The best holiday i ve ever had эссе

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I´m going to tell you about the best holiday i’ve ever had. My best holiday was a trip to Singapore two years ago. I was with my Uncle and another couple of friends. The flight was fun becuse before going to Singapore we went to Batam first.We did a stopover in Batam for 1 week. In there we went to a seafood reastaurant in a beach,the food and the scenery was awesome.I wish i could go there again and then we spent the next few days in Batam by going to shoping malls,golf field. After a week passed we went to singpore.were in there for three weeks. Singapore is a country in the east of Asia, between Indonesia and Malaysia. There are few people lovong there because its a small country, Indonesia and Malaysia is a lot bigger than Singapore.

In the first day we went to orchard to see one of asia biggest shopping complex. Everyday we got up at seven, after breakfast we walked for seven hours. We saw very nice landscape. Everyday we went to diffrent restaurant to taste the food in there. After a few days in Singpore we went to Sentosa,I think it’s the most amazing place i’ve ever visited,there are a lot of interesting things to see there one of them is Singapore Universal Studio. In the Hotel The food was very simple, we had rice everyday, with chicken o vegetables, but we weren´t hungry although it was boring. In the afternoon we went to the beach too, and in the evening we went to take a shower and have dinner to the the hotel. At night we walked beside the beach. We also visited many monuments.

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The Term Paper on Machine Gun Beach Omaha Day

It was 1944, and the United States had now been an active participant in the war against Nazi Germany for almost three and a half years, nearly six years for the British. During that period occurred a string of engagements fought with ferocious determination and intensity on both sides. There is however, one day which stands out in the minds of many American servicemen more often than others. June …

Everynight we slept in very simple hotels, with one toilet for all the people, and what a toilet! The bed was a table with a leg. But the trip was very interesting.

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  • The King Of Love From IRAN says:

    Hi everybody,

    My best holiday was when I went to Persepolis that is one of historical places of IRAN.

    Persepolis is one symbol of Iranian history that has been located near the city of Shiraz. It has been created by one of Iranian kings 2500 years ago.

    It can be interesting for you that know Persepolis has been had a system of wastewater 2500 years ago.

    I hope all of you can visit it one day for knowing Iran brilliant civilization.

    Best wishes,

  • kostas says:

    my best holiday was 2 years ago in naxos(greek island).it was the best holiday because i had good company.the holiday lasts for about 5 days.

  • Elisa Burgos says:

    Hi EC
    My favorite holiday is Christmas. I get to have quality time with friends and family, its quite and at the same time a lot of excitement.

  • Ngan Hua says:

    I have never forgot the happinest summer in Vietnam. After finishing the first year in National education College, i attend to voulenteer student group of college. This was my dream when i was in high school. I spent my voulenteer summer in Phuoc Long province to bring the happiness to poor children. I and my five partners openned some free dancing classes and painting classes in Children club of Phuoc Long province. I taught the children how to dance earobic. That’s wonderfull time! My students is about eleven to fifteen years old. They are very nice. After class, they usually gave me some fruits that their parents planned such as jacfruit, longan, bananas… I taught them not for money, just for brang something fun for them in summer. So, I didn’t want receive any gifts from them but i also didn’t want them unhappy. The best way was i received them and tried my best to teach them. Finally, we have a great perfomance in province’s summer festival. Voulenteer job made me happy and ones that received my help was, too. I hope i could have one more voulenteer summer.

  • Souka says:

    the best holiday i spend was in Europe . I traveled to Germany , holland and belgium . It was really the best trip of my life until now . I visited many cities in these countries like Düsseldorf ,köln, eindhoven… But what i loved the most was Efteling in the Netherlands . It´s a marvelous place , i walked all the day to discover it and i taked a lot of pictures there. Also, i visited the tour of Düsseldorf and i saw the rhine river (the tallest river in europe ) …

  • shaik Abdullah says:

    Hey guys one day experence in mumbay . i very much interested to watch mumbay city and it was very beautiful place …..

  • Paul says:

    My best vacatios took place in a city called Medellin in Colombia South America, i had the chance of knowing so many people and visited so many incredible places not to mention that i had so much fun. And thanks to these incredible vacations i was able to meet my current loving wife. The city is a good place for vacations and i like to come back there some day.

  • says:

    my last holiday is the best because I graduated from my collage & my mam & dad were doing for me the best party in the world that what i belief. also in this holiday I visited tyrckia its a wonderful place I seen.

  • qihong says:

    When i looked this topic,nothing best memory appeared in my mind at the first second.But i am still enter ,i want to share your perfect holidaies. I am a chinese ,i have twice travl in china,guangdong organized by company,i travled with my workmaters,nice memory .

  • Tania says:

    I have so many good memories about my holidays, but I think the most memorial one is my trip to Chiapas, Mexico with my husband.

  • Jasmine says:

    I have had the best holiday ever with my husband and my friends. Last year when we went to Quilin, a city belong to China which have a lot of beautiful scenery like Elephant mountain, Li river, and ancient cave. We aslo could enjoy the best show on the Li river. It is about the living activities of the famers in day and night time, through the show we understood more about the activites of the people in the countryside. I hope you guys can have change to visit Quilin.

  • lourdes says:

    Mi best holiday was in 2007, when I went to the beach with my husband… because we didn`t have a honey moon. We enjoyed so much all the activities that we made… and we ate a lot.. the only thing about that trip was the bus, because was seven hours from my town to the beach was so tired and the same when we came back.

  • hoang says:

    It’s a trip to another province in my country, which is very famous for tourism, I always dream to get there. It’s really beautiful place.It’s a short holiday,just for fun, I don’t think I learn a lot from this holiday. But it somehow make me laugh a lot and spend a beautiful time with my dear brothers, I can totally stress out during this holiday. But it seems the people there did not leave me the good impression, I think.

  • Jasmine says:

    It was a short trip to the swamp in my city, yet it was unforgetable to me. we, four people, departed to the countryside on an early morning. my close friend drove me on her motorbike, Terry and his friend was accompanying.I felt so much happy having the trip with Terry who is the teacher I work with and also the person who makes my heart beats so fast. We was driving slowly through beautiful sight of green field, the lake surrounded by green trees and bushes. the wind was gently blew against us which made us feel so comfortable and fresh. Terry made some jokes and we laugh joyfully on the way and myself could not forget a word he spoke on that day.

    We arrived the swamp about 10am and started exploring the monkey island. the smell of mud mad us feel deep in the nature. With a startle I felt something drop on my back pack, after a second I realisedthat was a monkey! I screamed and jumped. The monkey was very sturborn he refused to move as if he could sense how much fear I had. Terry had to step forward and shooed the naughty creature away, again he was my hero. We then had so much fun talking and vewing the swamp. Our trip ended with a tour of motor boat though the damp. I felt like flying through the forest with Terry next to me. It was the first time I was so close to the man I love and I will never forget the sweet moment.

  • poison says:

    wel,my best holiday that i ever had was in july.i along with three of my friends went for walk in the evening.the sky was dark and we understood that there would rain.when the started we were enjoying that and ate fuchka standing in the rain.we remained in the rain for about one hour bt the most interesting thing is any of us were not caught by fever and all this.i astonished seeing this and as well my mother.

  • sara says:

    my favriot holiday was last friday becouse i went to picnic and that place is terrefic

  • Emilija says:

    Well,I have been to a lot of holidays,but holiday in Greece in 2010 I will always remember.I went on holiday with my parents and my sister and we had great time.I know that you think it can’t be that good with parents,but thrust me-my parents are cool.They act like they are my age and they let as do almost everything we want.Swimming,sailing and driving motor boat are just few thing we’ve done.We bought souvenirs,hats and we were the craziest family on the whole island :DD
    That holiday will always stay in my mind 😛

  • Eva says:

    My best holiday ever? Actually I was thinking about that and I have to say that my best vacation I spent in Cyprus two years ago. I was working there as a waitress in a Cafeteria. I had to work six days per week, but is ussual there, because so many people,including students coming over to working and enjoying nice weather. I enjoyd my time, sometimes was really hard, at first I had to realise, there is not much time for sunbathing and lying on the beach. The sun made me so tired and though I had to go after that to the work made me sick. Mostly I had finished my work around midnight, and then was time for party:))) I forgot to mention the name of place where I had been, AYIA NAPA is familiar as a party place for young people. Therefore the best time of all of this was night, many people form all the word, who came for enjoying themselves. The time, wich I spent there I will never forget and also I recommend to visit the nice island Cyprus:))

  • lamo says:

    I used to travel after all school years. The best holiday keeping in my mind is that i spent in my village in 1998. I was 14. It was on june in rainy season. The weathe was very good. We travel by train from Bamako to Kita. And we took car to join the village. It is nice seeing tree, forest, and color green trough the journey in train. A day after we got the village we start going to farm. I learned to cultivate and hunt and we heard cries of bird in the farm. In the night we talked and crunched groundnut around the fire before sleeping. On september i left my village for studing to Bamako.

  • KoHe says:

    Hi guys,

    My best holiday is staying on a tropical island that is surrounded over clean water. I have a scuba diving license and love diving. Underwater in the ocean is an another world. It’s hard for me to believe that it is on the earth. coz there are different system from ground and many phychedelic creatures there.

    I got up around 7am, and go diving. Diving requre a rest, coz it’s dengerous that you contenue to breath in more thick oxygen with diving equipment under water. if you don’t take a rest, the worst case scenario is you die. anyway, in the morning i take two diving into different spots.

    In the afternoon, I like to lie on the beach, driking and smoking with good music. It’s a relax time in order to enjoy night life.

