hips.

Hands on your knees .

Touch your shoulders .

Touch your nose .

Touch your ears .

Touch your toes .

T: Now, let’s do the same exercises but in a very quick tempo. Are you ready?

5. Продуцирование коротких монологических высказываний с опорой на ключевые слова (7 мин.)

T: Let’s imagine that you can paint very well everything you want. You want people to remember and love your paintings. Which painting style would you choose? I give you 3 minutes to discuss and to get ready to explain us what style you would choose and why. You may use the phrases and words from the cards I’ve given to you.

T: Let’s see what painting styles are the most popular.

Group 1 (S.1): I would like to become a representative of cubism. My paintings will s how many different lines and shapes like squares, cubes and triangles. I will use bright colours such as yellow, red, green and purple. You will not understand what I was about to paint. Everyone will have his own understanding of my paintings.

II . Изучающее чтение текста “Стили живописи” (15 мин.)

1. Прогнозирование содержания текста (1 мин.)

T: Would you like to learn more information about painting styles? Open your textbooks on p. 54 Look at the paintings. Can you say now what painting styles are this text about?

2. Поисковое чтение. Работа в группах (3 мин.)

T: Let’s do Ex. 5 p. 54 in groups. You have got 3 minutes.

3. Проверка правильности выполненного задания.

T: It’s high time to check! Let’s read and find the correct answers. Who is the first?

S1: Cubism was popular from around the 1900s.

S2: Cubism got its name from the fact that artists broke down people and objects into shapes such

as rectangles, cylinders and cubes to represent them in a new way.

S3: Dali painted in the Surrealist style.

S4: Surrealist painters used their dreams and their imaginations to get ideas for their paintings.

4. Организация изучающего чтения текста. Обсуждения порядка выполнения задания (1 мин.)

T: Have you noticed that there are some gaps in the text. You should fill in them now with the correct forms of the words in capital letters. Read quickly the ‘study skills’ section. Who can tell me how to do this task?

5. Работа с текстом в группах (Заполнение учащимися пропусков в тексте правильной формой слова, используя различные способы словообразования)

6. Проверка выполнения задания (5 мин.)

T: Let’s read the text. Who would like to start?

III . Заключительная часть урока (5 мин.)

1. Подведение итогов урока (1 мин .)

T: Our lesson is almost over. Can you tell me was it interesting? What did you learn today ?

2. Выставление и комментирование оценок (1 мин.)

T: Ok, captains now let’s count your smile cards and see who the winner is today. Well, the winner is ….. team! You were very active today and gave correct answers, so your mark is …… Well done , your mark is …

3. Объяснение домашнего задания (1 мин.)

T: Write down a short article (12-15 sentences) to the Art Magazine, expressing your opinion on the painting that you have seen recently. Write about the painting style. You can mention the name of the painting and the artist as well.

I was so glad to get your letter. I should have written earlier, but I have been busy at school.

I feel so sorry about situation with your aunt. In my opinion, the most terrible disasters are volcanic eruption, tornado and tsunami. Fortunately, non of them are typical for a place where I live. To protect yourself from natural disaster one should know all information and which of them are typical for a place of his/her living and if it is so dangerous it is needed to think about moving somewhere else. Additionally, it is necessary to have different types of an insurances.

I’m happy for your teacher too! Do you like the subject of her teaching? What has made her special? Do you think it is easy to be a teacher? Unfortunately, I have to go now. Hope to hear from you soon.

Modern world is unimaginable without the Internet.

For somebody it is a must for a job, but it is also so for a leisure and entertainment. Is it bad or not?

In my opinion, the Internet is not a time-waster is it is used in a right way. First of all, it has many advantages for people’s comfort. The Internet is a good for those who want to unwind after tiring day by watching films, playing games, reading news on topics they are interested in. Secondly, in the Internet you may find a lot of different new information in a few minutes. You do not have to waste time in a library or buy books and magazines. Finally, Internet is one of the ways to find new friends who shares your interests and ideas.

On the contrast, there exists another point of view. Many people think that the Internet is just a way of wasting time. They believe that it distracts people from their life and puts them into virtual one. Moreover, in their opinion Internet makes us stupider.

