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« The Most Beautiful Thing in the World»

most beautiful thing in this world is not something you can touch, but
something you can feel. It is faithfulness.

really wants to see this quality in his or her loved ones. Everyone in love, everyone
who has a friend, hopes that they will not betray him. On holidays, we wish
each other faithful friends, faithful spouses. What is this great value for
people, which losing it for us is a huge tragedy?

according to the dictionary is perseverance and immutability in your feelings,
relationships, in the performance of duties, duty. That is, it is such a
quality of a person that guarantees to others that one can rely on his word.
Moreover, it is good when this quality is natural, from the heart, not by
coercion. True fidelity means that a person is not indifferent to something or
someone. If you are lucky enough to have a truly loyal person, proven in both
grief and joy, they should be cherished.

in fact, what do people usually regard as fidelity? He promised to love until
death part, be kind to perform, despite the fact that they have not been
interesting to each other for a long time. He took the oath of allegiance to
the sovereign, be kind to die for him, no matter how ridiculous edicts he
issued. Yes, in my opinion, the concept of loyalty has its own dark side. And
is blind faithfulness good or does man in life have to act on the basis of
common sense?

once was told a story. It’s a bit of fidelity, a bit of heroism. It said that
during the war, during a fierce battle, under bullets, soldiers were to save
the red banner at all costs. You could not leave him, it was treason. And the
guys died just in order to take a piece of cloth to a safe place. Ten, one
hundred people. A whole regiment could be assembled. So many sons return to
mothers. Simple arithmetic. But it was a symbol of loyalty to his country, the

my opinion, each person should remain true to himself, and in relation to the
rest be honest and merciful. Because I, for example, would not want my friend
to communicate with me if he does not want it, but only because he has to be
true to me. But on the other hand, I would be hurt if he just started to ignore
me and tell my secrets to his new friends. Now, if he honestly said: «My
friend, I’m sorry, I’m bored with you, I want to be friends with someone else,
I’m more interested in spending time with him, but I’m glad that we have been
close for so long. Let everything that we shared remain between us, «I
would not be sweet either, but it’s still better than any other option. Honesty
for me is loyalty.

course, you can say that you must always carefully weigh what you say that you
promise someone. It is right. But no one in life is immune to change. Every day
something happens to us, we change, develop, we have new interests, new
feelings. Feelings are a special case, because they depend little on us, at
best we can control them by willpower. I do not think that a person should
sacrifice himself for anything, because that’s how he will suffer, and an
unfortunate person will torment others.

you really want loyalty, get a dog. It will love you always and will not want
to own another master. Of course, if you do not begin to educate it with
beatings. But the person is a changeable creature, ask him to be honest with
you, this is the best fidelity you can count on.

Everyone has a different definition of beauty. But one thing is common in every definition that beauty exists in nature and its existence makes life worth living. The world is full of beautiful things. What is the most beautiful thing in the world? This is a really difficult question to which each person will answer differently.

Beauty is a very subjective concept. Someone thinks of beauty as a physical phenomenon, and someone thinks of spiritual beauty.

On the one hand, fire is one of the most beautiful physical phenomena. You can sit for hours near a bonfire on the seashore. Watch the starry night and sing songs with friends. Bonfire adds coziness to a wonderful evening.

On the other hand, the finest thing in the world can be called something that cannot be bought for money. These are feelings. And this applies not only to love. Faithfulness, devotion, the ability to selflessly help these are the most beautiful things in the world. Beauty exists not only in material but also in a spiritual sense. Only in a spiritual sense, beauty is of great importance.

From my point of view, the most beautiful thing in the world is life. Because life unites the material with the spiritual. Life is a great and priceless gift. There is nothing more surprising. Miracles happen in this world, and the universe contributes to these miracles.

In conclusion, the world is full of beautiful things. People need to learn to notice the beauties in simple things. It is important to be in harmony with themselves and the world around them because simple things bring much more happiness.