    At night, i go clubbing after dinner. i go crazy and wnat to get a girl. it’s fun, isn’t it? but a perfect day depends on whether i get a beautiful girl or not. I hope it could be.

  • Ka kit says:

    My favorite vocation is lunar new year holidays which was over yesterday. I think all of you won’t know what it is. Because it is a special festival from China.( you can go wekipedia to find out the history of lunar new year).
    During that day, I can visit all my relatives At once , blessing them and I can get pocket money. Also this is a great opportunity to see your relAtives once a year, seeing whAt they have changed. On the street, many colorful light bulbs are decorated And you will be heard some new year songs while walking on the street. Or you can go to new year market where located in causeway bay buying some flowers or toys for your relatives or friends. It is a worthwhile day!!

  • Ork says:

    The best holiday i’ve ever had was that one trip to my backyard.

  • lior natan says:

    Best holiday fun I had was 3 years ago when my family and I went to my Grandma and Grandpa in Beit Shemesh.
    We laughed and enjoyed some time.
    After a week of fun and we went back when we are happy and satisfied…

  • Elie seksik says:

    my best holiday was my trip to new york it was so fun and I came with lots of presents

  • ak says:

    Hello everyone.
    I want to tell you about one travel that i had.
    last year,i went to the premire of twilight new moon and it was so cooool!
    i sow kristin,the most beautiful girl in the whole world!!
    well that’s all,and i promise that if you go to the next premire of twilight eclipse,you will enjoy!!

  • Phuong says:

    Travelling with my wonderful!!!we decided to come to a famous tourism city which we had ever come to before.the first,we search info. from internet:hotel,price,food stores,famous points to vistit…There are many place to visit, so we must outline the route to use time effectively, then we follow that route to come to tourism place.I want to stress the feeling of freedom, of discovering world by myself that we can’t find if we join in a tour of tourism company.

  • finalove says:

    Well hi everybody !
    I’m Ken comes from Vietnam. My best holiday is probably the European trip which I took the last summer. I feel very lucky that I can go to the European cuz it’s the dream of almost everyone. But the most interesting part is that I live in Holland for 2 months and I did it twice! I have a older sis who is living in Holland so I have chances to stay there for awhile. There is much differeces between traveling a few days and staying for a long time. If you staying for a long time, you can do and see things that you cant if you just simply travel to somewhere. Such as I can ride my two nephews to school and pick them up when they finish it and see how great the elementary school is at there! Another unforgettable memory is digging oysters with my sis’s friend. It’s really awesome if you know that it’s first time i did it! And there’re also many many cool things that i luckily have chances to experience such as go to many European country (French, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg) or visit some landmarks of every country. And visit Eiffel Tower too. Cool!
    Wish everyone have a good day!

  • Trainp says:

    Hi all,
    How are you today?
    Today it’s so bad.
    In my contry has many places to travel. Last month i went to Tam dao mountain, i like it very much. The weather is very nice, and food is also good. I can say that is best place for people who lives in vietnam travel.
    Beside, Tamdao you can travel to Sapa. Inthere you will have chance to see snow. Or you can go to nha trang beach. It’s the most beautiful beach in vietnam, and the miss earth was hold on it.

  • Mar’atul Muti’ah says:

    The first i’m sorry if my write wrong,
    When Holiday, my family and I went to zoo,and many animal in there,i’ts very insteristing..

    please correction! sent to my email

  • noa weiss says:

    From then until now i have dream to be at New York. and my dream came true last summer. my sister my mother and i went to New york, it was amazing. everything so big there and so beautiful, the road is so live from a lot of cars,i did shoping

  • Mehmet says:

    Last week my country had a religious holiday. one week everywhere is closed. I went to southern of Turkey. it’s name is Alanya. I took fresh air and no-one here and no traffic. When I came back to my city everything is not change same. Damn it

  • Quang Duy says:

    Hi every one.
    I have taken my best holiday in China. I went with my family and spent on it 7 days. The China’s food is very insipid, but the clothes are very cheap. You can buy anything you want, and the people are very friendly. Unlucky I went to China in winter and the weather is very cool.

  • ็Abdul says:

    In mylife
    I had some vacation I went to phuket of Thailand
    I went with my football team we were here 3 days we had more activite fun from it . we were frishing banaboat and scuba-diving it was intersting for us it was last night us did sit by fire with us friend…I’m so happy from this vacation I think our most visit agien

  • Rosa says:

    I have taken my best holidays in USA. I was in New York and Las Vegas with one of my best friend. We spent on it 7 days which were wonderful.
    I think that USA is very different to Spain for this reason everything that I saw there to seem amazed. So, I recommend you to visit these places, you will enjoy.

  • Burmaa Dorj says:

    Dear all greetings from Mongolia
    I had wonderful holiday in last summer.I traveled 4600 kms around north side of Mongolia.We had fantastic time specially in Hyargas lake.please search and get information about our amazing country WELCOME!!!!

  • Ronnie says:

    Hi Everybody! 16th of October 2010

    I have never wrote befor and I am bit nervous to write an English.Last Sepember I started Englishand Maths for further study course.It is only three days. I get lots of homework.

    Before joining the college I have been to see our relative who live’s in Cambridge. It was a beuatiful village.I like very much quite, peaceful.
    I will be very greatful if anyone can corret me becouse English is not a my first language.
    Thank You very much for this oppurtunity.


  • rose says:

    my holiday in egypt was abest holiday .it have a wonderful places.

  • Fattyk says:

    In year ’06, every body in our family including the youngest & oldest in the family went to our village for New Year. When we got there, I was very glad to see all my family. I play with my friends; we move around the village to see some areas such as: there hotels, football field, mosque etc. I spent some days in the village. With this…, I believe this is my best holiday ever! Thanks!

  • trainp says:

    Well, can anyone travel whithout money?
    Please tell me why and how to do that.
    Next month ,i will go to japan. But i don’t know what to do first when i come there.
    Can anybody help me?
    Have a nice day!

  • styler says:

    good evening to you all.

  • styler says:

    The best vacation in my life is when i go Genting Hihgland with my family.It a very nice place to go.

  • Antonia Luo says:


  • btbl says:

    My favorite holiday would be one week ago when I spend two days at a friend’s place on Acapulco. It was short, fast, improvised and fun. I had never done something like that before, running away in such a short notice, spontaneous and risky. We went clubbing at Costera Miguel Alemán, had a couple drinks, danced with some local girls and slept at the beach. The furious water came up the shoreline and woke us up by 6:30 in the morning. It was a reckless trip and I would definitely do it again!

  • Trainp says:

    Dear all,
    Could you tell me something about the place which you went to.
    Actually , I like travelling so much. But i don’t know how to do it well.
    Can anyone tell me.

  • David Toan says:

    Hi all!
    I’ve just gone to the picnic with my friend.
    I’m verry happy.

  • mahdi says:

    i love traveling but i know that we should choose a good place to travel i mean a place that has a good weather good people and good food i am from iran and most of the people in our country are traveling to mashhad and shiraz and north of our country now the weather in the north is humid in the shiraz is so hot but in the mashhad is normal and because of that now in the summer our people travel to mashhad and enjoy from every thing

  • Trainp says:

    Hi all,
    Travelling is my best favourite. The best place which i like best is Sapa.
    I went to Sapa last month.
    I want to tell you some interesting things of Sapa. Sapa is one area of the north of vietnam. This is a resource town of Lao Cai provine and it is a hight area (alitude 1600m), the climate is cold all year round. It snows in winter.

  • thanh trung says:

    hello everyone,

    I realy like travelling, one of places i like best is dalat city in vietnam.It is on high area of Vietnam with warm climate,average temperature is from 20 degree to 25 degree. there are alot of flowers, plants, waterfalls,churches, and pagodas.if you have a chance to visit here in spring you might attend the festival of flower and lot of events in this beautiful city.welcom to our flower city, dreaming city.

  • Organo Gold says:

    Indeed. Not only teachers love it there. students too.

  • Sue says:

    The best trip for me was 3 years ago.We went to Japan with small group. We visited many places especially the old temple we really enjoyed with the culture and lifestyle in Japan. Only 5 days for me it was not enough to travel in Japan we wish to come back again and again.

  • ksa says:

    The best vacation I have ever had was in lebanon in 2005. It was a wonderful vacation!. I stayed their for 15 days. I visited many places and i really enjoyed my holliday. People in lebanon are very kind and helpful. I hope so that i will visit this country again in the future!.

  • Lily Kenyi says:

    I like to travel by land is so interesting you see many thing around and it’s really enjoyble, i didn’t travel much but i am planing to do that soon.

  • sher says:

    I can say my best holiday was my hony moon because it was as a vacation of every thing in my life and with my husband > Every thing had a different test and different colour to me.

  • apple says:

    I always remember my dad used to take my sisters and me to hike mountain near my house. We also used to bring our only three goats, one male, two female, with us, just for fun. at that time, the sky is so blue which I seldom see again now; the air is so fresh, which contain soil and flower’s smell; we, including the goats, hung around the mountain happily, we love the Nature. while, now I have to take 2 hours bus to the countryside, when I get there, I’m alreay tired because of the bus. So I want to go back the old time when I can contact with nature anytime I want. I dislike big city, I love suburban life.

  • Rasika says:

    My best vacation is going to visit My parents and Relations. Why beacause I am working in abroad.My Parents awiting for me , my husband & specialy my daughter. it make me feel good and warm.

  • josephine says:

    lunar chinese new year is my best vacation as i can go back hometown for one week and garther with my whole family and enjoy the hometown cooked foods. that was my great time!

  • adam smith says:

    my best holiday it was last summer i visit area in est of libya called algabal alakhder , 13oo km from tripoli its very nice area i like visit it again if i get chance.

