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Comment on the following statement:

Shopping online is better than shopping in a mall.  

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?
Write 200-250 words.
Use the following plan:
—    make an introduction (state the problem)
—    express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion
—    express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion
—   explain why you don’t agree with the opposing opinion
—    make a conclusion restating your position

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Some people think that buying things online is very convenient, whereas others do not agree. They consider purchasing offline the best way to buy goods. 

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In my opinionbuying things online is more convenient than purchasing in a shopping mall. First of all, it saves a lot of time. For example, one does not need to go somewhere to buy things. Sometimes shopping “by foot” takes hours and hours.  Secondly, online shopping allows people to buy things from different countries. For instance, there are a lot of international shops where people can buy products and receive them in a few days. Moreover, shopping online lets a person go through many more goods and find exactly what they need. 

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At the same time, there are people who think that shopping in a mall is better. They say that one can try on something before buying it but without trying them on people can buy something that they do not really want. 

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I do not agree with the opinion mentioned above. Those who buy goods online, mainly clothes, usually order a few sizes and then buy those items that fit them well. As for fashion, people usually know what they want.

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In conclusionI would like to say there are opposing views on this issue. At first sight, shopping online might seem to be a bad idea but in actual fat it is convenient and saves a lot of time and money. Thus, I strongly believe that buying things online is better than shopping in a mall.

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Online shopping has become the emerging trend for 2020, with the increasingly competitive global online marketplaces through Google, Social Media, and large companies such as Amazon. By the end of this year, the online market is expected to reach 4 trillion dollars. Online shopping gives consumers the ability to shop and purchase products in the comfort of their own homes with the ease of returning products they don’t want.

In this case study, we will discuss how online shopping started, what online shopping is today, what gets in the way of online shopping and is it hurting our economy, what is the projected rate of online shopping and what does this mean for businesses today.

Online shopping is defined as the act of one purchasing a product or service over the internet. Online shopping is also known as e-commerce, was invented by Michael Aldrich, who was an English inventor from the United Kingdom in 1979. Michael was out for a walk with his wife and they were discussing their weekly journey to the supermarket. Michael decided to come up with a way to connect his television to the supermarket to deliver groceries. Michael used television with a telephone cord to actual time, a multi-user transaction processing computer. Michael called this invention ‘Teleshopping.’ This system was sold in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Ireland. During the same time in the United States, we developed the concept of Infomercials. People would watch infomercials with the ability to call in and purchase the products that were being broadcasted at the time. (Inventor’s Story, 2011).

A man named Tim Berners-Lee had invented the World Wide Web in 1990. The World Wide Web started the new revolution as to where we are today. (Thomas, 2015) The internet opened to the public in 1991, which made online shopping possible. Charles M. Stacks created the first online bookstore called Book Stacks Unlimited in 1992. This company was accessed on a dial-up bulletin board and was later transferred to the internet in 1994 as, (Barnes & Noble). The very first online transaction was a sale of a Sting CD between two friends on August 12, 1994. (Miva, 2011)

In 1998 Paypal, which enables customers to exchange money online without compromising their personnel safety or financial information, was invented. Paypal gives customers the freedom to purchase products online with the added protection and security. (Thomas, 2015)

E-commerce has become one of the most popular ways for consumers to purchase new products. In today’s world, shopping online is a very common thing to do. Though it hasn’t always been. There weren’t always regulations and laws protecting both the producer and consumer when dealing with e-commerce.

As e-commerce expanded, one of the growing concerns as a customer is who is accessing their private information, making e-commerce seem risky to the general public. This caused the government to implement a law, General Data Protection Regulation, also known as the GDPR. (Miva, 2011) In 2001, Amazon launched its first mobile application allowing consumers the ability to shop and purchase products from their mobile phones. Consumers were able to utilize their phones if they were either connected to WIFI or if they had a data plan. Over the next two decades, this expanded the online market to where it is today. (Miva, 2011)

In 2017, over 215 million people were making purchases online, with a projected 230 million people shopping online by 2021. (Clement, 2019) Marist College and National Public Radio conducted a poll in 2019 showing more than 76% of American adults shop online, 25% making online purchases at least once a month, where 16% make online purchases at least once a week! (Brophy, 2019)

