Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer эссе

‘Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer’.


This is a quote I often see doing the rounds on Instagram, ordinarily above the head of someone with their back to the camera, looking off wistfully at an over-saturated landscape.

You know the type!

The quote itself doesn’t seem to be attributed to anyone in particular but it certainly is popular.

But is it true?

Well, as with so many of these things, yes and no.

I am a big believer that travel does make you richer. It has enhanced my life in ways I don’t think anything else could have. It opened my eyes to the wider world as a child and continues to help me stretch and grow as an adult.

But is it the only thing you can buy that makes you richer?

Absolutely not.

In this post, I am going to break down the phrase a bit, give you some examples of how I think travel does make you richer, but also explore some other things in life that money can buy that I also feel make you richer.

So all in all, a pretty rounded article then!

If you disagree or have anything to add, then that’s exactly what the comments are for! I reply to everyone one!

The word rich is most commonly used in referring to money.

So how can something you purchase, also make you richer?

In this instance, rich is used to mean ‘abundance’. A forest rich in flowers, a city rich in history, a lake rich in fish all of these would have plentiful quantities of their resource. The use of ‘rich in’ suggests richness in something other than money.

So the phrase is saying that travel is not giving you more cash or wealth, but an abundance in something else.

But you’d probably figured that for yourself anyway. It’s not like dropping $1,500 on a flight is going to multiply in value like investing would.

So what does it make you richer in?

Maybe experiences? Or happiness? Maybe a richness in new friendships? Or rich in lessons such as geography or history?

This may be different for everyone, but I think there are a few themes that have run through my travel life that I will share with you now.

7 Reasons Why Travel Makes You Richer

1. More Stories to Tell

a dirt road in bosnia herzegovina

Lost on a dirt road in Bosnia Herzegovina

If there’s one thing travel has given me more than almost anything else it’s stories to tell. When I’m 80 years old with my grandchild sitting on my knee, I am going to be able to bore them senseless with tales of adventures around the world.

The trouble with everyday life is it becomes routine to a stage where things pass you by after a while.

When I first got into a car for lessons I had to focus on every single movement. When I drove off after I passed my test every trip felt exciting as I made the most of my newly-earned freedom. My drive to work this morning? I couldn’t tell you a single thing about it! It was routine. I do it all the time. It passed me by.

Now, before you mindfulness crowd start flooding the comments, I know, I should be better than this, but let’s be honest here that we all do it.

This changes when you travel. In a new environment everything is different. Something as simple as ordering from a menu or working out how to get your washing done becomes memorable. Those things that are completely forgotten in the routine of everyday life become stories to tell in the future.

  • That time we ended up in a tuk-tuk who we thought was being helpful but actually took us straight to his friend’s fashion store to try and get us to spend money.
  • Stuck in a remote Thai village, where the place we’d booked online turned out to be closed for the season, and having to negotiate with a lady who only spoke a local language to let us stay in one of her wooden chalets.
  • Misreading the sat-nav in Bosnia Herzegovina and ending up on roads fit only for a 4×4 in a beaten-up old Renault. No phone signal, no recovery and a weird amount of dead snakes on the dusty gravel road.

None of these would have happened in the city I can navigate, in a language, I’ve spoken for my entire life in a place I feel comfortable.

But they are stories that travel gave me, that enrich my life and I will remember for a lifetime.

2. Learning About Different Cultures

different cultures

A Buddhist temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand

There is simply no better way to understand a country and its culture than to go there.

I’m not trying to say for one minute that a two-week trip suddenly makes me an expert in the aeons-long history of a place and its people, but it certainly increases the knowledge quickly.

It also makes me realise how there are more things that make cultures similar than different. Even if a country feels a world apart, at its core people have the same values and desires – a healthy, happy family, somewhere safe to live, a job that helps them put food on the table and a life with purpose.

I always feel richer when I’ve spent time in a culture that I’m not used to, as the similarities make me realise how small the world is, but the differences help shake me out of my usual routines and grow my interests and understanding.

3. Meeting New People

A three-hour cooking course in Thailand, two of these people we’re still in touch with.

Relationships make life richer, that’s for sure, but in the rut of day-to-day life it’s not often we reach out and meet new people.