  • Carl says:

    “Cruise” that’s the best holiday ever !Last year, me and my mum had a roundtrip cruise from Hong Kong to Taiwan.when the ship departed from the pier,we are having the finest dinner in the dinning room.the food quality was awesome!!all the crew members onboard are very friendly and helpful.and the following day, the ship docked at taiwan, we have booked a shore excursion.the excursion are meaningful because i have learned many chinese culture from there.and the last day the ship was heading back to hong kong,as it is the last day of the cruise so the cruise director held a farewell party for the passengers!we took a photo with the captain and some of the crew members,now i can imagine the picture of the farewell party cause the scenery was unforgettable! For me Cruise always is the best holiday ever also, it is the best way to see the whole world!!:D

  • James says:

    During recent 8 years, my best holiday is still her birthday.It was always a special part in my deep heart.It was the best of time to us, It was the worst of time to us. I am thirst for the love of her,that I go out of my way to avoid harming her and to do good to her.I think this is the meaning of ture love,to give until it hurts,and requie the stong felling of happiness from the payment.It would be so happy to her in that day,so that day is my best holiday.

  • Nadee & Nadeesha says:

    our best holiday was last poya day. we went to the temple to worship Loard Buddha in the afernoon. Temple is a very calm place. Therefore we meditated few times. That was better for our bussy life. After that we went to the beach with our friends. we had decided to go to the beach from two months. we played football. That was a funny game. While we playing football we made lot of jokes. Our friends rejoiced to that. Then we collected see shells. In the evening we ate ice cream. when getting dark more and more we sang songs. After that left to go home.

  • ekasofia says:

    every time i went to this town,that was my best holiday..i have few of friend there n i really enjoyed my time with them..walked around the town,shopping n found some food,that are activity that i did every day..i love this town very much..

    please help me correct my sentences if i made mistake..
    thank you

  • kholil says:

    when my girlfriend beside me, that day was saturday, we went to gunung rowo dam. there we enjoy the scenery, we told everything, it was a pleasure day.. I hope we can continue this relation till we have married. amiin!!!!!

  • Rawan says:

    My best holiday was last Augest , when i went to Jordan and Dubai with my husband . I felt freedom because my children with my mam i didn’t take them so i felt like a bride . I liked Dubai more than Jordan and i had a nice and brilliant time .

  • Miri says:

    the best holiday for me is both Christmas and Thanks giving. that allows us to be thankful for all days we had for that year.. especially on Thanksgiving day, i can thank for allowing me in the boddle of there wonderful times of year as celebrate Thanksgiving by food, friends and family. and on Christmas, i can look back what i have done to this year.. by thanking to God and everybody who helped me to succed on what i worked.

    but New year can be a best one too, because it always spread the fresh and new feelings to us, and we can easily start on new plans with refreshed mind. it’s now easy for us to clean our sad, woren hearts in middle of the year cause we happen to worry things coming nesxday to us uch as Payment, assignment, assey.. etc. but on New year, what do we do? we do eating, hanging out, resting and spending days with our families.. in that circumstances, we are likely be relaxed and comfy better.. New year provides us the refreshing.

  • Ceca90 says:

    My best holiday was in 2008. well it wasn’t a real holiday, i was at school and my class went to was a school trip, i loved it so much, maybe because it was my first time to go abroad, i was thrilled and i didn’t want to come back like someone lasted for 6days during work week you know..that’s why it wasn’t a real holiday, but it was for us, pupils lol!

  • lolo says:

    very good idea

  • cndy says:

    im from Philippines and for me the best holiday that i had this year was the New Year.New Year in Philippines was always celebrated traditionally with fireworks,which i’m very fond of watching, Lots of food except serving a chicken (serving a chicken on the New Years eve was known for causing shortage of food all throughout the coming year), Wearing the lucky color (for you to become prosperous), and finally, by jumping when the time strikes at 12 midnight (it is said that it will make you taller in the approaching year).

    I celebrated the New Years Eve in our house, with my family. We took lot of photos so that we can remember it when time had passed.

    This is the best holiday for me because it is the time where my family is complete.i really enjoyed spenting my last New Year’s eve with them…

  • Nazia says:

    I cant imagine any other place but Dubai.
    Dubai offers amazing desert safaris(its one of its kind),larger than life shopping malls(esp. Dubai Mall & Mall of Emirates), beautiful nature parks, some of the amazing themed water parks and mouth watering food- of every region.
    Its a complete package to visit Dubai if you want to have fun and live life to fullest on a holiday.
    Even your companion matters, if its your fiance or wife or girl friend then the full fun will multiply by leaps and bounds..
    Amazing place..
    its a heaven in the desert..
    Ah! I just cant get out of dubai..

  • Mahmoud says:

    I spent my last holiday with my fiance. we walked on the beach and we had along talk about our life, that was very nice.

  • Han says:

    My best holiday is when i went to seaside with my cousins and my sister last summer. It was pretty cool!

  • sara says:

    my best holiday is last year is go to agadir. a spent the most beutiful tims with my sister

  • Ann says:

    Best holidays are Saturday and Sunday. I have holiday every week.

  • solya says:

    Usally I have spend my holiday time with my family,
    Cooking @ dinner at our home.we made our home to be a special place.

  • sasa says:

    thanks for my contact with all my frends and all your member

    first, I welcom and i,m not very good
    last year, iwent to sharm alshak with my frends
    this city is very very nice (weather – see – air)so, i.m take oppertanty any person wont to engoy vist this sharm alshak.
    best regards.

  • NEETA says:


  • minlongwei says:

    first my english is not good.
    my best holiday is with a girl.of course, i love her.that day is the qingren day.i feel so good.i can’t belive my eyes.i can come out with her.i love her a long time.
    Oh,that day later,i never meet her.
    That day i want tell her,i love her very much.

  • adi_DP says:

    I still remember when I was in holiday.
    It’s sunday,we went to Prambanan Temple in Jogjakarta. It’s was the first time and it so awesome for me. I always remember the story about it and I want to prove it. It has 999 temple with various ornament also name. But, Now those figure decreased. I am not sure, but from news that heared, some of them have stolen.

  • dona antarina 06 Psik UR says:

    my best holiday is when I went back to my home town,because i can meet my family.

  • ezi kusuma says:

    My best holiday had ever happened when my family and I visited a village. The village is located inside a lake which around of the mountain..The weather was fresh and windy..If we wanted to walk around the lake, we would interest to see many fishes which near by offshire the lake..inside the lake was grown many trees which protected this place from abration..the culture of local peoples was very interesting.. the culture which respected the people who visited the word which showed our mind about like a natural picture which has been made by a God..

  • lucy says:

    My bast holiday was visited other city in my country,because it is interesting and I can learn other city’s culture.

  • papi says:

    I used to spend my summer holiday with my familly , actualy every member of my familly suggest a place then we try to make a plan for our holiday , we used to visit touristic cities in my country but the best and the craziest holiday that we ever had was a trip to the moroccan desert ( we called it sahara ) , it was the first time for me to be there , the weather was very hot but anyhow the atmosphere was absolutely amazing , i was happy to discover a new face of the mixture of my country’s culture , poeple there have a pretty special accent , the way of dressing is completely different , food is delicious . Come to think of it , i can’t forget the best part which was riding a camel , it was really awesome and i hope to experience a such travel again …:)

  • batushka says:

    the best vocation is for me is when i an my husband and my son went to amarbayasgalan monastry last summer. this summer was in tne evening raining, in morinig sunny days. that dayd were very wonderful and fantastic.

  • Raudha’06 PSIK UR says:

    If holiday, I could go to my village..I always do it every the end semester,,
    I can meet my mom,my father,my younger brother,,and then,,meet someone special for me…

  • wulan says:

    my best holiday.
    When my field break comes after I’m working for 35 days for every month. Come back to my hometown, enjoying holiday with my family and my boyfriend. Every moment i through with them always be a gratefullest moment, full of laugh and love.

  • puspita A 2006 psik UR says:

    best holiday for me if i can togetherwhit my familiy

  • kelmi(A2006)PSIK UR says:


  • ariyani A’06 PSIK UR says:

    my best and holiday
    if holiday time……. I will go to sumbar with family……… I wiil go to beach, zoo other…. days which waiting’s….

  • wirda A’06 PSIK UR says:

    if holiday time,,,,I will go to hometown, because I very-very happy if In my family….The family can give me support and motivation…

  • putri. F A 2006 psik unri says:

    my best holiday, when i go to bukittingi city with my family when idul fitri holiday. with my family, we go to bukittinggi zoo and other. we very happy and the day’s nice.

  • joni 2006 psik unri says:

    my best holiday.
    last week i go to siak city with my friend. i go to siak for accompany my friend re register CPNS. beside the do, we take oppotonity for get photo on the siak bridge. the time i very happy because i first arrive the bridge……

  • inul A’06 psik UR says:

    if I tired and borring too, ussualy I will go to hometown (come back)… with my family I fell conform and the time can be fine… family give me spirite.

  • emilen says:

    my best holiday.
    I think that best holiday is this holiday which you enjoy every our,every minutes.
    more people prefer to spend their holidays with friends and playing games going walks,telling stories and laughter them.
    On the other hand I enjoy my holiday to be alone with my wife and my daughter.I relax reading books,walking on the beach,looking the sunsets and etc.

  • black says:

    the best holiday is when I went to Hoi An- an ancient town of Viet Nam.Many things were in old style : houses especially bungalows , streets , …Everything seemed so peaceful . The Local people were really good at English which made me surprise.