With the expected increase in online shopping, it leads one to ask, why are so many people purchasing items online and what kind of items are being purchased? Most shoppers have time constraints and resort to purchasing items online for convenience, item availability, free shipping, free returns, impulse, and even to avoid pushy salespeople. Almost 80% of young Americans make impulse or unplanned purchases. (Brophy, 2019) Speaking of convenience, since buy online and pick up in-store has become so popular, 65% of shoppers regularly use this option for added convenience when shopping online. (Brophy, 2019)

Clothes and shoes are among the top items purchased online, with 84% of shoppers purchasing these items online. (Selyukh, 2018) Surprisingly only 27% of online consumers purchase household basics online, and 19% purchasing groceries online. (Selyukh, 2019)

From a vendor standpoint, the demand for online shopping is increasing tremendously and is allowing more e-commerce shops and even brick and mortar retail stores to offer lower prices to consumers. E-commerce shops can eliminate warehouse costs and other physical retail costs by drop-shipping products instead of storing these items causing a company to focus their attention on the consumer and the quality of their products. (Clement, 2019)

Shopping online gives consumers the ability to expand the number of products they can purchase at a discounted price. Online stores are competitive with other stores online as well as brick-and-mortar competitors. Price difference websites make deal hunting easier and help guide shoppers to online stores with the best statuses by posting reviews submitted by other shoppers. Although online shopping appears to be great, it comes with several pros and cons.

A few advantages of online shopping are point-of-sale advantages include stores offering no shipping charges and free ship-to-store options. A lot of online stores do not pass on sales tax (unless required by the state) to customers, which can add up to significant savings for those shoppers who buy primarily online. Many online stores sell products at low prices because of the lack of money spent on overhead. Local stores have operating costs like rent, staffing, water, heat, and air that are figured, at least partially, into the markup of the products.

A few disadvantages of online shopping are that sometimes a deal that looks great falls short of what has been advertised. Communicating dissatisfaction can be difficult online and often takes enormous patience and tenacity to achieve satisfaction. Problem-solving face-to-face with local store employees is often faster and more satisfying. Contacting the next level of management is much easier at local stores than online. (Montaldo 2019)

With more and more people shopping online, there are ultimately going to be fewer sales tax profits. Several online shopping sites are not required to issue a sales tax unless the company has a physical existence in the state of Texas. How does the state make up that money and level the playing field for those local businesses who have to issue a sales tax? U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling says right now taxes are too high. Instead of increasing taxes on online vendors and purchasers, Hensarling says he’s ‘working to reduce taxes on East Texas brick and mortar businesses.’ State Senator Kevin Eltife doesn’t believe we have come that far. (Reuter 2007)

Is Black Friday or Cyber Monday better for discount buyers? Surveys have found that Cyber Monday has better deals overall. Cyber Monday conventionally comes three days after Black Friday and revolves around online deals. ‘When comparing the two days last year, we noticed more savings on Cyber Monday, as shoppers shifted their purchasing channels online,’ said Ted Donath, vice president of communications for the coupon- and discount-shopping browser extension Honey. Honey’s research showed that last year’s Cyber Monday average savings (per user, per purchase) peaked at 21%, while Black Friday savings peaked at 18.5%. Different products receive better discounts each day, and the deals that each retailer offers will vary. (Chin 2019)

As e-commerce continued to build, before the year 2000, there were still limited options for the producers and consumers using e-commerce as a means of business. The only products accessible were larger brands that could afford the ability to expand to the e-commerce market. As the years went by, more businesses grew to the e-commerce market, no matter the size of a corporation. This caused the e-commerce market to explode with customer sales. Customers can explorer many options, read reviews before making a purchase. As the e-commerce market continues to expand, they were expected to reach 3.535 trillion dollars at the end of 2019 (Gagliardi, 2019).

The rate of online shopping is only projected to grow until 2022, at the very least. The image shown here gives a look at the past rates of online commerce with a glimpse of a projected path two years in the future. (CBRE 2020) This chart only confirms the belief that online shopping has been a great source of economic health and wealth for not only America but all countries that have citizens participating in the new world practice.

E-commerce is becoming an increasingly more convenient way to do business not only for the consumer but for producers as well. Since the rise in e-commerce, it has been increasingly easy to start and run an online business. Given the opportunity, it is very easy to make an online business with limited resources and know-how. (Edmondson 2019) The ability to create more business allows for more options for consumers and more availability of products online.