When travelling though, this is often different.

Travel pushes us out of our comfort zones and leaves us surrounded by people we don’t know.

4. A Real-Life Classroom

jimmy angkor guide

Learning about the bas reliefs at Angkor with our guide, Jimmy

Many people take their young family on the road with them, because they believe that travel can teach the practical that goes along with the theory of the classroom.

Geography, history, languages, religious studies – so many of these subjects can be experienced first-hand when in a different country.

This isn’t just applicable to children though, one of the things I love most about travel is slowly learning about a place. I find I remember so much more from seeing something than reading about it in a book.

Did you know for example:

  • More bombs were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War than on the whole of Europe during World War Two?
  • That Melbourne was originally called Batmania?
  • Malta is the only country in the world to have been awarded the George Cross?
  • There is a vial of Jesus’ blood stored in a church in Bruges?

Just a few random bits of knowledge that have collected in my brains whilst exploring, none of which I would be likely to have found out unless I’d been there.

5. Self Reflection

man looking out of train window in thailand

The man sitting opposite me on a train to the Khao Yai National Park in Thailand

Travel certainly isn’t always exciting. There are long periods of getting from one place to another or waiting for a flight/bus/camel/beer that gives space for the brain to run wild..

It’s in these periods that I have time to reflect that I don’t seem to be able to find in the busy grind of normal life.

It was on a trip to Seychelles that Becca and I took the time to chat and decided to take our first sabbatical, three months off work exploring Southeast Asia.

It was on the sabbatical that I accepted a job in Australia, that’s led to us starting a new life on the other side of the planet.

Never underestimate how self reflection can help you take a few steps forward in your life I find travel gives me this time that has led to decisions that have truly made my life richer.

6. Accomplishment

How Many Countries Are There in the World?

The countries of the world – learn more about the classification here

Travel can make you feel richer, by accomplishing things you’ve not done before.

These accomplishments can be list-based such as the obvious ticking countries off a list (I cover this more in ‘How Many Countries Are There to Visit?‘) or setting other travel goals relating to your passions such as visiting UNESCO Heritage Sites, running marathons in different locations or visiting football stadiums.

There might be other things you wish to accomplish through travel though. I have a big list here of different reasons to take a sabbatical which covers lots of inspiration for travel accomplishments. This could be everything from using the trip to help learn a new language, to finding the perfect location to take a divemaster course.

Whatever it is, travelling can certainly lead to accomplishments that make your life richer in the long run.

7. Recording Where You’ve Been

recording in a notebook seychelles

Taking notes on a boat in Seychelles

For many people, myself included, travel can be the catalyst that ignites a new hobby.

I started off my recording my cycling trips on a small blog, which then turned into a travel blog in my own name, before eventually growing into this site you see before you today.

My love of photography has also blossomed thanks to travel, with my shutter-competence pushed forward by new destinations and wanting to have detailed images to go with my memories.

Whether it’s a small notebook, a map-based blogging site like Tripline (here’s my Tripline map from our Southeast Asia sabbatical) or starting a new Instagram account to share your journey with friends and family, recording your adventures can be the start of something new, or serve as an account that you can look back on for a lifetime.

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Other Things You Can Buy That Make You Richer

Charity or Gifts for Others

“If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap.  If you want happiness for a day, go fishing.  If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune.  If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.” 

Chinese proverb

That act of selflessly giving to make others happy is definitely something that enriches your life.

It’s been proven in multiple studies that selfless acts of giving time, money or helping someone activate the same part of the brain sex does. It’s a pleasure response that not only enriches the life or lives of the people you’re helping, but also yours.

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Whether it is in the form of books, courses or education, knowledge is something you can spend money on which will enrich your life.

Money doesn’t have to be invested into formal education to yield results, just investing in a course that will help you learn more about your hobbies and interests can make a huge difference. I’ve taken online courses on photography, blogging and marketing that have helped me learn more about the things I enjoy (though always work through all the free content available on YouTube first as some of this is just as good!).

Recommended Reading: My Favourite Books of All Time


Some of the greatest investments I’ve made in life have been in my own health. Whether it be finally getting professional help with my anxiety, seeing a dentist after 10 years of not bothering (yes, I am a terrible human being) or paying a coach to take my running to the next level – investing in your own health truly does make your richer.