  • Beni says:

    The best holiday for my is with my family.But sometimes with friend. Last month I was with my friends in Stokolm for visit. Perfect and very good.We spand our holiday to visit many place .We had car nad we travel a lot. Visit historic place and botanic garden.City and whached fotboll team, between Sweden and Albania. Very cold but fantastic.

  • fullmoon says:

    The best holiday for me is when I went to MuiNe. That is the first holiday after I graduated. I spent three days at Muine with the shun’s shine, the sea wind, and especially with my girl friend. We spent a lot of unforgetable time together on the beach to see the moon, to see the wave, and feel the cool weather at night….

  • jack says:

    the best holida?my two weeks in new york…when i was 18…

  • Etou says:

    A best vacation, it must be with the one you like and me too. That was a day in march 14th ,I went to madagui,Lam Dong with my university’s friends. It was the first I went so far by moto myself, we came that around ten o’clock , it’s cool and so differ from the weather at HCM city, it made me feel good .In that trip, I don’t join any of common activities ,i came along with some friends and take a look around to find interested things, but in the end …^^ I spend most of time with just one person for only one thing, walked along all the street we could find , talked about anything and took some picture…sometime we fought, went away and then tried to find each other on that night under the full star sky, not to consider, this will follow us and not to forget. The time went so fast when I were with that person.
    In that time , i didn’t realize how much I care about him, but this kind of feeling bloomed slowly in my heart. Even now , I don’t know for sure what is this feeling, may I call it Love or just like but I know for sure that trip is best vacation that I’ve ever had in my life .

  • MIMIE says:

    the best holiday for me is when i go back to home town to celebrate hari raya.i will make sure that i can take a long annual leave.

  • jeroen says:

    My best holiday was when I have been working as a lifeguard at the seaside in Poland. I have been there with my friends and had a lot fun both from work and night life. People likes lifeguards so we have got to know many interesting people, especially girls 😀 and after the work we have been having a lot of fun with them. And this holiday life have lasted 2 months… excellent 😀

  • oil says:

    The best holiday for me is day that I spend time with my family. My family is very warm. I often to everywhere with my family. We traveled together every holiday but now we traveled together more less because i have to go go study aborad. However, I try to go back my home town two times per year. I know often going back home waste money but I have no choice because I miss everyone in my family so much.

  • Jona says:

    Hello from Albanina. My best vacation were last year. I took a trip around my country, and then I have been to Greece and Italy..Was really nice..

  • Ashwini says:

    My best vacation is when I go to my home, since me and my husband are leaving so far for work.
    Whenvere we go at home we never feel to come back at work station.

  • Elly says:

    My best holiday had been in Beijing, though I had just broken up with my boyfriend. It was like a pause of reflection. In any case It was so funny, because I was with a great company of fellows. And I certainly spend not so much money!

  • aanu says:

    i ussually had a small period of my life enjoying my best holiday, in jim corbett only for three days. but it was great i dnt knw hw to express my views about tht experience but ya! it was an adventurous holiday.

  • n.f.s says:

    15 jul 2008 at 2:10
    I favorat my vacation. I did any thing viset my
    fierind and any thing. I went trips and shopping. Imet child my fierind in okichen and wedding. Realy i like this.

  • Jane says:

    Last week,i went to Beidai River with my boyfriend,and we enjoyed a sweety time.We didn’t buy too many commodities except a bag which was made by grass.We took a large number of photos.There is very cool compare with Beijing ,so it’s reluctant to leave there. I think i’ll be back if I had chance.

  • ajean says:

    Best Holiday

    The best holiday i’ve ever taken was that once traveling Hangzhou.

    It was on an early Autumn of 2007. Our family decided go on a small trip to a city near Shanghai. Our plan was go Hangzhou to see around the beautiful views and have some fun.

    Arriving at 10am on a saturday morning, the first thing we did was finding a hotel put down our baggages near the West lake. From here we went to Linying temple climbed the mountain and visited the temple, then went to Duanqiao a bridge with an old legends. We had lunch in a small restaurant near the west lake, the local cuisines are very delicious. After lunch break, we taked some pictures & visited some small souvenir shops. Time goes by fast. The landscape lights on the streets & mountains were all light up. We took a sightseeing boat enjoyed the night scenes & music fountain. One beautiful day was ended.

    The second day we visited the the Yue temple. The statue stand in the temple in all his majesty. After we went to the silk market. We saw a lots of silk procucts like silk umbrella, scarves, garments… Finally my parents felt exhausted. My sister and i then went to a local foods shop, which sell the famous green tea. We bought some green tea and found some different kind of tea like jasmine tea. Then bought the train ticket home.The feelling to look out the window of the train was i hoped to stay for one more day. These experiences i will never forget and i’m looking forward to the next trip to Hangzhou.

  • qila_1 says:

    My best holiday was in german.i visited my aunt n my uncle who is study there.beside that,my aunt live in oldenburg…so i have many sweet memories there..anyway it was amazinggg for me!!!!!i also can learn spoke german…huh….i hope i can go there again….

  • glory says:

    I have been very happy at the first time I took an overseas holiday in Thailand.

    Everything looks strange for me. There are alot of huge super market with many things for us to choice. The flea market is also attracting, we can bargin the price without any inconvenience from the owner shoppers.The sexy show also attracted me alot, I like it very much.

    If having any chance to come to Thailand again, the sexy show is the first thing I never miss.

  • rana says:

    My best holiday was in india , i visited my best friend at there. anywere was amazing and incredibel, wow
    i wish & i hope visit there again

  • mianh nguyen says:

    My best holiday was in New York. I visited my family at there. New York was very wonderful and I had a lots of happy time. I hope I”ll come back New York one more time

  • JeJe says:

    My best holiday was in Japan.
    I spent time with my sister there.
    We ate deilicious food and had a wonderful time.

  • ninh says:

    my best holyday was with my brother,i loves him very much, he study in other my country and have o long time i dont meet him,when he come back my country he and i and some his friend have a trip to sapa in vietnam(i live in vietnam) this is very intersting trip i feel very happy in my trip we go many beautiful place where i`ve never seen before

  • friday&friday says:

    The best vacation for me was in lebanon .
    many people know that lebanon is committee on the land if you will go thier you will see i visited alot of things but i cant never forget jeata cave .
    i many arab singer .
    that was avery nice vacation.

  • sarah says:

    the best vacation for me is now, i graduate from the university and i will get married in this vacation , i will go as a honey moon to the Turkey . i think it will be the best vacation .thanks

  • Yumilka says:

    the best vacation of my life was four years ago.I went to Florida with my family and we spent two weeks there. Firstly we went to my uncle’s house. He lives in orlando, oh my God can you image that, there are a lot of park. The first park that we visited was Universal, it’s an interesting park because all its atractions come from movie. After we visited Disney World.This park is so emotioned, i saw a lot of cartoon as Mickey mouse,Pocahonta,and others. I met a lot people from other country and different culture too.That trip was so important for us because we had the oportunity to enjoy a lot together and knew other places as Miami, Tampa, ocala etc.

  • doris says:

    Last year i went to my BF’s home with him. His honetown locates in Kunming, Yunnan, southwest of China. I had spend a terrific holiday with his family. We ate food, fruits which were different with those i ever tasted. We enjoyed the landscapes:the green hills, grass, trees, the clear water,and the wind. We picked up potherb and camellia on the montain.We window shopping for the exotic and traditional handcrafts prodcuts.

  • Rosaria says:

    My best holiday was two years ago with my children in Zante (Greece).
    We enjoyed so much the beautiful food especially the grilled octopus, and the hottest weather, white sand and light green sea was fantantastic!!

  • nataliacas says:

    My best holyday was last December. I went to a farm near to Medellin-Colombia-(my city), the name of the town is Sopetran.
    This town is hot, and every farm has a swimming pool. In this farm you can take the sun and burn your skin, so my skin is white and I put some cream to take the sun, and in a few days my color change.
    My daughter loved the swimmingpool, she could stay all day inside, but the sun was very hard and she is a baby, for that reason she only can go into the swimming early in the morning.
    I stay with all my family and we celebrated THE NEW YEAR dancing, and drinking Aguardiente (this is a tipical licor in my country)
    Many relatives stayed with us, and we had a good time.
    But all had to finish, and our vacations finished on January 2nd, we had to return home

  • Gari says:

    It’s pleasant to know that someone is interested in Hanoi – my home – our capital where i always want to come back whenever i have vacation.
    You can find a lot of interesting around the old streets where so many foods, restaurants are along with and I bet that most of tourists stay in HN eat a very famous PHO (beef noodles), CHA CA (fish fry) and…:) hungry…
    As well as in the art galleries, souvenirs shop we will be tempted by vietnamese craft-things in Hanoi.
    Offcouse it doesn’t has much supper-market but we will have more fresher and cheaper if go to local markets (are placed around the city).
    Parks are small so don’t go there in rush-hours otherwise you might enjoy fresh air when you walk in, the 2 line of trees with, the streets in green Hanoi.

  • miosha says:

    my best vacation is the one when i go to my relatives who live far away.
    i have so much fun there, as it’s the time you can freely enjoy yourself without bieg worried for other responsibalities or duties you have to do.

  • Linda k hollywood says:

    I wished I had to go one time in my life for my best
    vacation in Saudi Arabia to did Pilgrimage in Mecca.
    At Masajid Al-Haram the center of Mecca the source
    of its prominence and The Ka’ba (Back stone) is
    surrounded by Hajj pilgrims.The ka’ba is the holiest
    site in Islamic is a small building located with in the
    courtyard of Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca Saudi Arabia
    This story is very Emphasis for Islamic.I could to be
    a pilgrimage for my best vacation in the future.