E-commerce has been an idea since the ’70s and has only become more popular since the creation of the internet. Since the concept of online shopping was created, the popularity of the idea had only increased giving way to knew privacy laws, better business practices, and a higher rate in sales across the board. As some businesses paved the way for better forums to buy and sell, becoming more user-friendly, shopping online has become the most prevalent means of producer to consumer transactions for the general public. This leads one to speculate, store, other than for food, going to one day be a thing of the past? Is the way of e-commerce going to be the only way we buy things we want in the future?


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Home / Debates / Computers and Internet / Online Shopping Is Better Than Offline Shopping

In recent years, the online shopping industry has absolutely exploded, to the point that there are now many people who will only buy new products online. It’s not difficult to understand the potential benefits of online shopping, but at the same time there are also people who are sticking to ordinary shopping, and they have their reasons as well. Ultimately, it certainly seems as if things are trending toward online shopping becoming more and more popular, but it is also highly unlikely that ordinary stores are going anywhere. So, where do you stand on the issue? Here is a brief analysis of the factors that play into the debate.

All the Yes points:

  1. Convenience
  2. Selection
  3. Immediacy
  4. Quality
  5. Saving Money
  6. Discounts and offers
  7. Online Shopping Takes Less Time
  8. Online Shopping Doesn’t Require You To Drive

All the No points:

  1. Supports Your Local Community
  2. See & Feel What You Get Before Purchasing
  3. Interact With Humans & Better Help From Representatives
  4. Offline Shopping Is Safer


Yes because…

One of the things people care most about when shopping is convenience. Most people don’t enjoy spending endless hours shopping, whether in a store or online, and it is always nice to get these experiences over with as soon as possible. This is one of the main reasons that online shopping has become so popular, as it allows you to switch stores and products by clicking a button rather than traveling to a new store. For example, at a store like Marks & Spencer you can buy a whole Christmas list’s worth of different products!Advantage: Online Shopping

No because…

This convenience comes at the expense of purchasing goods which do not match up to the shoppers expectations which are more likely to be immediately realised in a store offline. That is not to say that the individual has not chosen to buy online after having seen the item in real life, but for those who purchase without having done so, there is always this danger which would go on to cause inconvenience. However, it’s also a matter of caveat emptor, isn’t it?


Yes because…

Another thing people appreciate when they go shopping is a large selection. Of course, a large selection means that your decision making process may be a bit more difficult, but it also makes it more likely that you will find a high quality product that truly pleases you. Again, the Internet has the edge here, as the selection is virtually endless, whereas stores can be poorly stocked in person and there are no easy alternatives. Advantage: Online Shopping.

No because…


Yes because…

When you purchase a new product, whether for yourself or for another person, it is always nice to have that product in your possession immediately. This can allow you to be in control of the product, or to wrap it quickly if necessary. This is one area in which ordinary shopping still has an edge, because you do not have to wait for shipping. Advantage: Ordinary Shopping

No because…


Yes because…

Needless to say, the quality of a product is also very important. And, while most online shopping offers you the ability to return faulty or imperfect products, there is no quality control quite as thorough and complete as that of being able to hold and observe a product in person before purchasing it. This is something that the Internet can never offer. Advantage: Ordinary Shopping.

No because…

Saving Money

Yes because…

Finally, another very important aspect of any shopping experience is trying to save as much money as possible. One reason that people enjoy online shopping is that you can often find a product more cheaply online than you can in stores. However, to counter this fact, there are also shipping costs more often than not, and these can make up for the money you save with the base price. Advantage: Toss-Up.

No because…

Discounts and offers

Yes because…

All you really have to do to find the cheapest deal online is type the item you’re looking for into the search bar and find a number of great deals. Usually, you are presented with only the lowest prices first when you shop online. This can be great if you’re just looking to save some money on a big ticket item. However, sometimes online retailers will catch you with shipping costs or require large purchases before they discount your shipping costs which don’t really save you money and requires you to buy more than you were originally looking for. Offline shopping will sometimes have great savings as well if you’re willing to search around for them. A lot of items with both online and offline shopping will be marked as clearance items at a lower cost because they just want to get rid of that item.

No because…

Online Shopping Takes Less Time

Yes because…

Of course, it is much faster to just shop online if you are talking about trying to find what you need. If shopping offline you most likely need to drive to the area you are shopping and then walk through the store hoping that they have what you need. Since you can simply type into a search bar online to find what you need, you can often find it right away and even with good deals.

No because…

The kicker is that you still need to wait awhile for your package to arrive in the mail. You usually have the option to get your package the next day but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. If you don’t mind waiting for your package to arrive or you’re willing to spend a lot more for expedited shipping, then online shopping might be better for you.