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The Most Beautiful Thing in the World
Love is the wonderful thing that people can feel. Each person who loves something considers it the most beautiful and perfect stuff. From my point of view, the most beautiful thing in the world is nature, and I have the explanation to this statement.
Nature is not made by human. It is something pure, gentle and virgin. The only thought that people cannot create such a picturesque masterpiece makes me admire it so much. In addition, it encourages people to make art. Nature has been an inspiration for many poets, writers, artists and photographers. This creation inspired them to write poems and stories, paint and take amazing pictures.
Nature is the most mysterious thing in the world. A lot of people fall in love with her as with perfect woman once and for all. It is very unpredictable. Nobody knows what present nature will give us tomorrow. It can be sunny or rainy day, drought or flood, birdsong or silence.
Nature is our best friend and it actually takes care of humankind. It gives us the possibility to live on Earth. It provides us water to drink, food to eat, air to breathe and land to stay. It also has an ability to cure any disease and improve our health. It helps us and makes our lives easy. For these qualities we can call her a mother.
Nature inspires us to travel all around the world. Mountains, rivers, seas, oceans, volcanoes are the miracles any person wants to see.
In conclusion, I can say that each feature of nature has its own power and uniqueness provided by God. Therefore, I wanted to underline that nature is the most precious gift given us to live in beauty, peace and harmony. So we must do our best to save and protect it.

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According to Helen keller, “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”.  “A thing of beauty if joy forever”. 

“The most beautiful things are not associated with money: they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate them, they will pass by you.” 

“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go”. 

“God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world”. “Beauty is the only thing that time cannot harm. Philosophies fall away like sand, creed follow one another, but what is beautiful is joy for all seasons, and a possession for all eternity”. 

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”. 

Everyone has different definition for beauty. But one thing is common in every definition that beauty exists in nature and its existence makes life worth living. 

The world is full of beautiful things and the way we protect them gives us profound lessons of life. Beautiful things of world are found in simplicity too. Watching birds chirping in early morning in some park is scenic at that moment. It is so because mind and soul both are usually fresh during those moments to cherish the god gift.

But once its afternoon and life gets busy with daily chores no one has time to enjoy this chirping. It rather irritates as noise. The world is same, the nature is same, the bird is same and we the human being in role of listeners are same. But it’s the matter of time that changes the perceptions. 

Sunlight is usually a curse in summer season, becomes heart-warming blessing of God during winters.  Sunlight gives golden glitter to everything and aspect of life making them beautiful. 

A new day in life is one of the most beautiful creations of god. Ask a person on the death bed what appears to them the most beautiful thing on this planet? The answer undoubtedly would be a new healthy day, if it’s feasible, for them. None of the mountain, valley, diamond, movie stars or any natural scenery would appear to them beautiful. 

A child is considered as the purest soul on planet. A hug from them makes one’s day. Icing on cake is, if the child is pretty looking their smile and hug warms the heart.

A child is parents’ biggest reward. The fatigue of the day disappears when a child gives their parents a tight hug. The moment becomes a beautiful moment for parents. A whole hearted and unconditional love gives heavenly pleasure. 

 A heavy Rain shower on sunny day is most desired thing from masses. A heavy rain shower pacifies the thirst of earth and human both. The sound of water falling from sky sounds mesmerising. One may stand for hours watching rain falling on earth as the view is heart healing. 

It is rightly said that the, “Beauty lies in eyes of a beholder”. The onlooker gives a thing, a badge of beautiful. The love stuck couple finds beauty and solace watching stars in sky. For them their love is destined among stars.   Stars shines brightly and lighten up the world or may be it could die unnoticed. 

A smile from the stranger, when someone is lost on foreign land, is the best and beautiful thing one may ask for. A smile conveys the friendliness attitude. The beauty of smile is extraordinary in itself. It’s the god gifted tool to mankind which cut shorts distances. It’s a curve which could set many things straight. A simple smile may lighten ages old burden on heart. 

Laughter moments with near and dear ones are the moments to cherish throughout the life. They form beautiful memories. Laughter is considered as the best medicine. It cut the differences because laughter knows no barrier. 

