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Some people think that the future of education is books, whereas others do not agree. They think that it is computers.

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I think that the future of education is computers. First of all, computers have become a part of people’s daily life. One can hardly find a sphere where computers are not used. Second, it is easier and faster to work with information when it is in a digital form. Students also are using computers more and more for education.

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At the same time there are people who say that the future of education is books. When one reads books they can memorize the information better. People can touch a book and it feels substantial. It is also better for one’s eye-sight because reading from a screen for a long time is not good for eyes.

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Well, students use both books and computers now. Nevertheless, they are useing computers more often and memorize information as well as from printed books. Nowadays technology has advanced a lot and the queality of i-reader pages is no worse than printed books. 

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In conclusion, I would like to say that it is difficult to predict events with certainty. There will always be some possibilities that things can happen differently. However, judging by modern tendencies and taking into consideration the previous experience of technological developments, I strongly believe that the future of education is computers.


In conclusionI would like to say that there are opposing views on this issue. At first sight, books seem to be the future of education but in actual fact, computers have seriously integrated into people’s lives. Thus, I strongly believe that the future of education is computers. 

The problem of education is very topical in the modern world. Many people think that digital technologies are going to replace printed books in the future but others do not agree. They say that textbooks will last forever. Let us consider the facts which are for this statement.

From my point of view, the ability of the computer to store a lot of information is the most important advantage. To start with, let us converse about machines. Fifty years ago computers were only able to count numbers. Today they satisfy all needs of the humankind. If someone is passionate about printed books, he must spend a lot of free space at his home. Consequently, people can keep millions of books if they use a personal computer. In addition, we can save money. Everyone would probably agree with me that electronic versions of novels, which are sold on the Internet, are cheaper than customary ones.

Nevertheless, some people think that computers will never replace books. The main argument in favour of their opinion is the comfort of reading. They consider that a person does not get pleasure from reading

However, I do not agree with this opinion that if someone uses electronic ink in the devices, person’s eyes will not become tired of the display and hence, can take pleasure from reading through electronic devices rather than printed books.

To conclude, I would like to stress that in spite of all valid considerations of people who believe that textbooks will last forever, it still seems to me that computers are going to replace printed books.

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The problem of future education has always sharp debates. Some people think that computers will not replace books in the future, while others do not agree.

In my opinion, computers will be an effective way of development education. Firstly, computers can contain a great number of electronic books instead of printed ones, which will be a fast and convenient way of getting of necessary information. Secondly, thanks to computers, students can have an opportunity for distance learning. Finally, with the help different videos, movies and presentations studying will be much more interesting and fascinating.

On the other hand, some people consider that students will not widely use computers for studying in the future. They are convinced that printed books are better for human health, especially, for vision. Furthermore, books are easier to use because they do not need electricity or the Internet connection.

Personally, I do not agree with the above idea. In my view, to computers will not harm students, they just have to know how to better use them. In addition, I think that it will be cheaper to pay for electricity than to buy printed books, which are expensive nowadays.

To sum up, I am firmly convinced that students will benefit from computers in studying, even though there are different points of view on this problem. Computers are more convenient, entertaining and they provide more information.

The future of
education – books or computers?

What is your opinion?
Are computers going to replace printed books in the future?

Write 200-250 words.

Use the following plan:

-make an introduction (state the problem)

-express your personal opinion and give 2-3
reasons for your opinion

-express an opposing opinion and give 1-2
reasons for this opposing opinion

-explain why you don’t agree with the opposing

-make a conclusion restating your position

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 In today’s world, the problem of future education causes great argument and controversy. Some people assume that computers are going to replace books, while others claim that printed books are going to remain the main part of future education.

  As for me, computers can be really helpful, so they can replace books. Firstly, printed books are often heavy to bring, especially when students have to take not a one book. Whilst there are laptops, which are commonly light. Secondly, computers are more functional than books. For example, you can immediately find an unknown word in the dictionary. Furthermore, you can quickly find a book, which you need, on the computer, while printed production you should buy or take in th

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Who needs these heavy and inconvenient textbooks when we have light and fast electronic books, tablets and notebooks? Practice says otherwise, many schools don’t refuse printed versions in favor of electronic ones. Let’s see the benefits and disadvantages of both variants.



First of all, it will be difficult to implement new technologies everywhere and exchange all existing books for electronic books. Many European countries have already had this experience; they’ve supplied the students with tablets so that they don’t carry a pack of books to school every day. This way gives more benefits as computer’s memory is able to store lots of books and track the needed one faster than the fastest librarian in the world. Students get a possibility to learn via reading, watching and listening at once. What is more, electronic books can be updated by default; thus, pupils will always get the latest and the most accurate information.



Nevertheless, lots of teachers prefer conservative method. They argue when kids forget the book at home. How don’t they understand that it is impossible to hold six or seven books for each subject in the backpack?! They claim computer screen are bad for vision. I absolutely disagree, modern screens don’t harm eye retina. Children may use eye drops and protect their eyes from irritation. Maybe, they take electricity bills into account. That can be a books’ benefit, they are absolutely cheaper this way.

books or computers

books or computers

However, there is some magic in opening a book. Who has read it before? There can be some helpful marks and signs in it. Several times I’ve met already done exercises. That was pleasant, I can’t lie.

To sum up, I think that printed books must give up under the condition every school will afford enough gadgets for the students. At least, there should be additional pack of books that pupils may leave at school not to damage their backs and spines daily.



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Посмотри, может подойдет чтото не знаю  The American columnist Douglas Rushkoff once said, “Computers don’t kill books; people do.” Our contemporary world proves these words since people use computers everywhere and education is not an exception. Some people consider using computers instead of books as an innovation whereas others say that books should not be denied. To start with, computers are greatly convenient. You can take them anywhere and use one both at school and home. Students claim that heavy bags is not what they like, however all school books can be downloaded to a computer and that is a solution. Another advantage of using computers in the classroom is access to the Internet – an endless library where students can find information they need. Moreover, computers draw students’ attention, as a result a deeper knowledge and understanding. Scientists proved that it is easier to learn when you do something yourself. Students can create projects, presentations, compositions with the help of computers while gaining skills. Drawbacks are also obvious, in particular risks computer brings. Frequent computer sessions may pose physical health risks for students such as visual strain and harmful effects of radiation. Furthermore, electronics are very expensive and it can be difficult to update so many computers every time, as well as buy software and hardware. All in all, there would be both advantages and disadvantages in replacing books with computers. The best variant is to combine both ways of studying without praising or denying them. Computers are the wave of the future, but old fashioned learning techniques should not be forgotten.

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