Online Shopping Doesn’t Require You To Drive

Yes because…

Who doesn’t like skipping out on paying for gas every time they need to shop. If you live farther away from shopping areas most likely you are going to be using quite a bit of gas to get there. You also will have extra time that you’d spend driving for other important things in your schedule.

No because…

Supports Your Local Community

No because…

Instead of your dollar floating across the country to someone 2000 miles away, often when you spend locally, that dollar stays in your community, multiplying itself and serving other local businesses. According to several studies done by AMIBA (American Independent Business Alliance), 48% of every purchase you make at local independent businesses will recirculate locally instead of only 14% being recirculated at chain stores. Since many small businesses will serve each other and the community with events or other services, it will also enrich the lives of you and your neighbors. That means improved services, employee salaries, charities, leisurely activities, parks, food, and events all provided in your own community. However, that is only if you are making purchases at local non-chain stores and depends on how those local businesses distribute money within your community. Most likely those small businesses hire local workers and provide services to other people in the community before that money goes out. Even if you make purchases at chain stores that are local, around 14% of the profits will recirculate first.

Yes because…

See & Feel What You Get Before Purchasing

No because…

When you buy something offline, you are usually able to see the exact design and quality of the item before you buy it where as an online purchase will not always show the best-detailed presentation of an item. According to The Federal Trade Commission, online stores may use a number of deceptive tactics to sell their products which require you to read the fine print closely. Because of the way items are sold online, there may be additional terms to the purchase or fees that they do not show you until you check out. Some items may turn out to be refurbished, cheap remakes of a brand name, an older model or incorrect size of clothing. Since you are able to try the item on or see if it’s authentic before purchasing at an offline store, you don’t run into the problem of returning the item at your expense or taking up a lot of your time.

Yes because…

Interact With Humans & Better Help From Representatives

No because…

Even when you are in doubt with a purchase offline, you will be able to speak with a physical representative to ask any questions. When purchasing online, you sometimes have the option to speak with a representative but often the information given isn’t what you are looking for. According to Psychology Today, sometimes body language makes communicating your needs much easier than speaking in person. Since speaking in person is easier and quicker, you will not have to sit on the phone with a representative or wait days for an email reply. In addition to representatives being more helpful, you will also get to interact with other shoppers and see other people. A lot of people enjoy seeing others out and about which makes their shopping experience better. Who knows if you will run into an old friend or meet a new interesting person that you have a great conversation with. According to a report done by Kenneth Dixon of Stanford University, internet use has lead to an increase in social isolation. If we are lead to believe that humans are social in nature, then online shopping can impose a major change in the way we live, potentially leading us to become unhappy and unfulfilled with life.

Yes because…

Despite the ease of speaking in person to representatives or our social human nature, some people just prefer discretion when they are shopping and leave personal interaction for times other than shopping. If you really aren’t in a hurry or your questions aren’t too vast, then you might be more willing to spend awhile getting answers from a representative online.

No because…

There is more risk of your information being stolen online than offline. When you shop online, you usually always have to provide your personal information as well as your payment details when you check out. According to Identity Hawk, that information usually goes into an online database which thieves can more easily gain access to if they hack into it. In addition to the database, some scam artists or retailers use other tactics to steal information and money online such as fake emails, unauthorized purchases and compromise unsecured computers. As long as you are vigilant and monitor your payments when you are shopping online, you should be safer.

Yes because…

Many people believe that offline shopping is safer than online shopping but the truth is that both equally pose risks of identity theft or fraud, the difference is there are more ways online for your information to be stolen. Since there are so many risks we must practice safe handling of our information which the Federal Trade Commission shows us a number useful of ways.


Modern information technologies have influenced greatly people’s lifestyle and their daily routine. Today we can do shopping not only at markets and stores but also on the Internet. There is a great variety of online shops on the Internet and they sell all kinds of goods: from cars or airplane tickets to books or food. You can buy anything just with a few clicks of the mouse. The first online store appeared in England in 1979. And since then shopping online has become really popular and widely-used. Currently the largest world online corporations are “Amazon” and “eBay”.

It is often faster and cheaper to buy online. For instance, finding and buying books on a website is easier and more convenient than walking around a large bookstore. Moreover, customers save not only their time but money as well: warehouses are normally cheaper than shops, so online companies offer lower prices even when delivery charges are included. Although shipping a small number of items from another country could be sometimes quite expensive.