Ear soothing musical notes are beautiful compositions of musicians. They put in their heart and soul to create symphonic music which survives till eternity. The compositions are beautiful creation of that musician.  This thing of beauty makes the musician immortal. 

A cold breeze on a warm day is as beautiful as food is to body when one is very hungry. Everybody craves for solace. The solace varies from one point of time to another. Sometimes a glass of chilled cold water gives satisfaction down to the soul.  At other point of time a platter full of variety of foods is not worth giving a second level even. 

When the abstract forms of beauty are being talked about, one cannot forget to talk about compassion as one of the beautiful attribute of mankind. Compassion is having sympathy and concern for the suffering of others.

Everybody has heart to share joy of others but very rare are people who have compassion. It is this feeling which makes earth a place liveable. Had this feeling would have disappeared from human nature; there would have been throat cut competition on earth. 

Mother Teresa was one such compassionate woman. She could be called the most beautiful woman of the planet not because she looked beautiful. But her actions and service to society raised her to the status of one such woman. The beauty is said to be only skin deep. But it’s the actions which speak louder.

Outer beauty fades away but the work lives in the heart of people. Compassion motivates people to go out of their way to help the physical, mental or emotional pains of another and themselves. 

The Dalai Lama once said that “compassion is a necessity, not a luxury” and that “it is a question of human survival”. 

The strongest pillar of survival theory of mankind is love. It’s the feeling of love which touches each sphere of life and glorifies it. Love exists among members of same family. It is the bond which keeps husband and wife’s relationship stand test of time. The feeling of parental love safeguards kids from wicked world.

This beautiful feeling of love needs promotion from every section of society. It’s this feeling that has marked its presence in past.  It has been surviving all odds in present. And will be omnipresent till the doomsday making planet a beautiful place to live in.

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I believe in clashing notes. Thrown around haphazardly then can become hazardous, but skillfully planned they can combine to create the most beautiful thing in the world. When I was first learning about music, clashing notes sounded disgusting and I learned to not like them, but as I explored and listened to more music, I realized that they aren’t always so bad. Since then, I’ve heard many different circumstances using clashing notes and have loved many of them.

I’ve always been in love with music. While growing up in a suburban home with my parents and younger brother, music was almost constantly playing, rather it be through speakers, an instrument, or a voice. I learned to play piano and literally sang at every chance I got. I knew that music was my passion, and continued to follow it by joining choirs and participating in various competitions. I knew I would love music for a very long time.

During one of my voice lessons, my voice coach mentioned that the local university choir was putting on a concert that weekend and recommended I should go. Deciding to go was the best decision I’ve ever made. I experienced things that night that I will remember for the rest of my life, and try my best to explain. One of the songs, called “Sela”, truly stuck out to me. Before the choir began to sing, the director stepped forward and explained that the word ‘sela’ is a Hebrew word that doesn’t really have a definition; it is used on many occasions and loosely means ‘to remember’. When the song started, I could tell it would be good, so I closed my eyes, sunk back into my chair, and prepared to be amazed. From then on, I did not move until the song ended; nor did I consciously think, critique, breath, or believe that I even existed. I was so relaxed, content, and barely alive that I could have perished and not even realized. The music filled my every pore and was living inside of me. I was the music. The music was me. Suddenly, I heard a harsh, loud sound; I opened my eyes to find people clapping. I was disoriented, and not very happy to be back in the real world. I could not move. It wasn’t until the next song started that the spell released me from its clutches, and I began to weep, almost uncontrollably. I looked over at my friend, whom I brought along, and we both knew we experienced something, something very different. I don’t remember anything about that song, except for the emotions I felt and the fact that it was filled with clashing notes. It was truly the most beautiful thing in the world.

I believe in clashing notes because they are able to portray emotions better than normal chords can. At first they seem ugly, but put together correctly, they can be wonderful. They have sent me to another world: a world that I never wanted to leave and that I am eagerly waiting to re-enter. To me, they truly are the most beautiful things in the world.

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In my opinion
word beautiful mean something that pleases our heart, soul and eyes.


This is my essay, I want to begin with definition “beautiful” Which is it?

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