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IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Many people say that smoking should be banned while others say it is not a good idea. What is your opinion on this?

Use your own experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1: (Public smoking should be prohibited, but a complete ban on smoking should be done slowly and with proper planning.)
Banning smoking is a controversial issue as many people strongly support this ban while others disagree with it. It has been around for centuries and in many countries, public smoking is prohibited and against the law while it is open in many other countries. There are discussions and arguments about whether smoking should be banned completely or not.

First of all, smoking is detrimental to health. It causes lung cancer which ultimately leads to death. It might take a long time to show symptoms but it always happens. Secondly, it is a waste of money as smokers spend a lot of money on the cigarette. Addiction to smoking leads to addiction to marijuana, yaba etc. Eventually, addicted people get involved in different types of crimes. They start collecting money by stealing, lying and robbing and the severity of the crime keeps on increasing. Moreover, smoking not only harm the smoker but also the people around them. Recent studies on smoking suggest that passive smoking is as harmful as active smoking.  

On the contrary, the tobacco industry is the source of huge tax for the government. Government makes the best utilization of the tax money by building schools, mosques, overhaul streets etc. Thousands of people work in cigarette-related industries and this creates huge job opportunities. If smoking is banned completely, these people will become unemployed. Another vague benefit of smoking is that smokers believe smoking refreshes their minds and relieves them from tension and stress, though it has not been scientifically proved. Some people think that banning smoking is like imposing restriction on people’s freedom and they completely oppose the idea of imposing restrictions on smoking.  

Up to this point of view, we see that there are opinions for and against the banning of smoking. I believe, the government should think rationally and wisely before they make any decision about prohibiting smoking. Personally, I believe that public smoking should be prohibited and any violation of this rule should be penalized but a complete ban on smoking should be made slowly and with proper planning.

[Written by — Ruhit Sharma]

Sample Answer 2: (Agreement with stating an alternative plan)
A complete ban on smoking is controversial as many people strongly support it while others disagree. In many countries, public smoking is forbidden, but it is still widespread in many other countries. I, however, believe that smoking should be banned, but it should be done slowly and with proper planning and steps.

First of all, smoking is severely detrimental to public health. It causes lung cancer which ultimately leads to death. Secondly, smoking is a complete waste of money, and addiction to smoking sometimes leads to enslavement to other illegal substances. Eventually, many addicted people get involved in different types of crimes to manage the money they need to abuse illegal substances. Finally, smoking not only harms the smoker but also the people around them. Recent studies on smoking suggest that passive smoking is as harmful as active smoking.

Having said that, the tobacco industry is a huge source of tax for the government. The authority makes the best utilization of the tax money by building schools, parks, overhaul streets and other public facilities that serve ordinary people. Millions of people work in cigarette-related industries, and if smoking is banned completely, these people will lose their jobs. Some smokers believe that smoking relieves them from tension and stress, though it has not been scientifically proven. Finally, some people think that banning smoking is like restricting people’s freedom.

In conclusion, I believe that the government should take initiatives rationally about prohibiting smoking. Public smoking should be prohibited and any violation of this rule should be penalized, but a complete ban on smoking should be made slowly and with proper planning.

[Written by — Darwin Lesmana ]

Представлено сочинение на английском языке За и против курения/ Smoking: Advantages And Disadvantages с переводом на русский язык.

