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What could be the best job in the world?
Chosing a job is a big question which everyone are asked when they jump into their real life. For each person, the term «the best job» is very divers. There are some people who want a stable life — going to work at 7o’clock in the morning and come back home at 6 o’clock in the evening everyday to get their monthly salary. But, there are also people who want to conquer difficult challenges for winning a great career. Follow me, «the best job» must make me flexible, matches my personnality, my skills and my interests. And, the problem called «money» is also important, «the best job» have to be affordable my life.

Fistly, I want to say «no one can be perfect» . Everyone improve themselves everyday. Me too, I must determine my personnal strength and weakness to find a suitable job. Studying in technical environment, I have opportinuties to build reasoning and problem solving skills. It’s the very useful skills in society. Morever, I can work with tools and equipment easily and focus on the problem at hand. But, unfortunately, I have been lacking listening, speaking and working with other. «The best job» will help me to improve my personal strengths and correct my weakness.

Sorts of interested activities and subject also decide which job be good for me and you. I want to be able to communicate easily with the the people around me like a great presenter naturally speaking in front of many audiences. Travelling and participating in collective activities are interesting too. I could enrich my knowledges and acquainted with many peoplel. Working in the field of technology, in particular in the domain of IT is also a problem that I care. Simply because technology make life better, additionally I could utilize knowledge learned at university.

The most important thing that a best job could have is affordable a living. You won’t work without being paid. Money isn’t the main purpose of life, but it means the necessary tools to survive. Sometime, but not always, I use money to evaluate the job I am doing.

For example, I want to be a R&D staff in IT enterprise. In addition to research and development work, I am involved in many new projects to earn extra money besides the monthly salary. During these projects, I can also utilize the knowledge learned at school and study more for improving myself. Working in many projects allow me make friend with many colleagues. Sometimes, it gives me the opportinuty to travel around the world.

These are all my personal ideals about the problem called «the best job in the world». Try to match my personality, interests, knowledges and age with a suitable position is always my first priority. «Don’t be afraid to venture out and try new things». What do you think about it, please share with me.

Представлена подборка сочинений о Работе на английском языке с переводом на русский язык.

