The generation gap can never be bridged сочинение

The generation gap is the everlasting social phenomenon. Every generation lives at the certain time, under certain condition. So different generations have their own system of values and views. And every side wants to uphold principles they believe in. We can find a lot of examples in literature such as “Fathers and Sons” by Turgenev and “Woe from Wit” by Griboedov. But is it possible to ovecome the generation gap between us and our parents?

Parents always have their own opinion about future of their children, they want to be the example for imitation. Often, our parents refuse to admit that we have grown up and are capable of taking care of ourselves, and we are constantly taught by them. As a result, sometimes the youth does absolutely contrary things. Children do it in a spirit of defiance, just to vex parents. I knew one guy who was trouble-maker, he smoked and took light drugs. Also I knew that his parents were respectable and so “right”. And that rightness in every way annoyed him very much. Nowadays, there are a lot of examples of this kind.

Moreover, every parent want to have a ”perfect” child, so when you do not live up to their expectations, there can be a big problem. You have to fight for your own choice, and family become a battlefield. Few years ago my friend had to go through battle of this kind. She is very good dancer, she cannot live without dancing. She wanted to do it professionally, but her parents didn’t think it was a good occupation, in their opinion it was not serious enough. Finally, she gained her end, but relationships between her and parents went bad. And even now they hardly speak to each other.

Actually, it is a really big problem in Russia today. Our grandparents and parents were growing and have lived in communism and they just cannot accept new reality of liberalism and democracy. Not because they do not want to, they just used to live in previous political system. The youth is always told how good life was in Soviet Union and how great Lenin and Stalin were. For us, young people, it is hard to understand. We had used to live with freedom of expression and we all are individual and unique, whereas all people in USSR were equal. All this conditions become a wall between us, often we even do not know what we can talk about.

Certainly, some families can overcome this difficulty but others cannot. It depends on what parents and children love more – each other or their own principles. The Beatles has a very good song “All you need is love”, parents and children should remember about it. There is no more important thing than family in our lives. To sum up, I would like to say we can have good relationships with our parents, but the generation gap as the phenomenon won’t absolutely disappear all over the world one day.

The so-called “generation gap” is one of the eternal problems,which always exists.Everyday at work or even at home we are faced with this phenomenon.People from different generations often have problems communicating and understating one another.The problem of the relationship between the youth and the older generation has always been.But any period of this problem has a specific historical character and it forms their own social rules of relations between the generations.However,today the generation gap is narrowing and there might be an opportunity to bridged generations.

To solve the problem of the disturbance between the youth and the older generation we should distinguish the main reasons.Regarding the generation gap in families there are usually several reasons, which depends on the characteristics of the members of the family or of the specific situation,and even of the social status.For example it can be financial difficulties,incompatibility of interests,children’s maturing and so on.Concerning this gap in general,it mostly eventuates because of the youth.They have a provocative look,they dye their hair in bright colours,they do everything to shock the older generation.That`s why the adults think about the teenagers as rude,low-bred people.Thus,the gist of the problem is in the difference between generations.

However,nowadays the generation gap is narrowing on most attitude areas.Recent research shows that now the points on which the generations differ aren’t ideological points. More often they are depending on how the different generations live,which music they prefer,which slangy words they use and so on.It is easy to overcome the generation gap if we submit it in some small gaps such as the technology gap,the music gap and the language gap.If a person figure out this things about another generation, it makes bridging the generation gap much simpler.

Unfortunately,there are still many examples of the generation gap,which are not so narrow and above-written solutions are useless.In this case there is one global way to solve the problem.It is trust and moral education.It requires great deal of flexibility and open mind.It is necessary to have a certain rate of reciprocity without which there cannot be a positive relationship,understanding and especially love.

To sum up,I`d like to say that the generation gap can be overcome with a little bit of effort from both generations. the generation gap should be solved in every family in their own way according to the conditions and relations.If we understand the gist of problem,we`ll solve it easily.Of course,it is impossible to break away from the generation gap at all,but every diligence can make it bridged!

Comment on one of the following statements.

• One can be happy if they are not in harmony with people around them.

• The generation gap can never be bridged.

• Boys and girls can’t make friends.

• Families are more important than friends for teenagers.

• Within
50 years there will be no families.

• Monarchy is an expensive attraction for tourists.

200250 words. Use the following plan:

• make an introduction (state the problem);

• express your personal opinion and give
23 reasons for it;

• express an opposing opinion and give
12 reasons for it;

• explain why you do not agree with the opposing opinion;

• make a conclusion, restate the problem.

ГДЗ Английский язык 10 класс Афанасьева. UNIT 2. Step 12. Номер №6


Перевод задания
Прокомментируйте следующие утверждения.
• Человек может быть счастливым, если он не находится в гармонии с окружающими.
• Разрыв поколений не преодолеть.
• Мальчики и девочки не могут быть друзьями.
• Семьи важнее друзей для подростков.
• Через 50 лет не будет семей.
• Монархия – дорогая достопримечательность для туристов.
Напишите 200250 слов. Используйте следующий план:
• сделайте вступление (обозначьте проблему);
• выразите свое мнение и подкрепите его 23 аргументами;
• выразите противоположное мнение и подкрепите его 12 аргументами;
• объясните, почему Вы не согласны с другим мнением;
• сделайте вывод.