It goes without saying that not all products can be purchased online as easy as books. People prefer to try on clothes, for example, to feel the quality and choose the right size. So they often go shopping first, choose the product in stores and then place an order for it online, having found some attractive discount.

Online shopping is also an ideal way of buying goods for extremely busy people or for the disabled. Online stores are usually available 24 hours a day. All you need is the Internet access and a valid method of payment: credit cards, electronic money or cash on delivery.

The main disadvantage of online shopping is insecurity. There is always a small risk that your financial and personal information might be exploited by hackers. Other frustrating disadvantages are additional costs for delivery and long waiting time, up to several weeks. Besides, online shopping is a bit risky because you can get goods of bad quality, broken or even wrong items.

As we can see, shopping on the Internet has both advantages and disadvantages. To my mind, it is a very useful and convenient invention. We should just be careful when choosing a website and placing orders.

 shopping cart


Современные информационные технологии в большой степени повлияли на образ жизни людей и их ежедневную рутину. Сегодня мы можем совершать покупки не только на рынках и в магазинах, но и в интернете. В сети  существует большое разнообразие онлайн-магазинов, которые продают все виды товаров: от автомобилей и билетов на самолет до книг и продуктов. Вы можете приобрести все, что угодно всего лишь при помощи нескольких кликов мышкой. Первый онлйн-магазин появился в 1979 году в Англии, и с тех пор покупки онлайн стали очень популярными и широко используемыми. В настоящее время крупнейшими онлайн корпорациями считаются «Амазон» и «иБэй».

Делать покупки онлайн часто получается быстрее и дешевле. К примеру, гораздо легче и удобнее найти и купить книги на сайте, чем ходить по крупному книжному магазину. Более того, покупатели экономят не только свое время, но и деньги: обычно склады обходятся дешевле магазинов, поэтому онлайн-компании предлагают более низкие цены, даже с учетом затрат на доставку. Однако доставка малого количества товаров из другой страны иногда может обойтись достаточно дорого.

Разумеется, не любую продукцию можно приобрести онлайн так же легко, как книги. Люди предпочитают примерять одежду, к примеру, чтобы прочувствовать качество и подобрать правильный размер. Поэтому часто они сначала идут в магазин, выбирают там товар, а затем размещают заказ на него онлайн, отыскав при этом какую-нибудь привлекательную скидку.

Онлайн шопинг – это также идеальный вариант покупки товаров для крайне занятых людей или для людей с ограниченными возможностями. Интернет-магазины обычно доступны 24 часа в сутки. Все, что вам нужно – это выход в интернет и доступный способ оплаты: кредитные карточки, электронные деньги или оплата наличными при получении.

Основным недостатком онлайн покупок является незащищенность. Всегда существует небольшой риск, что вашими финансовыми и личными данными могут воспользоваться хакеры. Другими печальными недостатками являются дополнительные расходы на доставку и долгое время ожидания, до нескольких недель. Кроме того, онлайн шопинг немного рискован потому, что вам могут прислать товар плохого качества, поврежденные или даже совсем не те вещи.

Как мы понимаем, покупки в интернете имеют как свои преимущества, так и недостатки. По моему мнению, это очень полезное и удобное изобретение. Нужно лишь быть внимательным при выборе сайта и размещении заказов.

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The modern life has become more and more convenient with the internet usage. It does not only provides humans more opportunities with means of communications, but also the platforms of business. Some people find it more preferable to shop online while some fancies to shop at the real shop. In this essay, you will learn about the differences between online shopping and traditional shopping in term of the convenience, time saving, travelling expense reduction.

The first dissimilarity of online shopping and traditional shopping is the convenience Shopping via internet, you can get your wanted things to be delivered to your house with just a smart device in your hand. Moreover, you are able to shop in every situation no matter where and when you are. Also, you are not bothersome over bargaining the price because there is always price showing on the screen with each items. For example, during your lunch time, you can visit some online shop websites to find your favorite items with suitable price, then you can order, pay via the internet and wait some days for it to be delivered. In contrast, doing traditional shopping, you have to visit the particular shops to buy a specific item. For example, if you want to a pair of Adidas shoes, you have to visit The Adidas shops, and of course you cannot find them in Nike shops.