    Ma ‘assalaama
    Linda k (Hollywood) Islamic

  • AiVy says:

    It’s really nice holiday when I have first chance to visit Vung Tau with family. It’s not only because of nice beach as Vung Tau but also because my family is unite. We, my rent one float to swam far from seaside.

  • DPS says:

    My best holiday trip was to Jog falls in 2007 with 2 of my friends and my sister.The whole trip was really amazing and became a life time memory for me.We started at around 9:00 pm from my sister’s place in bangalore.We reached Majestic by 9:40.The bus complex is fully crowded .People are moving hurrily here and there.One strange thing I observed in Karnataka R.T.C was the bus conductors were standing at the front door of the bus and asking people around to get into the bus.There was a huge competetions between the buses for the passengers.We reached jog falls by 6:00Am.We asked the conductor about the places to visit in Jogfalls.The moment i stepped down from the bus I saw a big valley in just 2 feet away.There was a small protective wall and there was a view point.
    The view from the view point was really amazing .There was fog everywhere and I could see the falls from there .There is greenery everywhere and its really a lot more beautiful than what i have imagined.I have taken some pictures there and there is tea stall where we enquired for the hotels to stay.All the hotels were booked and only one youth hostel was available for half day.Actually we planned to stay that night in jog falls.But unfortunately we could not get any accomadation.We have taken that room and finished our bath and got ready by 8:00 AM and started.It was drizzling out side .We walked for about half an hour and reached a hotel.We had idly and started.We reached the nearest view point and enquired about going to the water falls.The people over there suggested that the view will be good from the view ponit only and reaching the falls is very difficult.So we took a auto to visit the the highest peak .By the time we reach there it was raining so heavily that we could not see the person next to us.So we enjoyed the rain.We spent half an hour there We returned .
    On the way we stopped at a place where there was hanging bridge.We enjoyed so much .In the rain fall we four were dancing ,running ,jumping on the hanging bridge and also we have taken some pictures and then started to the place where the falls are starting.There are total four falls raju ,rani and 2 more.Raju is the biggest fall of all the falls.Its asia’s second highest fall .I still remember people are looking down from the falls to see the end point.I was very scared and I decided not to see .But my sister and my friends forced me to see that.I just laid own the hill and then slowly crawled to the place from where i could see the end point.It was an astounding experience for me which i can not forget in my life.We spent there for 1 hour and we ate pineapples with salt sprinkled and muri chat .We all were shivering.We were totally drenched and in the rain .We returned back to the youth hostel and vacated the hostel and taken our luggages.We have taken a coak oom and kept our luggage there .It was 1 PM.Our bus was at 8Pm.We reached the steps to go down to reach the end point of the water falls.
    The way to reach that point was with full of stones and steps will be for the 1/4 th of the way.It took 2 hours for us reach the end point.In the way there were some vendors selling lemon soda and water packets.Some steps are slippery as water is flowing on them .We four had to to hold our hands to get down.Finally we reached the place and the roar of the water fall is very high.We were in knee deep water and we had to walk for half an hour in the knee deep water to reach the place.Thestones in the water are slippery and we werwe falling down for evry on minute.The water flow is increaseing and none of us know swimming.There we met a group of 15 boys of 16yrs age.They helped us to reach the place.I can say the place is one of the best places in the world.It is one of the miracles created by nature .It was a very pleasant experience.We spent there for 1 hour and returned back.We were all exhausted by th time we reach the peak.We were all hungry .We went to a small shop near by where a lady is preparing bread omlettes.We had them .And we reached the bus stop by 7:30

  • Stéphanie says:

    My best holidays were at the end of December, in New York. It was the first time for me that I left my continent to go to the states. My friends were with me and we had decided to enjoy the New Year on Times Squares. Unfortunately, it was so cold that we left for an other place at 7.00 pm…But we were inside of a bar and people danced on the music. Party was there too. I visited the MOSAM, the biggest museum of art I have never seen! I queued during around two hours to take the elevator of the Empire State Building but the view was beautiful! I ate in Chinatown in a little restaurant. I was suprised to see that most adds showed Chinese people only. We can really think we are in China. Another thing which surprised me was the tax on all: food, clothes, CD and so on. The tax is not included in the price. It’s not like that in my country. I slept in a youngth international hostel. It was not very comfortable but there were lots of young people of everywhere and it was interesting to speak with them! We can discover the differences between our coutries in that way.I loved to do shopping in New York, there were so much fashion shops! Lost of creators unknown opened their store too. People there believe in their dreams. Some left all behind them to try to realise their dream. I am also a dreamer. It’s for that I like this city! Don’t tell me my dream is impossible. Because nothing is impossible! And New York reminded me that!

  • ngatran says:

    Special the sea food was delicious .

  • ngatran says:

    I am a student.I am learning enghlish at college BINH DINH(in QUI NHON city in VIETNAM),so I want to practice enghlish everywhere.Last summer,I went back countryside with my family.That’s a beautiful seacoat where we can see fish,coral,island,sand,and sea.I felt comfortable and pleasand when I walked on the beach with mysister.In the sky,there are many star.Landscape was very wonderful!

  • Hamsat al-Wrd says:

    My best holiday was when that my two brothers came from Malaysia to visit us. actully I felt so happy that days because I had funny times with them .unfortunatelly,the came back again to cuntinue there study .

  • Roman says:

    My best days are when Im with my family .Sunday when we are together we talk a lot, we cook some special food, walk our doog,and smile to each other.

  • Wei says:

    The best holiday I took was to the city, Bei Dai He, which is pretty close to ocean. I growed in a big city which is the capital of my country. It is hardly to be quiet during daytime. Nor did the night with noise from traffic. I was used to see full of people around me everywhere. So the trip to Bei Dai He was really exciting to me.

    After 5 hours’ trip and got off the train, I was a little bit tired. However, I was in good mood when I saw the true blue sky which was impossible to see it in my hometown because of pollution. I quickly wrapped up checkin and went out toward ocean outright. I was surprised at first sight of sea which was gigantic, profound and endless. Even the air was quite different from the city. It was very fresh with the taste of sea. I was watching the ocean for half an hour and impressed by such scene. What a beatiful view! I sit on the beach for a few hours and quite enjoyed. The sound of wave relax me deeply and get rid of my tireness instantaneouly.

  • Maha says:

    Hi friend
    Iám from Sudan, last January we went on a picnic with my family to place near the Nile called (ELSABLOGA) , it is small fall over the river Nile.
    All the day we keep running over the small Rock there.
    we are very tired when we come back home but no one complaining about that because all of us spend a very good time.
    It’s a very beautiful place I like to visit it again.

  • Ahmed Assaket says:

    It’s one of most important trip in my life, When I went to mountain with classmates in trip of middle school, I can’t forget my friend who injured and I had first-acid but I didn’t know how used it, exactly I was afraid of using it for first time with real cases. Our teacher learn us how can do that and tell us to be careful when climbing. I was very amazing.

  • Dayeon says:

    I was born in KR.
    My English teacher reommend in this site.
    so I write the ‘best holiday’ haha.
    Sorry, I write needless talk.
    I write my best holiday.
    I went to the valley with my family and relative.
    I thought it was nice.
    I arrived valley when I was excited.
    I put on hat in my head.because it was summer.
    And I was swim and played in the valley.I played around 2-3hours and out the valley and I ate yummy food.
    It was ra myeon(instant noodle).
    people thought it was not delicous.
    but I memoried that taste. because I played too much so I was hungry.
    Anyway it was the vest holiday in my life.
    probably, I will come again the best holiday/vacaton in my life.

    Thank you~~.
    I was born in KR.
    My English teacher reommend in this site.
    so I write the ‘best holiday’ haha.
    Sorry, I write needless talk.
    I write my best holiday.
    I went to the valley with my family and relative.
    I thought it was nice.
    I arrived valley when I was excited.
    I put on hat in my head.because it was summer.
    And I was swim and played in the valley.I played around 2-3hours and out the valley and I ate yummy food.
    It was ra myeon(instant noodle).
    people thought it was not delicous.
    but I memoried that taste. because I played too much so I was hungry.
    Anyway it was the vest holiday in my life.
    probably, I will come again the best holiday/vacaton in my life.

    Thank you~~.
    I was born in KR.
    My English teacher reommend in this site.
    so I write the ‘best holiday’ haha.
    Sorry, I write needless talk.
    I write my best holiday.
    I went to the valley with my family and relative.
    I thought it was nice.
    I arrived valley when I was excited.
    I put on hat in my head.because it was summer.
    And I was swim and played in the valley.I played around 2-3hours and out the valley and I ate yummy food.
    It was ra myeon(instant noodle).
    people thought it was not delicous.
    but I memoried that taste. because I played too much so I was hungry.
    Anyway it was the vest holiday in my life.
    probably, I will come again the best holiday/vacaton in my life.

    Thank you~~.

  • ven says:

    my best holiday was when i went to Puerto Rico and spend christmas with my familly

  • TONY says:

    my best holiday is christmas.

  • Bartek says:

    My best vacation was one year ago. I went to the Turkey. It was hot, sunny and i was completly without control of my grandmother. Everyday I was walking on the beach and the swimming pool. I could eat and drink how much i want. I like hot country, because I don’t like cold. And when I went to the city-Alanay-I can bought water paype-szisza- and smoke it on the patio. It was a lot of things to do, I went on the Turkey night and it was awsome, but my grandmother choose a green river travel and she said it was cool, too. Anyway it was the best vacation in my life.