Smoking: Advantages And Disadvantages За и против курения
Unfortunately more and more people smoke nowadays and the age to start smoking lowers every year. Truly, I can’t think of any advantages of smoking. Some people say it helps to reduce stress, but I suppose it’s not worth it. There are many other healthier ways to deal with stress — sport, hobbies, a cup of tea with mint. So to my mind smoking has only negative effect. К сожалению сегодня все больше и больше людей курят и возраст, в котором они начинают курить с каждым годом снижается. Честно говоря, я не могу назвать ни одного преимущества курения. Некоторые говорят, что это помогает снизить уровень стресса, но я не думаю, что это того стоит. Есть много других более здоровых способов справиться со стрессом – спорт, хобби, чашка чая с мятой. Так что, по-моему, курение оказывает только отрицательный эффект.
Why do people and especially teenagers start smoking? For some of them it is a way to show they are mature enough, they want to seem older than they really are. For other teenagers it’s a way to show they belong to a particular company at school or college. Unfortunately once you start smoking it’s very hard to quit. So many people continue just because it has become their habit. Почему же люди и особенно подростки начинают курить? Для некоторых это способ показать, что они уже достаточно взрослые. Они хотят казаться старше, чем есть на самом деле. Для других подростков это способ быть частью определенной компании в школе или колледже. К сожалению, один раз попробовав, довольно сложно бросить курить. Поэтому многие продолжают курить, потому что это становится привычкой.
Why is smoking harmful? It affects all your body, your lungs, your heart and brain. It can even lead to cancer and many other serious diseases. It affect your appearance, people who smoke a lot have problems with teeth and skin. Smoking makes your addicted and this harms your psychological state. Moreover even if you don’t smoke and someone of your family or friends does you still breathe this poisoned air. Почему курение вредно? Оно влияет на тело, легкие, сердце и мозг. Курение может даже привести к раку и другим серьезным заболеваниям. Оно влияет на внешность, у курящих есть проблемы с зубами и кожей. Курение вызывает привыкание и это отрицательно воздействует на психологическое состояние. Более того, даже если вы не курите, а кто-то из вашей семьи или друзей курит, вы все равно дышите отравленным воздухом.
What can be done to stop people from smoking? Smoking is illness and there should be some special treatment, this is not easy as very little amount of people really want to quit smoking. Что сделать, чтобы оградить людей от курения? Курение – это болезнь и против нее должно быть специальное лечение, это непросто, потому что немногие действительно хотят бросить курить.
Also, we must make it so that smoking was not fashionable. Также мы должны сделать так, чтобы курить было не модно.
We should talk to children at school and home to make them understand how bad it is to smoke and of course we shouldn’t be a bad example for them. Мы должны говорить с детьми в школе и дома, чтобы они поняли, как плохо курить и, конечно, мы не стоит быть плохим примером для них.



choose to


despite having clear knowledge


Change preposition

show examples

the adverse effects it has on their


. In recent years, a ban on smoking on public properties has been put in place; but


does not include all social settings, there are still many facilities where


can still


. In


essay, I will argue that smoking should be prohibited in all public


as it affects smokers, non-smokers and the



One argument that supports banning smoking in public spaces is that smoking affects the


around you. A large majority of


actively choose not to


due to the negative

long term

Add a hyphen

show examples

impact it may have on their


, including, clogging blood vessels, lung disease and even cancer. When non-smokers go out to public



as parks and more confined areas like some cafes and bars, they risk inhaling the harmful substances coming from the





around them.


can be a nuisance and repeated exposure could result in them developing the very


problems they are actively trying to avoid


Correct word choice

show examples

it is argued that passive smoking is equally as bad, if not worse, than active smoking.


, a ban on smoking in all social settings will protect those that do not


. It will




Change noun form

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cigarette use, which in turn will have a positive impact on their


and the overall


of the community as a whole.

Another key reason that prohibiting smoking in all public properties is advantageous is that it will benefit the


. Cigarette


not only affects human




has an impact on


Correct article usage

show examples

air quality- toxic chemicals


as carbon monoxide are


Wrong verb form

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into the surrounding area.


, birds and other wildlife can inhale these fumes, which can lead to detrimental


outcomes for these small animals.


, cigarette buds cause an


Correct your spelling

show examples

in scenic public


as they are not safely disposed of.


, they are littered on fields, rivers and lakes. These buds are


eaten by wild animals in the area; exposing them to more toxic substances.

That is

why the more extensive the ban on smoking is, the safer and cleaner our


will be.

In conclusion, it is my belief that


a complete prohibition of smoking may seem restrictive, the


Change the quantifier

show examples


accessible to


, the less often





will benefit their own well-being,


Correct word choice

show examples

well-being of others and


Wrong verb form

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a healthier


for all.

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Should smoking be banned? What are the pros and cons of banning cigarettes in public places? If you’re writing an argumentative essay or persuasive speech on why smoking should be banned, check out this sample.