I cannot agree with the opinion above. In the Internet everyone can find tonnes of information that will expand their mind, help to find salvation of any problem and etc. Even videos and some games may be useful and educational.

In conclusion I would like to point out that the Internet is one of the greatest benefit of humanity made to facilitate our life and everyone should know limits of it’s using not to make it a time-waster.

Если Вы заметили ошибку или опечатку, выделите текст и нажмите Ctrl+Enter.
Тем самым окажете неоценимую пользу проекту и другим читателям.

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Diary painting

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” [P. Picasso]

Nicely put Mr Pablo Picasso.

Sometimes it is easier to capture a picture than to find the right words. I look back at the photos I have taken over the years, (whether the printed albums, or the computer catalogue) and it is a more revealing collection of my adventures & emotions & visits than any diary i kept. My written diary keeping was somewhat sporadic and incomplete. It took more effort to write everything down than my concentration span allowed for, so the stories of my younger self often fade to dotdotdot, or an empty page that i left with the vain hope of completing it later.

Pixels, paint or ink. Lightwaves, brushstrokes or words. Whichever tools and skills you gravitate towards they are all used to express oneself, and i rather like that Picasso implies that painting and writing are equal. It takes time to craft the words on a page, compose a camera shot, or edit a digital artpiece. It is somewhat theraputic. It uses both your experiences and imagination. It requires looking back at a moment in the past to create something in the present. Yes, ‘it’ could be painting, photography, writing, or another craft altogether.

At the moment i’m loving learning how to use my camera to portray my moods, express my thoughts, and share something i believe to be worthwhile. Mostly i’m doing that for myself, which does make it like a diary. However there is a small slice that i share with friends and bloggers because sometimes it is nice to see a reaction to my pictures. (Side note: i wonder what Picasso would have made of Instagram etc?!)

One thing that this quote has provoked me to think more about is the subjects of my photographs. If my photograph albums are like diaries, are there any gaps that need filling? Is there anything important missing? I’d suggest that most of us photograph big life events and then things that strike us as unusual or special…but perhaps don’t get the camera out for ‘everyday’ occasions. Mostly that would be because the normal background of our lives is not particularly worth bringing to the foreground. However, what may be part of the fabric of your life now may not be in years to come, and you may wish later you had a record of something that you loved but is beginning to fade from memory. For me, that would be pictures of my family sitting in their favourite seats, or relaxing in their fave way …

So my lesson for today, as inspired by Mr Picasso, is to capture those ‘everyday’ but ‘loved’ moments.

Does this quote by Picasso strike true for you too? Do share 🙂



Answer this:

How would it be if there would not be any laughter? How would it feel if no one had a sense of humour?
Any thought on that?? Good, Bad or worst??

If your answer is any way in positive, I feel sorry for you…
Anyhow, I want to ask you another question…

What if there was no art in it??

Yes, ART… It could be in any form dance, music, literature, painting, etc..

I asked few people the same question!

I’m combining the answers altogether:

“Art is about self-expression and creativity. Creativity gave birth to everything currently… And if there was no art, there would have been a great void in the world; it would have made the world colourless.  For example, “Wheel” it may look like a small circled thing, but the invention of it gave birth to transportation; it helped textile industry, electricity and many things.
No art means thinking inside the box, in short keeping the human brain locked up in a prison. That way, there would be no creativity. When there’s no creativity, there would be no innovation that would stop the progress in any field!
Human being has a bundle of wants; art plays a vital role in satisfying it! We require music, books etc., to keep us entertained! Sometimes they also help us get out of depression; it is a friend that stays with us no matter what.
Human beings are given an upper hand for a simple reason, they are creative, and a human himself is an art! A beautiful creation! If we take out the creativity, what would be the difference between humans and the other animals?
In Simpler words, Life Without Art is similar to life without breath.”

The best part was, no one gave similar answer. Everyone had something different to answer. It is not surprising that no two people gave similar answer to even what art is…

You can compare different dictionaries, not many words would be given similar definition.
So, that shows how important art is! We have lived in this world for millenniums… The reason why we have come this far is only because of art…

You might be wondering, ‘how can everyone answer for the support of creativity?’