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The second difference of online shopping and traditional shopping is saving the time. Doing online shopping, you can save a lot of time because you do not have to waste your time asking a salesperson to bring you the fitting size since you can do it by yourself when ordering online. Furthermore, you are free from standing in a line for payment as the requirement is to pay via the bank account. On the contrary, traditional shopping needs more time spending because you have to visit one store to another just to find your favorite goods. In addition, you may spend some times bargaining the price, waiting for a free fitting room , and standing in a row to pay your goods.

The final unlikeness between online shopping and traditional shopping is reducing the travelling expense. Shopping online enables you to save the gas and parking fee. You do not need to spend money on your vehicle use since you can comfortably sit on your sofa shopping from your home. On the other hand, traditional shopping requires a lot of travelling because you sometimes have to visit more than one shop to buy your favorite items. In case you are stuck in a traffic jam, then, the expense on gas consuming has to increase depending on that traffic situation.

In conclusion, the online shopping benefits regarding to the comfort, the expense of time and travelling reduction of are completely over the traditional shopping benefits Therefore, I would recommend everyone to start shopping via the internet since it enables us with many advantages

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Some shoppers have a love-hate relationship with Walmart. Costs are matched, but the large retailer consistently receives low marks in consumer satisfaction studies (hate ) . And However, 265 million shoppers worldwide even see its shops every week, then Walmart must be doing something good. If, like me, you abandoned Walmart ages ago, it may take minute to consider. This Bentonville, Ark.-based corporation has been fast remaking itself, directing scenes at these bows of competitors ranging from object and Amazon…

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Effects Of Customer Attitude On Online Shopping

Two variables commonly decide customer perceptions towards online shopping, one is trust, and second is perceived benefits (Rahman et al., 2018). Therefore, trust and perceived benefits It seems like the expectations regarding customer behavior against online shopping are important. First, Trust is one of the curious considerations in the global industry of online shopping and locking power between buyer and seller. Trust has a major positive significant impact on the relationship between the attitude of customers towards Online shopping and…

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Online And Offline Shopping

Abstract We test the hypothesis that in the University of Adelaide College, consumers tend to online than offline shopping. We investigated 50 examiners about their gender, age, preferences and supporting reasons for their choices. Introduction With the advent of technology era, the Internet has penetrated into almost every nook of daily life. Several reports have found that consumers prefer online than traditional stores. If this is proved, it might be resulted from the merits of online shopping such as flexibility,…

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The Peculiarities Of Internet Shopping: Benefits And Risks

Today internet has changed the way of shopping. Online shopping has tremendous changes from past years. The most famous activity to which now all the generations of people are addicted is online shopping any person can do his shopping from anywhere of any store. It also us compare the features and prices and choose the best product by sitting in the home. The online shopping was developed in 1970s in the United Kingdom. The e-commerce has developed to explain the…

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Essay about Shopify

SWOT Analysis Strengths Shopify is considered one of the industry leaders when it comes to e-commerce solutions, giving it an advantage over competitors. The Canadian company founded in 2004 is worth $1.7 Billion today. Some of the key attributes that Shopify believes in are security, scalability, reliability, performance, and deployment. The Canadian company has grown immensely, making Shopify an industry leader when it comes to e-commerce solutions. The company stands by the product that they offer by providing clients with…

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Are Self-help Books Worth Reading?

Do they actually help or hinder you? This helpful guide based on research and my own experiences will give you the answers you seek right now. As it says in the title, these books are designed to give you the means to work on areas of your life and gain insight without having to go to a professional for counselling and guidance. An article by Brandminds ( suggests that the self-improvement industry is estimated to grow to $13.2 billion by…

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Safe Guarding Children Learning

Serious Case Review (SCR) which is now known as Safeguarding Practise Review (SPR June 2018) plays a vital role in helping local professionals and organisations to continually improve the way they work, individually or together, to keep children safe and free from harm. The Serious Case Review is the formal process that brings together information with all agencies involved with the child and the family leading up to the child’s death or serious harm. From the records a complete picture…

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March 16, 2010 5:33am CST

for me, id rather shop in the mall because i can see the item in real, i can choose and check every detail of the item iam going to purchase. unlike over online, we can only see pictures, we cannot see the real on it, so there are very big differences on the two. but i do tried shopping online honestly. and good thing i purchased the good one. hehehe
any experiences also shopping online? did you get the good item you want? feel free to share here. thanks!