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Table of Contents

  1. Smoking Should Be Banned: Essay Introduction

  2. Reasons Why Smoking Should Be Banned

  3. Why Smoking Should Not Be Banned: Essay Arguments

  4. Why Smoking Should Be Banned Essay Conclusion

Smoking Should Be Banned: Essay Introduction

Smoking involves an act of burning a substance for the purpose of taking in its smoke into the lungs. These substances are commonly tobacco or cannabis. Combustion releases the active substances in them like nicotine, which are absorbed through the lungs.

A widespread technique through which this is done is via smoking manufactured cigarettes or hand-rolling the tobacco ready for smoking. Almost 1 billion people in the majority of all human societies practice smoking. Complications directly associated with smoking claim the lives of half of all the persons who have been involved in smoking tobacco or marijuana for a long time.

Smoking is an addiction because tobacco contains nicotine, which is very addictive. The nicotine, therefore, makes it difficult for a smoker to quit. A person will, therefore, become used to nicotine such that he/she has to smoke so as to feel normal. I, therefore, think that smoking should be banned because of some reason.

Reasons Why Smoking Should Be Banned

One reason why smoking should be banned is that it has got several health effects. It harms almost every organ of the body. Cigarette smoking causes 87% of lung cancer deaths and is also responsible for many other cancer and health problems.

Apart from this, Infant deaths that occur in pregnant women are attributed to smoking. Similarly, people who stay near smokers become secondary smokers where they may breathe in the smoke and get the same health problems as smokers do. Although not widely smoked, cannabis also has health problems, and the symptoms of withdrawal include depression, insomnia, frustration, anger, anxiety, difficulty in concentration, and restlessness.

Apart from causing emphysema, smoking also affects the digestive organs as well as the blood circulatory systems, especially heart arteries. Women have a higher risk of heart attack than men, which exacerbates with time as one continues to smoke. The mouth is also affected by smoking, whereby the teeth will become discolored, the lips will blacken and will always stay dry and also causes bad breath.

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Cigarette and tobacco products are very expensive. People who smoke are therefore forced to spend their money on these products which badly waste their income which they would have otherwise spent on other things. I, therefore, think that smoking should be forbidden in order to reduce the costs of treating diseases related to smoking as well as the number of deaths caused by smoking-related illnesses.

Why Smoking Should Not Be Banned: Essay Arguments

However, tobacco and cigarette manufacturing nations will lose a lot if smoking was to be banned. I, therefore, think that it should not be banned. Some nations largely depend on exporting cigarettes and tobacco products to get revenue.

This revenue normally boosts the economy of such nations. If smoking was to be banned, it means that they will incur great losses since tobacco companies are multi-billion organizations. Apart from these, millions of people will be rendered jobless as a result of the ban.

The process in which tobacco and cigarette products reach consumers is very complex, and it involves a chain process with several people involved in it. Banning smoking, therefore, means these people will lose their jobs for which most of them may be depending upon for their livelihoods.

Why Smoking Should Be Banned Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, the ban on smoking is a very hard step to be undertaken, especially when the number of worldwide users is in billions. Although it places a large burden on nations in treating diseases associated with smoking, it may take a very long time before a ban can work. Attempts by some nations to do this have often been met with failures.


Essay. Cigarettes should be made illegal.

   More then 5 millions people die over the world each year from smoking related illnesses.Why are they still not banned? Cigarettes should be illegal because they are a powerful and addicting drug that are very harmful to the people who smoke them, the people who inhale second hand smoke, and the environment.
   In my opinion, cigarettes are have to be banned. First of all, they consist of chemical components that make a bad influence on the human body.The most important impact that smoking has on people — it’s lung disease Secondly, passive smoking affects the people around the smoker. We think that it’s OK but it’s not true. Furthermore, smoke that the smoker exhales destroy the ozone layer of the Earth. Do you want to bring the apocalypse?
   Some people say that there is no need to ban cigarettes. They say that they help people to relax and the person must choose what to do by himself.
   I cannot agree with them. Smoking in any case affect the others, so it should be banned.
   To sum up , although my oppinion is not the sollution to all problems and i don’t think cigarettes will be banned at all. Because of that , i think government should do something to solve this problems. Enough to spoil your health and the health of others!

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