  • khamsavanh says:

    My best vocation was in 5years ago. I went to Vitenam with my family and we are happnest.I went there about 5 days. I stayed in the hotel.
    frist day I went to the beach . we are swam .We ate dinner on the beach. after the day we are went to shop in the market .3 day we went to .4 day we went to the market buy thing .5day we pack cloths and then we cane to lao. we are very happy and tied

  • Rajeev says:

    My best vacation was in last year. I went to Rishikesh with my friend and we are enjoying so much on beach of Holly river Gunga. The Reshikesh is sechuated in Uttaranchal state of India. This place is also known as for the most famous man made structure “Laxman Jhula” on river Ganga. A lots of turist come here accros from the world. In this visit i feel so cool because the water of Ganga makes my Soil pure a peaceful. So my favourate holyday is in Rishikesh. Thans for gave me this appartunity to make this note of Holyday.

  • Omer says:

    my best vacation was in last year.

    I went in Turkey with my friend. In holiday, we had a lot of times to do you want it.

    We went in the beach, we had a nice time and a lot of thing to make.

    We went in citytrip and spend a lot of money in the famous city of Turkey.

    In end of my vacation, we came back in belgium by car !! that’s a very attractive and dangerous journey !! But it made me a lot of adrenaline 🙂

  • jessica 098 says:

    My best holiday was in Ha Noi .It was exciting.I went to ”water park”.I swam.Then,I went to the ice-cream store and ate Trang Tien ice-cream.Wow!It was delicious.Next,I went to my aunt’s house.My cousin was funny.I went to VINCOM supermarket (twins tower).I bought :candies,books,comicsbooks,notebooks,pencils,pens,ruler,crayons,
    erasers,…My brother bought a toy,a lego game.Every boy like lego(I think).My dog,Gera liked an other male dog,the neighbor’s dog(next to my cousin’s house).I nwent to HO CHI MINH museum and Mot cot temple.I liked it veryyyyyyyy much.Allthough it was just a holiday in Hanoi but I could find many information about a president and played in a popular park,supermarket in Viet Nam.
    Jessica,Viet Nam,10 years old

  • baris says:

    my the best holiday
    ı went to the Avşa with my close friend and other it was my first time apart from my family ı had to go with my parents a lots of time it was so boring ı could not do the most of things

    when we went to the Avşa we stayed a middle of the nowhere nevertheless it was so funy we had waken up eairly and we went to beach that there we can drink many things

    nevertheless it had got bad side for ezample we could not cook that why we ate fastfood all time it was unhealty for us and wastefull ı had tried first time but ı could not so ı was unwilling

    finally if i would be rich i will take away my all friends

  • Rameh says:

    Hi,last month i went to chennai marina beach,it is the second large beach in the world. All of friends was enjoying those places that day we met a small boy in the beach he came with his old grandfather and he helped him for moving around the beach.we are proud of that small boy

    — Ramesh

  • Bao says:

    My best holiday was last summer. I and my parents went on holiday to Quang Binh. We stayed in a resort. I can see the beach from my room. We rode bicycles around the beach. In the evening, we ate seafood in the restaurant near the sea. I slept very well. In the next morning, I get up early because I wanted to see the sun rising. It’s my best holiday.

  • simon says:

    I am happy to work in this company as it provides us traveling twice a year. This summer we went to hot spring in the north of this province. We went there by bus and the greenery alongside the roads was very pleasant. We ate local food, sightsaw the Buhddist temple, and walked into the valley that was full of trees and flowers.

    The came the exciting moment! Descending into the hot springs. In this place, there were tens of hot springs in different sizes. They were filled Chinese herbs that was said to be good to health. You may change from one to another and afterwards you feel relaxed and comfortable. Staying in hot springs help to shake off your tiredness. Looking into the sky and contemplating was also enjoyable.

    We are going to another sping site this coming Xmas and I hope the trip is exciting, too.

  • nyacchi says:

    My best holidya is last year summer vacation.
    I drove Biwa lake in motorcycle with my friend Kusakabe.
    I was very fun because I like motorcycle and Biwa lake is very very very Big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was surprised!!!

  • trantrungkien says:

    The best holiday for me occured when I had chance to join EC. We hold the picnic to Thai Binh province. In that time, I have no money, so after some thinkings, I decided to join with people. We experienced a lot funny things: played some games, played football, went to beach, to paddy fields, took a lot of photos, and enjoyed tasty meals. One of special things I would like to mentioned about is I traveled with everyone without money, sub-clothings, helmet, and of course motorbike, nothing at all, include money…That’s an adventure actually

  • jephany12 says:

    I also like a vacation to take a rest. I want to return to my homeland. 1 and 1/2 years I have so far my country to move to another country. It’s so sad but I have no choices.
    I like to visit my family, relative, and some old friends. I love Christmas, I have a lot of souvenir with my friend. I wish I will have a wonderful vacation when I return my homeland. hopefully, my wish will be become too early.

  • Ruy says:

    I think the best holiday for me is Christmas holidays. In these holidays I always like to visit my family, relative and friends that I have been missed for long time. I love to spend my Christmas in country side which have beautiful panorama that make me feel unify with the nature. I also like to change gift with families and friends.

  • Usama says:

    Tow years before I went with my friends to egypt, It was amazing trip we saw pyramids in Al-jeeza and after that we went to Luxor there was ruins every where its amazing city, after that we went to Alexandria and saw Alexandria Library it has very special design, very wide and rich of books.
    We spent avery nice time.

  • NganLuu says:

    Truly,I rarely have gone somewhere in my holiday.However,fortunely,I had occasion to be travelled to Vung tau City with my old friends in summer holiday.What a wonderful holiday!We were 2 days to stay at there.In Vung Tau,we could swim in the sea,climb the mountain and take a lot our photo each others.Because of long time no see , so we had such a happy meeting that we hardly forgot that summer holiday.I hope we will another chance to travel each others as that time.

  • Samira says:

    My best holiday was in Hae island. Hae island is the island in Phuket, the beatiful beach in Thailand. I loved this holiday because I had a good laugh with my big family. There were about 25 people in this trip. We liked to see a lot of fishes under the sea and we saw beatiful corals. My family liked to play the sport. I liked to see them when they played banana boat and parachute.

  • Minna says:

    The best holiday that I’ve ever had was definitely in the spring 2007 in France. My boyfriend was there as an exchange student and I visited him for two months. We lived in Angers which was a nice, not too big city about 400km from Paris. Most awesome were all the little trips we made – to the Alps, Italy, Normandy, Paris and some smaller towns in France. It was so nice to experience a different culture and see the many sides of the country. Alps were just amazing and so was the Normandy – I love the sea and coast they have there is really touching (things that happened in the world war 2) and beautiful and stays forever in my mind. I’ll definitely go back there some day! Paris truly was a huge and romantic city and I really started to like it during our many visits we had there.

  • JAIJAI says:

    Hi! Its me jaijai

    The best vacation I’ve ever taken is when we went to Cebu. I really enjoyed the rest of time that we were there with my Thesis groups. I enjoyed a lot and we visited different famous spots ther like the different malls, Taoist temple, the Magellan’s Cross and the STo. Nino Church.

  • Rachel says:

    hello,everyone. After the examination of postgraduate ,i took a short trip by myself. I went a beautiful place called FengHuang(its chinese name,i don’t know how to translate into English) .I don’t know how to express my emotion when i got there,surprise,happy, amazing? Well, it owns the unrivalled scenery .For example , the lake are as clear as crystal. On the one side of it stands a row of log houses, and the other side ,there is a lot of little shops where deals many commodities with national features . You can never take so fresh breath when you live and work in city .In a word, if you feel tired from your work ,study or if you want to release your pressure, please take your journey to a place where is closest to Nature

  • xuanhung says:

    i can’t stand living alone.i needed to be loved.

  • Tran Hoang An says:

    Hello everybody
    Iam so glad to tell you about my best holiday now. It was really a great holiday . I had a travel to Da Nang city to test. Althouh the time to play wasnot much but I loved it very much. I hope someday you can go to Viet Nam to visit Da Nang

  • metee says:

    Last summe, I stayed with my family in buriram. There are four people. It is a little family. We are going to the beach. Chaom is the beach that our family go and stay at 2 days. It good to be there because It fesh and beatiful beach.

  • Lina says:

    Hello all friends,

    I am the frist person to know this web site, but I would like to make more friends and share each other vacation days.

    I hope can receive more less son from all freinds.

  • aicha says:

    i spent all my time going to dance ,to beach because i met new friends and had a new boy friend it was very good

  • Alexander Ruiz says:

    The best vacation I ever had was back in the 1980’s, when we were doing very good as a family. Those days blessed us with many superb things, and so we got the chance to travel around this country and enjoy both landscapes and some cultural traits that are really good.
    Besides, I was a teenager and so life was full of dreams and pursuits. That added flavor to the events.
    I don’t forget about those days since nowadays things are far different, and trials have been hovering around for a long time.

  • sunny says:

    The best holiday,I think it will be this approching summer holiday.In this holiday,I will stay at school and make a plan to study my English and accounting courses.I will get up early every morning,read English for one hour at least,and participate in a English Study Club.As my major in college,accounting should deserve most of my time,I will spare no effort to achieve my dream.You know, I have dream to work overseas.I am looking forward to this summer holiday.

  • sanjaya says:

    The best holiday that i have had ever spend is the vacation that i spend on last winter.I am from nepal and before 3-4 months there was winter season.At that time i went to pokhara with my family and i spend my 10 days vacation over there .It was really a great fun.I went to visite beautiful places like mahendra cave,bindhybasini temple,david falls,fewa tal etc.Thus,i consider this days as my best days in my life.