45 responses

• Bulgaria

16 Mar 10

I prefer to shop online. There are mush interesting models, sizes and I can buy things from 50% to 90% cheaper than in the mall.
I don’t like to loose a whole day running the shops. I get really nervous to look for something that I like at a reasonable price and it would be a big luck if they have my size. I hate when the seller explains me how a pull or a shirt has no numbers because it’s «universal size». I still can’t understand how one size can be for a person 100kg and for a person 50kg. Or one size to be for someone that’s 150cm tall and for someone who is 180cm tall. I really get sick of that kind of shopping.
It’s much more comfortable to sit at home, drink coffee and shop online. The time I’d lost in the shops I prefer to spare somewhere else, in the park for instance.

• United States

17 Mar 10

Depends on the mood I’m in.

sometimes I like going to the mall the see people, the hear people and to speak to people sometimes I feel we take these things for granted. (our sences) and I realized after I got my computer I stopped using my people skills.

and sometimes I like to shop online

• Philippines

17 Mar 10

I’ve tried shopping online and I agree with bananamen that you can shop hassle free. You can shop at the convenient of your own home. I only shop online if I am not buying a pants, I am really particular with the pants, because I want to fit it first. But if I am looking for a dress or jewelry its good to shop online.

• United States

17 Mar 10

I hate to shop and it is hard for me, so I have bought a lot of stuff on line. I buy a lot of things thru catalogs also. So far, I haven’t had a problem, except they charge so much shipping. The last thing I bought was $13. and the shipping was $11! I usually check the shipping and won’t buy anything that shipping costs almost as much or more than the item, but this time I didn’t check! I won’t do that again!

• Philippines

18 Mar 10

because you people used to do that, you what i used to work in a callcenter and our customers are from the U.S. and they just took orders from us. our clients distributes catalogs and then you people will just order from that. i received a lot who will take one order and shipping charge is more expensive than the item they order. its funny!

• United States

27 Mar 10

shopping? what’s that? oh is that the thing that involves money? LOL I don’t care if I did it online or at the mall it would just be nice to do sometimes, but I don’t have what it takes to do the shopping thing….MONEY

• Philippines

23 Mar 10

i still prefer to shop in the mall… ^_^ you can see and touch the real item and judge if you would really want to have it..

• Japan

17 Apr 10

I do all my shopping online at this store because it has the best prices, better than anywhere.

• United States

23 Mar 10

I actually hate shopping in the mall, especially around the holidays. Too many people and I can never find the size/color of something I’m looking for. At least online I can do my shopping at my convenience and don’t have to worry about something I need being out of stock. As a bonus many of the sites I buy from are a member of some of the cash back sites which makes shopping online even better when you get a percentage back of your purchase.

• Philippines

17 Mar 10

Same here, I prefer mall shopping than online but there are instances when online shopping is the only option to do, like when the item is exclusively available in this particular shop or website , or, if the location of the shop is far from from here. And i’ve noticed that online products are a bit more expensive compared to items I can find in shops. Or maybe it’s because it’s easier to come across on on-sale and bargain items whenever I shop manually.

• China

19 Mar 10

for me, it depends on the goods.
such as the books, now i’d prefer to online shopping, amazon, i always buy books there. but such as the daily things, maybe i’ll shopping in a mall. in fact, i also like the feeling of shopping in a mall with my good friends, we chatting, shopping, exercising (walking, hehe…)

• United States

1 Oct 10

There was a time in my life that I would have said that I very much preferred shopping at the mall. However, that time is in the past for me. I would much rather do my shopping online now for a variety of reasons. The main reason that I would rather shop online is because of the convenience of it. However, the secondary reasons are that there is not as much temptation for me to buy things that I don’t need and it is also easier this way for me to buy something and my children have no clue about it.

• Bangladesh

17 May 10

Hey friend,
I love shopping in the mall because I can choose items by myself being present physically there. As I don’t have any credit card, so I never have purchased anything online. But there are things which are not available in my country. I’ll have to get them online.

Have a nice day.

• Philippines

17 Mar 10

Even though I want to shop for items online, I am a bit hesitant because I am afraid that someone might get my credit card details and charge their stuff to my account. although I do admit that there are items online that’s not available in stores.

I agree that you can see the items in the malls and decide if it is the right fit unlike online you might get something not your size; you might decide not to keep it and return this for either a refund or replacements.

• Philippines

17 Apr 10

For me I prefer shopping in the mall because I got to see the items I like personally. That way, I can check every detail of it and see if there are similar items that are cheaper or better than it.