Work Работа Work is an integral part of our life. Without work people get bored and insecure. Money is not the only reason why people work. Many professions need to be developed and justified over a period of time. Работа является неотъемлемой частью нашей жизни. Без работы людям становится скучно и безнадежно. Деньги не являются единственной причиной, почему люди работают. Многие профессии должны развиваться и обосноваться с течением времени. Читать полностью >>> My Work Моя работа My name is Denis. I’m 15 years old. I study in the 9th form of the state secondary school. At the moment we are having summer holidays. It’s one of the best times of the year. It would be boring if we had to stay at home for all three summer months and do nothing. So our school organized a summer working camp Меня зовут Денис. Мне 15 лет. Я учусь в 9-м классе средней общеобразовательной школы. На данный момент, у нас школьные каникулы. Это одно из лучших времен в году. Было бы скучно, если нам надо было бы сидеть дома в течение всех трех летних месяцев и ничего не делать. Поэтому наша школа организовала летний рабочий лагерь Читать полностью >>> My Dream Job Работа моей мечты I’m still at school but I think about my future profession all the time. I like several different areas of work but I’m the most attracted by the tourism industry. The job of my dreams is the work on a foreign cruise ship. Сейчас я ещё учусь в школе, но уже постоянно думаю о своей будущей профессии. Мне нравится несколько направлений моей будущей работы, но больше всего, меня привлекает сфера туризма. Для меня, работа моей мечты, это работа на зарубежном круизном лайнере. Читать полностью >>> A Job For Teenagers Работа для подростков Modern teenagers keep up with the latest technology and trends. They want to have as many gadgets and various possessions as possible. Obviously, such things as mobile phones, computers, iPads, fashionable clothes, various accessories are not cheap. The manufacturers every year produce newer and improved products, so the prices never fall. That’s why most teenagers decide to find a job. Современные подростки идут в ногу с новейшими технологиями и тенденциями. Они хотят, чтобы у них было как можно больше гаджетов и различных принадлежностей. Очевидно, что такие вещи, как мобильные телефоны, компьютеры, Айпады, модная одежда, различные аксессуары недешево стоят. Производители каждый год производят новейшие и усовершенствованные модели, поэтому цены не снижаются. Вот почему большинство подростков решают найти работу. Читать полностью >>> My Working Day (1 вариант) Мой рабочий день My name is Alexander. After finishing the eighth grade I decided to make some money on the side on holidays. I went over some vacancies and decided to try to get a job as an employee in McDonalds. I interviewed and underwent a thorough medical examination successfully and began working. Меня зовут Александр. После окончания 8 класса я решил на каникулах немного подработать. Перебрал несколько вакансий и решил попробовать устроиться рядовым служащим в Макдональдс. Успешно прошёл собеседование, медицинское обследование и начал работать. Читать полностью >>> My Working Day (2 вариант) Мой рабочий день I am in the 10th grade, but I decided to earn some money during the summer holidays in order to have pocket money and not depend on my parents. I was also going to buy a new removable drive for my computer. I thought where to get a job for a long time, and soon I chose a job of courier at one of the well-known Internet companies for the delivery of various goods. Я учусь в 10 классе школы, но на летних каникулах решил подработать, чтобы иметь карманные деньги и не зависеть от родителей. Также я собирался купить новый съёмный диск для компьютера. Я долго думал, куда устроиться на работу, и вскоре выбрал работу курьера в одной из известных интернет компаний по доставке различных товаров. Читать полностью >>> Should Teenagers Work? Нужно ли подросткам работать? It has become common nowadays for teenagers to work. It’s not always easy to combine studies with work hours, but it certainly gives some freedom. This way they can have their own pocket money to pay for the things they want to have. В настоящее время для подростков стало популярным работать. Не всегда легко совмещать учебу с рабочими часами, но это, безусловно, дает некую свободу. Таким образом, у них появляются собственные карманные деньги, которыми они могут расплатиться за то, что хотят приобрести. Читать полностью >>> Working From Home Работа на дому Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more popular to work from home. It’s happening because of wide use and easy access of Internet. This is a new type of career for the 21st century employers and employees. В настоящее время, работа на дому становится все более и более популярной. Это происходит из-за массового использования Интернета и его легкого доступа. Это новый тип карьеры для работодателей и работников 21-го века. Читать полностью >>> Online Work Работа в интернете Pretty much any kind of a job in the world is linked to the Internet. We can say that every company has a website or a social media profile, you cannot run the business if you are not online. That’s why there are a lot of Internet professions today. С интернетом связана практически каждая работа, какая только существует в мире. Можно сказать, что любая компания имеет свой сайт или страничку в социальной сети, без присутствия в интернете вести свой бизнес просто невозможно. Из-за этого, в интернете стало огромное количество различных профессий. Читать полностью >>> Work In The Office Работа в офисе Work in the office is often considered boring by most of the people but I think that it might be not a job for you or you just got a boring or nasty co-workers. Working with a computer is generally pretty boring but if your co-workers are interesting people and you can talk to them during work or when having a cup of coffee then your boring job will be compensated by fun conversations. Работа в офисе для многих людей кажется скучной, но я думаю, что просто эта работа не для вас или вам попался скучный или неприятный коллектив. Сама по себе работа на компьютере, чаще всего, довольно скучна, поэтому если вы работаете в интересном коллективе, с кем можно пообщаться во время непосредственно работы или чашки кофе, то ваша, возможно скучная или нудная работа, будет компенсирована интересными беседами. Читать полностью >>> Work And Studying Работа во время учебы Pretty often schoolchildren and students decide to work part-time in order to solve their financial problems. Somebody just wants to have some extra pocket money because they don’t have any or because what they get from their parents is not enough and some children are trying to save up to buy a smartphone or a laptop. The tasks can be different but the goal is the same — to make money. Довольно часто школьники и студенты решают подработать, чтобы решить свои различные финансовые задачи. Кто-то просто хочет иметь карманные деньги, так как родительских нет или не хватает, кто-то копит на новый смартфон или ноутбук. Задачи разные, но цель одна — заработать деньги. Читать полностью >>> Working Abroad Работа за границей Probably every young man wants to work abroad because it gives you so many opportunities. First of all, you can learn a foreign language really well. Secondly, you can learn about culture and traditions of the country and just see the way people live. Наверное, каждый молодой человек хочет поработать за границей, ведь это даёт столько возможностей. Во-первых, можно выучить иностранный язык, причём до очень хорошего уровня. Во-вторых, есть возможность узнать обычаи и традиции страны, просто посмотреть, как живут местные люди. Читать полностью >>> What Do My Parents Do Кем работают мои родители My name is Inna and I’m 13 years old. I study at the seventh grade of a secondary school. Every day I wake up early not to miss my classes. The same can be said about my parents. They both wake up as early as me, around 7 am, not to be late for work. Меня зовут Инна и мне 13 лет. Я учусь в седьмом классе средней школы. Ежедневно я просыпаюсь рано, чтобы не пропустить уроки. То же можно сказать и о моих родителях. Они оба просыпаются также рано, как и я, около 7 часов утра, чтобы не опоздать на работу. Читать полностью >>> My Mother’s Job Работа моей мамы My mother is a tailor. She has been working as a tailor for more than 15 years, and she is not going to change her profession because she likes it a lot. My mom told me that when she finished school she went to the community college and that’s where she got this profession. Моя мама работает швеёй. Она работает по этой специальности уже более 15 лет, и менять профессию не собирается, так как она ей очень нравится. Моя мама рассказывала, что после окончания школы, она пошла учиться в училище, где и получила эту профессию. Читать полностью >>> Is Working Experience Important? Важен ли опыт работы? Work experience is very important when you want to find a new job, or to be promoted in your job. Many people get an education to try and do certain jobs after graduating. Experience and education are both necessary for many jobs, but experience is something that gives you practical knowledge about certain jobs. Опыт работы очень важен, когда вы хотите найти новую работу, или получить повышение. Многие получают образование и стараются получить определенную должность после окончания. Опыт и образование важны для многих работ, но опыт – это то, что дает вам практические знания о конкретных профессиях. Читать полностью >>>