Well, I asked people of different age groups! Out of all the people who answered the question, only one person had something against creativity. That person said, “Everything has a positive and a negative effect. Creativity is just expanding our thinking capacity. Good creativity led to the discovery of pen whereas bad creativity led to the discovery of weapons. It’s just how one uses the power. So, in one way the absence of creativity might lead to no peace, no harmony, whereas it might end up the production of things which are harmful to us.”

To that I want to answer one thing, if weapons weren’t discovered there would have not been any human kind alive, the early men used the weapons for protection from dangerous creatures. Now, we might not require any weapons, but that guy said it himself, it all depends on how you use it.
A friend of mine asked me, “Hey, you scored amazing marks, why aren’t you trying in any top 10 colleges?”

C’mon, marks won’t keep you happy. Yes, my mark is good, I could have gotten in few of those top colleges, but why should I select them? Where ever I end up going, all I would do is dig into my creativity.


We have ended up with a generation in which, 50% of the population doesn’t even know they are creative, 25% are aware of their creativity but are following the society and who end up calling the successful people “lucky”, 15% want to follow their passion but they don’t just because of what the society would think, the remaining 10% of the population are the one who chase their passion and encourage their as well as everyone’s creativity.
Ever heard of this?

~Swami Vivekananda

When something is created, the person who makes it doesn’t start with the direct idea of making it, he feels something has to be made for this reason, for example, the creator of umbrella wanted to make something to save him from getting wet or to escape the extreme heat, that’s when his creativity kicked in!


Art acts the same way salt acts to food, but the only difference is, the more the art, the happier may the life be! Art is just like meditating, it brings out the feelings of the inner soul, which is very hard to describe. That’s the reason why it is difficult for people to describe, poems, songs, paintings etc., in words, it reflects the inner language!

If people would make their passion to their profession, the world might be a better place or the least they could do is encourage others, instead of criticizing it! The path may be difficult, harsh and may seem impossible to reach, but the journey, the life is worth the pain!
I almost forgot one of the best sayings on art:


Few days back, I met one of my cousins after a gap of around 10 years, almost at the end of the conversation, he asked me, “You don’t talk much?” I simply answered, “Ha-ha! Being a poet, I let my poems do the talking!”
In my words, everyone is a born as a poem and goes on becoming a poet when he starts to live the life!


So, art and creativity do play a major role in this world.. But it also matters how you one uses it!
I thank everyone who gave in their opinion… Do tell, what your opinion is.. I’ll be back with another amazing post.. Until then, just LIVE yOUR LIFE!


Painting is silent poetry. ~Plutarch

Art is your emotions flowing in a river of imagination. ~Devin

Art is pictures straight from the heart. ~Ben

Bukan karena pengen dibilang anak gaul atau apalah, tapi gw memang pecinta art dalam segala wujud termasuk Tattoo, entah kenapa menurut gw tattoo termasuk salah satu art yang terkadang sulit di intepretasikan, pengen rasanya punya tattoo tapi berhubung itu dilarang di agama dan di keluarga jadi mungkin gw hanya bisa bermimpi saja.

Kalau aja gw boleh punya tattoo…

sumber foto : weheartit

Alasan gw milih tattoo : I Love OWL, si burung yang tidak banyak bicara tapi sangat cekatan membunuh mangsanya.

Sumber Foto : Fuckyeahtattoos

Alasan gw milih tattoo : Kamera, salah satu alat komunikasi antara gw dengan dunia nyata.

Sumber Foto : Blogspot

Alasan gw milih tattoo : angels, gw mau menggambarkan sosok IBU yang juga malaikat buat gw.

Sumber Foto : gedabrusblog

Alasan gw milih tattoo : for a couple, hahaha agak ambigu sama gambar yang satu ini. tapi alasan gw milih tatto ini karena menurut gw engga ada salahnya menggambarkan perasaan kita terhadap pasangan dalam bentuk sebuah gambar.

That’s why I love tattoo, karena menyampaikan apa yang kita rasakan tidak selamanya harus lewat kata-kata, lukisan, ataupun gambar bercahaya (foto). Banyak cara untuk mengungkapkan isi hati kita, dan salah satunya adalah gambar tubuh atau tattoo.

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Saya Sasha

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