  • ormila says:

    My best Vacation I ever have had was as I went on April 2007 to Los Angeles to my boyfriend and also my bestfriend,I stayed there for 12 Days,we visited all beautiful and famous places there and we went to Las Vegas and a lot of fun. I enjoed alot because he was very kind to me and cared alot.
    But I´m now here and miss those days alot.

  • maha says:

    i Iám Maha from Sudan
    Last year we visit a place north Khartoum calls ELSABLOGA in this place the river Nile runs from north to South, in this place there is a small falls and Rockies and small hills the river Nile across them . We have very nice pictures there. If I have any chance I will visit it again

  • ESTELA says:

    It is ate not eat…

  • ESTELA says:

    The best vacation I have had was going to Hawaii for eleven days. What wonderful, amazing vacation! Every thing I saw and eat there was new for me. Everybody is very friendly there. You hear all day long ” ALOHA “. It is hi and goobye there. As soon as you arrive at the airport somebody comes and say “aloha” and put in your neck a big beautiful neckless made with local real flowers. The beaches are beautiful, one where I went the sand is totally black, can you believe that! The Volcano Park is speechless, you can see the lava coming smoothly and walk around some holes with the real steem, it is very hot!
    I went to a “lual” for 300 people, it is a big dinner party with Hawaiians dancing their local dance and with special, local and delicious food. I loved evevery single day over there, I’ll come back.

  • Jasmine says:

    Last year summer vocation I and my family went to Jiuzaigou .It’s a very beautiful place in Sichuan Province .I think it’s my best vocation .

  • Xuan Le says:

    Last summer I went to the US for 3 months to take part in Work and Travel programme. From the trip, I realized a lot of things: America is not a utopia (there are plenty of homeless people on the streets, somewhere like downtown). Also, the relatives that I thought, at first, they might be helpful or welcomed me when I visited them but in fact, it didn’t work out in that way as I expected and that the complete strangers will help you the best they can, people like Nike staff. One more thing I learnt that there are still many many good people out there, (although it is said American people are very practical): the supportive managers in Nike store, the generous customers who are ready to share their Disney World tickets with me, or just simply a cheerful smile from the worldwide customers who are from different countries around the world, especially from South of America and Britain. I have to say that I never met so many nice people at the same time like that. and I still remember what Shamu said during the firework in Sea World: “Good friend is here when you need the most”. I always remember that and I would suggest you to go to Sea World if you ever visit Orlando. You know, people who are from the UK have a funny accent ;). (maybe I’m used to hearing American accent) Wow, during the time I worked for Nike, come to think of it, I wasn’t the best employee of the year (although every week, I looked up the noteboard but I never saw my name in the 5 best cashier of the week :((. and as the cashier I made the most mistakes, and then I realize something is that “do not fear or repeat mistakes”. I still remember that even the last day I worked there, I made Nike lose money and it was about $175 dollars or something and it was a mistake, there was a customer (British accent, I think) came to the store to buy clothes and he paid by debit card. The transaction hadn’t gone through and I was waiting for the computer to response and the receipt didn’t come out and when I looked back, the customer thought he already paid the money so he already left. And when the manager knew it, they called me into the office and rewound the video they recorded and watched, after that, they told me to be more careful the next time and they didn’t scolded me or asked me to pay back the money. I was startled and this was the life time lesson. I couldn’t sorry enough for the mistakes I made and they just said, everyone makes mistakes so don’t worry, just focus on the customer service. I still felt guilty until now. It was my fault. If talking about mistakes, I made thousands of mistakes when working there, something like the thief went to another store to steal things and came to our store to return it to get money. I nearly gave him the $500 dollars but at that time, I thought it was a big amount of money so I’d got to have the manager’s approval. And guess what, when they checked the barcodes on the trainers, they knew those pairs of shoes were stolen from another store. Of course, the stealer has to leave the shoes at the store and went. They didn’t arrest him because there was no evidence to do so. To be honest, I’m not so sporty but I like the way Nike works and now I start liking sport clothes ;P. now I know how to read a pair of trainers to see what they are for; running, lifestyle… or if the T-shirts are dry-fit or something like that. It was a learning experience. Besides Florida , I also visited some other states like: Virginia , Pennsylvania , and California . This is a good year for me, one of my dreams already came true: visiting Disney World, Universal Studios, Hollywood , Beverly Hills , Independence Halls, Liberty Bells,…. So I hope everyone also has a chance like this to visit places and learn new things. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because from them, you learn a lot of things, more than others do ;).

  • sim says:

    the best vacation which i spend was for 12 days in sydney. it has nothing to do with city or the beaches over there but the countryside in new south wales. after a very long period i had those relaxaed days with love of my life. as i am working, eating, studying and sleeping from last one year. their was nothing adventurous left in my life but spending time with loved ones without ant sort of burden on your shoulders is such a relief from hectic life. it was awesome time and i must thank that one person for this holiday.

  • Akbar Darvishi says:

    my best vocation was in the new years holiday in which i went to a holy place with my family.that was great

  • Keosath says:

    Hello every bodies,

    I am Sath. It is pleasure for me to share some ideas on the best holiday in my life.
    First of all, I apologise to you all who get difficulty on understanding about my English written.
    I have been to Angkor Wat where is a place for tourists from around the wolrd. It is located in the northeast province of country namely Siem Reap province. It impresses precisely to me when I hear about Siem Reap province. Let me translate the word of Siem Reap. Siem was a nation which was called in the past. Reap is a Khmer word actually and it is mean that DISAPPEAR OR LOSE. It was very proud of Cambodian in this province in the past. Now it becomes a famous place to show their beauty of ancient temple and scenery.
    I went there with my family. It was very nice holiday because it was the first time for all my family members. All people in my family were happy and enjoyed with many temples. It was a good view of mountains and temples especially the sunset at the Bak Kheng mountain. I saw many tourists from various contries.
    It made me fresh and never forget this day.

  • Francisco cassongo Mambe says:

    I am vry happy endeed.Would you like to send me some news about teaching English in this way’

  • massumeh says:

    The best vacation I have ever had, was when I go to a good sleep alone.That was in my private room.After a busy and tiredness of everything I went to sleep and take a good rest about 20 houres.I often go to such a sleep on my vacation.It make me fresh and energetic.

  • bahar says:

    i am bahar from iran i am mozlem so we have a month that we dont eat and drink from dane to night and then when it finish we have a new day that we call it EAD FETR so we have vocation before 3 years ago i and my daugther and roommated go to MALL AGHA the countery that was 230 km from our city .it was fall and the leaves were having all colours that can have so pertythe river was fight the rokes and go and go on it was so good and great
    i never forget it and i wish u can find as that day in your life

  • Gabie says:

    my best holiday. I went to the campan with my family I enjoyed very much because I relaxed totaly I forget my pain in my job.I played with my children and my husbund .It’s sounds be fine.In my country it was calm.I didn’t forget we liked fishing and swimming in the river.It was best vacation .It was terrific so I don’t forget the best time.

  • Iffi says:

    MY best holiday was in Oman where i enjoy with people and also historial palaces. also i will not forget the my vacation in india for 22days alone. I saw there many culture ans custums. but I miss any one who should with me with my holidays and vacations.

  • judy says:

    Lunar New Year is a great holiday which give me time to do many things. I may have time to read, to enjoy music, to chat and have drink with friends, to get around the town, to visit relatives and to watch movies with boyfriends. Those things are hard for me to do in my studying time. On the new year’s days, there are many interesting activities for me to join. If you have chance, come and you’ll see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Judy from Viet Nam.

  • Dear says:

    In my country. Songkrang festival is coming soon. I am waiting.
    Songkrang day,People sprinkle water to other.It’s fun.I visit my grandfather and grandmather to pour water on the hands in order to pay respect. I ‘m happy on this day because members of family spend time together.It’s good time. Let’s go to join with us. 🙂

  • lilia says:

    The red houses village
    Have you ever been in red houses village? A village might always not remind us of green color and grass smell, in a trip to Abyaneh(a village in Iran), color was the first thing that attracted my attention. All the houses and walls even the temples were red, because the soil contained iron. One of seventh incredible Iran’s villages with people in different colored costumes that still today dress and make their houses like their ancestors to preserve their traditions.
    A 22 kilometer narrow paved road from Kashan(a city in Iran) to Abyaneh, every kilometer far from the city we were, tens of kilometers closer to the village, tranquility and & we were. It was quite in the middle of spring and despite the fact that in Tehran we hadn’t got much rain, there had been just two or three dry days, and also the day we were there was a stunning rainy day, in the blink of a eye it turned to a sunny day and a fantastic rainbow which I’d been waiting to see for more than fifteen years in Tehran’s sky made a memorable day for me.
    A gallant and placid man with some bread in his hand who treated us with great amiability was the first villager that I saw there, without knowing us, he started talking about the village and showing us around, of course after offering bread, after a short walk we saw some women with ruddy cheeks selling homemade sundried fruit, fruit paste and special traditional scarves which they all wearing the same, to respect them we bought some delicious sundried fruit.
    Another different surprising thing is about different occasions , specially Ashora, when they all gather in the village even their young children , who are mostly educated and live or study in cities , also wear costumes and have a very special mourning for imam Hussein , which attracts a lot of tourists who are seeking something out of ordinary .
    If I go there once more, I’d like to be there in fall, to see the whole village even the trees in warm colors. I’d never forget its friendly and extrovert people, fantastic views, and the breezy weather.
    By Leila safari

  • leila says:

    In Iran on spring all Iranian people have thirteen days holidays.
    at this time they go to meet their families and travel to the other place. I go to one of Iranian proviences as name of Kermanshah . beacuse I have many families in this city .

  • Chheang Vannda says:

    April,this year I think that my family and I am going to holiday on the beach .All of Cambodian happy New Year . It is fantastic , have a good holiday.