English has become the language of the planet.Most people of the world speak english.English became an international language.English is spoken in many different countries and many people there understand English as it is required for business,travel,etc.English is also a source of knowledge as is is needed to understand what people are saying,reading books or newspaper,writing letters.Being able to speak English can be seen as an asset if someone wished to go to another country to work or live.It is much easier to find a good job,if you know English.
I believe if everyone  in the world learnt the same language,such as English,it would be much easier to communicate.

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The best job in the world q62PP

The best job ever. I didn’t khow yet what job I want to
be. Howue, there are many jobs in our world.
In the video she said that when she was 14
years old she became the youngest person to ski to
the northpole. She hd to skifor about eight howrs
day. I took her about is days to the norh pole
Then she slept in tents.
I don’t know yet what job I want to be
so I will tolk about amazing job instead. I saw
the amazing job on the internet like Chocolate
Constant, Tea Taster, The Prfessional Bridesmad
and many more. know
There were many amazing joband many job that we don’t
so we should standy more about it.

The best

ever. I didn’t



I want to


, there are

in our world.

In the video she said that when she was 14


she became the youngest person to ski to




about eight

day. I took her about is days to the


Then she slept in tents.

I don’t know



I want to be

I will

about amazing



the amazing

on the internet like Chocolate

Constant, Tea Taster, The



There were


that we don’t

we should

more about it.

Language is wine upon the lips. – Virginia WoolfInspirational quotes for language learners

Virginia Woolf

IELTS essay The best job in the world

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  • Use cohesive linking words accurately and appropriately
  • Vary your linking phrases using synonyms
  • Try to vary your vocabulary using accurate synonyms
  • Use less common question specific words that accurately convey meaning
  • Check your work for spelling and word formation mistakes
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Best and Worst Jobs

Jobs in a way are what make the world what it is. Some jobs are more

serious than others. But each and every one requires different skills, but they are all

important. Teenagers get jobs to become more mature and see what the real world

is like. I have only had two jobs in my lifetime I was a babysitter and a hostess at

Chili’s. Both jobs taught me many things that I needed to know but I preferred

babysitting to being a hostess. With an exception of a few almost all of the people in

the United States will have a job of some kind in their lifetime. But before they

accept the job of their choice they should consider all the pros and cons to be sure

they will enjoy what they will be doing.