On the other hand, I also do online shopping especially if the item is something I can hardly find elsewhere.

• Philippines

18 Mar 10

i never did online shopping. so the answer is obvious. malls give you a better feel of shopping, the traditional way. moreover, shopping in malls gives you the real feel and see of the item you want to buy. also, when something goes wrong with the item, it is easier to return it to the shop in the mall.

• Singapore

19 Apr 10

i like to shop in the plaza or mall where i can try and hang around with my friend , that is great time ,i can not have it if i buy over the internet , i never using internet to buy anything except fast food that is the only things i think internet is useful to me in purchasing .

17 Mar 10

Well, I like doing both. In the mall I can look at and touch things that I am interested in buying. Sometimes I will buy on the spot so I can have it there and then, and other times, I will go home, surf around the Internet and find the best price possible. I’ve never had bad experiences on the Internet (touch wood). Once there was a fault with something I ordered and the place I bought it even paid for the postage to send it back and sent me an extra gift in return. It’s so nice to meet honest people on the Internet. _Derek

• United States

17 Mar 10

For me it just depends on the item. Some things you just cant find except online. Larger items if you dont own auto to get it home or store doesnt have deleivery then online and shipping are best.

• United States

17 Mar 10

I enjoy shopping online and have only once gotten an item that had to be returned. I also go through the instant rebate sites which gives me a nice check to look forward to every three months. Those rebates are not available in the stores. Yet, going through the instant rebate sites I CAN get the sales prices everyone else gets when they shop at the malls. Quite often there are sales available ONLY to people buying online. So take me away Internet!

• Guangzhou, China

17 Mar 10

As far as I am concerned, I think I prefer to shop in the mall ,where i can see the thing itself. Besides, I still can try it on to see whether it suits me well. But for the shopping online, it will not be so convenient for me to try it on. So I usually choose to just go to amall to buy the things ,then I will just bring them to my own house.

• Japan

17 Mar 10

I prefer shopping in the mall too. I can check in real life the quality of the item, and the feeling of it. If it’s a piece of clothing I can try it on, so there won’t be surprises afterwards. I have purchased items online too, including clothes, but it was only from brands in which I already owned pieces of clothing so I already knew my right size

• Nepal

17 Mar 10

In my opinion both are good as you said. Some time it is better to shop off line and some time online. When you don’t have time and is damn busy then we can go online shopping but when when you are free you can always walk, as it is good for health, you will meet the people as well you can enjoy too.

Преподаватель который помогает студентам и школьникам в учёбе.

A lot of people nowadays prefer to shop online because it is so convenient and easy. Every consumer who has tried it will have his own views about it. With use of the Internet, more and more people are drawn towards online shopping because recent revolution has made the Internet accessible to almost all parts of the world. Shopping through online services provides several benefits to the customers. However, it has a bad side too. There are advantages and disadvantages of this kind of shopping.


1. The best part of online shopping is that you can shop from home. There is no need to go to the shopping centre to buy a thing you need. You just need to order and it will be available right at your doorstep.

2. It is convenient and easy! You do not need any degree to learn online shopping. All you have to do is to visit the website, to search for your product and to buy it. Your product is just a click away!

3. Shopping online gives you the privilege to shop whenever you want. The stores are never closed and you can do your shopping any time.

4. It provides variety to you. There are a lot of options available online and this is one of the best features of online shopping.

5. Shopping through websites provides comparison of products and helps in deciding which one should be bought.

6. Many websites offer special discount schemes from time to time to attract customers. You can save a lot of money.


1. The first disadvantage is that you have to wait for some time for delivering the product.

2. You can’t try out the product before buying it. Many people like to try things out before making the payment. This feature remains missing when you buy a product online.

3. High shipping costs often add up to the total cost of the product. Also, if the product is shipped from another country, you have to pay extra taxes for it.

4. The payment mode may not be secure. It is therefore important to check whether the payment gateway is secured or not.

5. Possibility of product damage while shipping cannot be nullified. If the product received is damaged, it may again take several days for replacement or the company may not provide any replacement at all.

6. The incidence of billing errors is high and if you encounter one, you will again have to follow a long procedure and wait for several days before the error gets resolved.

7. You need to have a debit or credit card to make a purchase. Very few websites give you the option of paying cash or check on delivery.

If you try online shopping for the first time, I will advise you to get some tips from your friends and relatives who have already tried it out, so that you don’t make any mistakes. Also, weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself whether you’d like to go for it or not.


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