  • Anh Le says:

    Last weekend I went to Nha Trang for work and travel. Nha Trang is a famous tourist destination with blue sea and white sand. After i finished my work I coming out with my friend she pick up me on her motobike around the beach of city…ate local food and came to ilse by motor-boat with her friends where we ate..drank…and swam in the sea…yeah…I think this is my best holiday after 10 years ago I came back.

  • awei says:

    On April 4th,all Chinese people had one day free from work,so I went to an blind-date.The weather is very fine,no cloud,no wind but sunshine!And the floweres were coming out in the city.Of course the boy was also very handsome!We walked along the school`s pathes, we went to the beautiful park.He was so humorous that we had a lot laughs.I was glad to be with him,so was he.
    Is he the most important boy in my life? I don`t know,but I hope that he will be my boyfriend!
    I think it would be my best holiday I have never had!

  • Wanna says:

    My best vacation is going to visit my family. Because I work too far away from home so when I get vacation (holiday) I have to go back. My children are awaiting for me. It make me feel good and warm.

  • LACIO ALI says:

    we made up our mind in forming binic on our vacation the day we did not work so we decided to have afar place and we have to select the weather forcast firstly , secondly we had to move by mini bus when we had reached the tirp spot we laid out the blankets to make the the weather cool when it was realy chilly in fact we had carried with us food items such as eggs sandwiches and food equipments for preparing food as time of cooking such as knife for cutting meat in to slices , forks , spoons , dishes and barbecue for roasting beef so far abottle opner and you had to choose the day the you organized the journey the it was in the frist of jan 1999. i think so.

  • roz says:

    this is a first time for me to live a lone,i usually like to live alone
    so make me to do a good friend, and now i am trying to make a new friend in a new city,it is very good and new and i love it,do you thing it is good.

  • Jeff says:

    I graduated from college last year,after that before taking my first job,I was trying a new style with my girl friend,the first time for me to live with a girl alone.It is good,I think.

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    my best holiday essay 200 words

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    My Best Holiday Essay 200 Words

    You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend, John.
    … This was the best holiday I’ve ever had. Where did you spend your last holiday.  What did you enjoy best and why? Where would you like to travel next time?

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       Hi John,

       I’m glad to receive your letter. In your

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    IELTS Cue Card Sample 96 – Describe the best holiday you ever had

    Last Updated: Thursday, 20 February 2020 11:49
    Written by IELTS Mentor
    Hits: 125327

    IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

    You should say:

    • when and where you had it
    • how you reached there
    • what you did, and with whom you spent the holiday

    and explain why it was so special.

    [You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

    Model Answer 1:

    Holidays come and go in our lives. While some of those holidays feel really “special” to us, the others make us feel really “disappointed”.  However, today, I would like to talk about one such holiday which I would call the “best” one of my life.

    It was about 6 years ago when I was studying in the final year at my university, and things were getting tough as far as the classes and assignment tasks were concerned. Besides, an “unusually” hot summer, “unusual” for the time of the year in my country, made the things even tougher. So, I was desperately looking for a holiday. But, “where would I go” was the first question that came into my mind. However, after giving some thoughts, I finally decided that I would visit one of my cousins, having almost the same age as me, who was living far, far away from my hometown in one of the most beautiful countrysides of my country called (… say the name of a place…) with my loving aunt. So, the next day, I took a non-stop train and arrived at my cousin’s place after travelling for almost 16 hours or so. After arriving there, the first thing, my cousin wanted me to do, was to visit the lake and swim in its crystal clear water to “cool” myself down. The next couple of days, of course, we mostly walked through the meadow while enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of the countryside, followed by bird-hunting and having a picnic in the bush.

    It was arguably the best holiday of my life and so special mainly because it allowed me to enjoy the beautiful nature of my country, while breathing some fresh air also at the same time, which just couldn’t be found at a 5-star luxury hotel in a city, even after costing a “fortune. Besides, sometimes, doing the “simplest” things in life is what really makes us feel happy, when everything else fails, like reuniting with some very special family members, who love you so dearly, or listening to the chirping of some special birds at early dawn without actually ever getting out of your bed.

    Model Answer 2:

    The best holiday of my life was the vacation I had with my parents and sisters two years ago. I work in the capital city and visit my hometown 2-3 times a year. My hometown is a 7-hour drive from my current city. That time I got a week’s holiday and planned to surprise my family members. I reached home at around 1.00 am and my parents and siblings were delighted and quite surprised at the same time to see me. They were excited when they heard that I had got a vacation for the whole week. My mother called my elder sister the next day and she came to visit us on the same day with her children.

    The next day we went to watch a movie in the theatre and we ate dinner in a Thai restaurant. We return home late at night and then played cards together. My nephew and niece kept me busy all day long and I spent some exciting time with them.

    Next day we went to a nearby picnic spot and that was a very pleasant experience. We cooked our own food and I personally prepared the grilled fish item, which, to our surprise, was delicious. We played outdoor games, ran in the fields and swam in the water. This was a truly great day that I enjoyed thoroughly.

    Since my vacation was getting over, my parents planned to visit our grandparents’ (parents of my father) house. Though our grandparents both had passed away a few years ago, we still cherished our time in this very house and enjoyed our stay there. The next morning, we drove to my grandparents’ house. It was a bit tough for the car to accommodate all the luggage and us and yet we decided to travel together in a car. We drove for several hours and discussed so many things we have not discussed for a long. It was nostalgic and yet exciting!

    In the evening we reached to our grandparents’ house where two of my uncles and their families live in. Later on, we went to visit the nearby river and enjoyed the open and fresh air. In the evening we returned home and had our family dinner.

    Our two days’ stay at my grandparents’ house passed very pleasantly and quickly. I returned to our home the next day, and the day after that I returned to my city (where I live and work) by train. This holidays I had with my family is a memorable one, and the best I ever had, as I scarcely get a chance to meet and spend time with all of my family members together whom I love and miss dearly. 

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    4. Describe a picnic or recreation you recently had.
    5. Describe an outdoor meal you recently enjoyed.
    6. Describe a holiday you spent with your friends.  

    Представлено сочинение на английском языке Самый лучший праздник/ The Best Holiday с переводом на русский язык.

    The Best Holiday Самый лучший праздник
    I love different holidays because that’s when you can have fun with your parents or friends as well as you can get lots of awesome presents. I like my birthday the most. Birthday is the best holiday because this day is only yours. Who doesn’t like to be in the middle of everyone’s attention? Starting from the morning your friends and relatives keep calling you on the phone. They all want to wish you happy birthday. Your parents are being very tender to you and teachers at school don’t ask you to come to the board. Я очень люблю любые праздники, поскольку в эти дни можно замечательно отдохнуть с родителями, от души повеселиться с друзьями и получить множество прекрасных подарков. Но больше всего мне нравится день рождения. День рождения — самый лучший праздник, потому что это именно твой день. А кому не понравится быть в центре внимания? Прямо с утра телефон начинает разрываться от звонков друзей и родственников. Все они шлют свои поздравления и пожелания. Родители разговаривают особенно ласково, а учителя в школе не вызывают к доске.
    Sometimes you can even skip school on this day if your mother talks to the principle so you can go to the waterpark for example. You can celebrate your birthday with your friends at a cafe or a boiling center. Then you celebration will be fun and worth to remember! Иногда в этот день можно вообще не ходить в школу, если мама заранее договорится с директором, и отправиться, например, в аквапарк. С друзьями день рождения можно отметить в кафе или боулинг-центре. Тогда праздник точно получится ярким и запоминающимся!
    A present for your birthday is always special as well. My parents always try to do everything I want and buy something I’ve dreamed of for a long time. For example, this year I got the latest smartphone. Now I can take great photos, edit videos and download any apps. Подарок на день рождения также всегда бывает особенным. Родители стремятся исполнить все мои желания и купить именно то, о чем я давно мечтал. Например, в этом году мне подарили смартфон последней модели. Теперь я могу делать замечательные видео, обрабатывать фотографии и скачивать любые приложения.
    Birthday is also special because on this day my cousin Andrey comes to visit me with his parents as well. We are very good friends but we don’t get to see each other often because we live in different cities. That’s why spending a couple of days with Andrey is a real pleasure to me. День рождения является особенным праздником также потому, что в это время ко мне в гости вместе с родителями приезжает двоюродный брат Андрей. Мы очень дружны с ним, но видимся редко, так как живем в разных городах. Поэтому провести несколько дней с Андреем для меня — настоящее счастье.
    Every year my birthday is different and I have never gotten bored during celebration and I would like to thank my parents, relatives and friends for it. They are the ones who make this day special and unforgettable. Каждый год мой день рождения проходит по-новому, и мне еще ни разу не приходилось скучать на празднике, за что я хотел бы сказать большое спасибо своим родителям, родственникам и друзьям. Именно они делают этот день таким особенным и незабываемым.

      Two years ago, I spent the best holiday ever. Months ago, I have been working so I could save a big amount of money to spend in my holidays.

      In the first place, I went to a festival in Berlin for one week with some friends of mine, It was pretty awesome. Apart form watch and listen to the best groups of rock music, we drunk a lot of beer of different types and we knew a lot of people and we visited Berlin and places surrounded. After all of that we were exhausted.

      In the second place, I travelled to Norway. I could see Mount Floyen, which is the more beautiful mountain I ever see. Also, I see Geirangerfjord region, the Oslo Cathedral and plenty of places. I spent the whole month to travelled around this beautiful country.

      As far as I concerned it was the best holidays ever because I travelled twice and to places that I love. Furthermore, I met a lot of friends and new friends who I hope our friendship goes throught years and years.

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