In my opinion being a babysitter is the ideal job for teenagers. I made more

than minimum wage. At times I could make as much as ten dollars an hour. Another

advantage is that for all the money I made over the summer I did not have to pay

taxes on it. I made almost two thousand dollars and put every cent of it in

savings. There are countless other advantages to being a babysitter. Since I babysat

over the summer I would take the children to my pool and let them swim for a few

hours. I was able to tan and swim with friends while working. Also since the

children I babysat were younger they took naps for almost two hours everyday. So I

would take them to swim so they would be extremely tired and take longer naps.

During their naps I was free to do what I wanted as long as I would check

on them every now and then. Some days during nap time I would watch a movie or

have a friend over and socialize. Also some days I would just go and take a nap with


Being a babysitter was an excellent experience for me. It prepared me for the

real world in many ways. First it taught me that life is not easy. Babysitting showed


The Australian Tourism Office employs a new caretaker twice a year.

1)  True

2)  False

3)  Not stated

The Best Job in the World

Have you ever heard of the Great Barrier Reef? It is the world’s largest coral reef system along the eastern coast of Australia. In February 2009 an extraordinary position was advertised by the Australian Tourism Office. The advertisement ran that the Great Barrier Reef needed a caretaker for half a year. It was for a special person who would look after the Reef.

The job offered a large salary, free accommodation in a luxury villa, and transportation there and around the islands. All expenses would be paid: the winner wouldn’t need to spend any extra money on anything.

The job’s duties were pretty simple. You could only dream of such requirements. First, the person had to speak English and swim well. Second, on the island his responsibility included writing a weekly Internet blog. That’s right, weekly, not even daily! The job description also required the successful applicant to explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, swim, make friends with the locals and generally enjoy the tropical climate and lifestyle. A real dream!

Within the first 2 days of the contest, the tourism office received more than seven thousand online applications. All told, 34,000 people of all different nationalities applied. Each made and presented a 60-second video resume. They had to be creative and they were. In the end 16 people were chosen, who flew to Australia for the final selection. The candidates were interviewed and the winner was Ben Southall from the UK.

Ben greatly enjoyed the dream job he had got. He realised that people knew very little about planet earth and its treasures. Living in big cities, they forgot how important the flora and fauna of this world were. Every time Ben went outdoors, he could discover something new. “Every time I dived or went underwater, I forgot about all the troubles above water and concentrated on living in the moment. It was a good way to clean the mind and build respect for the natural world,” Ben said.

Ben’s life on the island was not just fun. It was very busy, busier than most people imagined, and certainly busier than Ben himself had imagined. He worked seven days a week and up to 19 hours a day. The Best Job included travelling to over 60 islands of the Reef almost every day. It was not just looking after the Reef, Ben had a lot of meetings, press conferences and interviews. He was getting a lot of attention all the time and he couldn’t get away from it. That was probably the hardest part of the job.

Moreover, any adventure has a certain degree of risk. Swimming and diving on the Great Barrier Reef was not different. Ben had to deal with whales, sharksand other huge sea creatures. Surprisingly, the most dangerous thing was a small jellyfish about the size of a little finger. It’s considered to be extremely poisonous and Ben was stung by it. He had to spend a couple of days in hospital but luckily recovered after a course of antibiotics.

Ben often says that the project has taught him a few valuable lessons. Working with the Internet is one of those jobs you can do 24 hours a day. Ben realised it was hard to separate life and work, but this he had to do. He also said: “I’ve learned that we get one life on earth so we have to use it. There’ll always be other countries to visit, other people to meet and other adventures to meet. This is what I wish to do. I’m planning to go to Asia in a few years time”.

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