One can be happy if they are not in harmony with people around them.

As for me no one can be happy if they are not in harmony with people around them.

Living with harmony with people around you sounds easier than doing it, especially in a world full of conflicts and catastrophes. People can have different opinions and you may struggle to feel in harmony with people close to you and with society at large. But you should start by connecting with friends, family, partners, and neighbours. Focus on dealing with any disharmony in your life in a generous way with people in your community. Make sure you also maintain your own personal sense of harmony, because it will help you feel in harmony with others.

Say «hello» to your neighbours on the street. Be friendly and sociable with them so you can build a sense of community in the neighborhood.

Spend time with good friends so you can stay connected with them and not lose touch.

Try to make the time you spend with your family meaningful and memorable.

Open yourself up to your friends and family when you need them. Don’t hide your feelings or shy away from sharing your emotions with them.

These little pieces of advice can help you be in harmony with people around you.

Перевод ответа
Можно быть счастливым, если не быть в гармонии с окружающими.
Как по мне, никто не может быть счастлив, если он не в гармонии с окружающими.
Жить в гармонии с окружающими людьми звучит проще, чем делать это, особенно в мире, полном конфликтов и катастроф. У людей могут быть разные мнения, и вам может быть трудно чувствовать себя в гармонии с близкими вам людьми и с обществом в целом. Но вы должны начать с общения с друзьями, семьей, партнерами и соседями. Сосредоточьтесь на том, чтобы справляться с любыми дисгармониями в своей жизни, проявляя великодушие к людям в вашем сообществе. Убедитесь, что вы также поддерживаете свое личное чувство гармонии, потому что это поможет вам чувствовать себя в гармонии с другими.
Здоровайтесь с соседями по улице. Будьте дружелюбны и общительны с ними, чтобы вы могли создать чувство общности по соседству.
Проводите время с хорошими друзьями, чтобы оставаться с ними на связи и не теряться.
Постарайтесь сделать время, проведенное с семьей, значимым и запоминающимся.
Откройтесь своим друзьям и семье, когда они вам понадобятся. Не скрывайте своих чувств и не стесняйтесь делиться с ними своими эмоциями.
Эти маленькие советы помогут вам быть в гармонии с окружающими.

Перейти к контенту

The generation gap is one that cannot be bridged. Discuss.

One can only guess how many problems can generation gap cause for a person. It is also not clear if there is a way for people of different age groups to understand each other. Some people claim that the problem is unlikely to have a solution, as there are too many differences between generations. Others, on the contrary, argue that people of different age groups can live in harmony, for there are a huge number of such examples.

It is widely thought that the main reason of misunderstanding is the fact that older people are rigid and they refuse to accept any views other that their own while youngsters’ aim is to change the world and they will never give up. Indeed, older generation has lived long enough to be able to come to certain conclusions about various aspects of our life. Their view is based on real life experiences and older people are reluctant to change their views that makes them conservative. Young people, on the other hand, are taught a lot of different views on all kinds of things, and those views often appear to be almost the opposite to those older generation has which causes misunderstandings.

Despite differences in views many people manage to bridge the gap by trying to understand the other side. This can be illustrated by the fact that families where parents and children discuss situations that can potentially lead to conflicts have much less problems than those families which try to avoid these conversations. Spending free time together can only make this effect stronger as it creates an atmosphere of comfort, understanding and mutual respect.

On the whole, even though there always will be a difference between generations, there are ways to make the gap smaller. Not until we learn to listen to people of the different age groups will we be able to bridge the gap. Had we learnt to do that earlier we could have avoided many problems.

327 words

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One of the important problems of all times is a generation gap. Adult’s mentality is different from teenager’s. We are the children of two epochs with different views on various subjects. Because of this parents and children sometimes argue with each other.

Some people believe that teenagers today are generally rude, lazy and ill-behaved. Other people, however, think that teenagers are not so bad. Sometimes people don’t understand teenagers. They don’t understand some problems and things which are very important in teenagers’ life, for example the lifestyles, piercing, tattoos, relationship with friends and teachers.

Some people don’t want to understand modern views, ideals and our system of values. They say that teenagers are cruel, brutal, heartless and rude. Yes, today new generation «plays» with smoking, drugs and alcohol, but this doesn’t mean that all teens are really bad!
On the other hand, today many elderly people look at the world with new eyes. Moreover, they try to understand teenagers’ problems and solve them.

Most of the quarrels between parents and children happen because of children’s marks at school and generation gap. We try to learn better, but if we have a bad mark our parents can shout at us.

In most cases «new generation» doesn’t understand their parents and becomes depressed because of this. To protest against it, teens can shock people around them. That’s why it is considered that teens today are lazy and ill-behaved. Elderly people usually compare their childhood and youth with present, they are always talking about «the good old days». People are said to become wiser with age. Sometimes it is true and sometimes it is not. I think that you can meet a wise man among the old as often as among the young. It is wrong that when wisdom always comes in old age. Sometimes when we talk to adults, they listen only to threir own point of view. That’s why some teens don’t like to talk to adults. To sum it up, nowadays everyone has a different view on teen’s life. But, in fact, we should simply learn to understand each other.

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