Many of us dream of living a long life, but what is that worth if we’re not flexible enough to sit down and play with our Grandkids, alert enough to engage in meaningful conversation or fit enough to get out of the house.

Having a rich life involves much more than just living for a long time and I have found every investment I’ve made in my own (and my family’s) health has paid back multiple times.


This is a little more literal that the others, but good investing is something that does turn money into more money, making your bank balance grow.

I learned early on that spending money on things erodes wealth, but setting aside as much as I could to invest will grow wealth in the long-term, giving me more choices on what I do later in life.

This is certainly not an investment blog, so I am not going to offer any advice other than – look up the value of compound interest. If you can find the money to set aside it will pay you back in the long run.

Recommended Reading: The Power of Compound Interest and Why It Pays to Start Saving Now

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travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer 2

travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer 3

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At first sight, you may feel confused about this line, «Travel is the Only Thing You Buy that Makes You Richer,» and simply respond, «Are you sure?» But when you think about it more deeply, you can know the essence of these 11 words.

Many people define being rich as having a lot of money or assets. From the financial aspect, travel is usually a big expense and causes a reduction in your assets, but it really gives you many invaluable things that make you richer in many aspects like experience, knowledge, friendship, etc. Here I will detail 10 good reasons why travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

1. Travel gives you priceless memories

Travelling is all about the memories that you create along the way. These memories stay with you forever. Years later, when you look back, you will still remember the cool breeze blowing through your hair as you strolled along the fantastic beach in the Maldives, the majestic Taj Mahal lit by the golden light during sunrise in India, the cute giant pandas you touched closely in China, etc. These memories will bring a smile to your face.

2. Travel enriches your knowledge 

When traveling, you will gain a lot of knowledge that cannot be learned from books or in school. Education through travel is more fun and rewarding, and it also opens up more opportunities for you. With the world as your teacher, you can learn more important things, like some life skills, in a diverse way.

3. Travel enriches your experiences 

Travelling is the best way to gain new experiences. When you travel, you enrich your experience of life and the world and gradually learn from each unique experience that may change your life. These experiences will lead you to an interesting and rich life full of different adventures and opportunities.

4. Travel shows you rich cultures

During travel, you enlighten yourself about different cultures. When you visit a new place, you will meet people of different cultures, see how they live, and then talk to them. Then you will get to learn about their culture, traditions, history, language, and arts and crafts that are new to you. You will also learn about the food and fashion habits of the people living in that place.

5. Travel extends your horizons

As the writer, Marcel Proust says, «The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.» Travel teaches you about the good and bad parts of a world you don’t know much about and lets you meet a wide range of people. Travel gives you a peek into what the rest of the world is like and an opportunity to experience the lives of a million others for a moment. Soon you will find that you no longer have a narrow-minded attitude toward life or people.

6. Travel brings precious friendships

You meet so many people along your journey, make friends with them, and also share thoughts and experiences with each other. You will gradually become an expert in making friends and will have friends everywhere you go. These friends will influence you in some way, and you will keep in touch with most of them for a lifetime.

7. Travel deepens the bond with your family

You will experience many moments of bonding during travel. You will solve difficult problems against the odds or face bad weather with your family members, as well as create wonderful travel memories together. You will feel a sense of connection and togetherness. If you are going through a rough patch, traveling also gives you room to mend relationships. With good company, no road is too long.

8. Travel helps you know more about yourself

Travel allows you to learn about more than just the places you visit, but, more importantly, it allows you to learn about yourself. During travel, you learn how much you are capable of and how much more you can do when you face new circumstances and encounter new problems. Travel brings out your hidden talents and skills that, until now, you were unaware of.

9. Travel satisfies your curiosity about the world 

You are curious to see the world and to learn about other cities, countries, and cultures. But you’ll never accomplish anything if you stay in your comfort zone. So you step out of your comfort zone and start traveling. You will always be open to trying something new. Your wanderlust will be satisfied in the most beautiful and exotic locations on the planet.

10. Travel is a good investment

Travel is an investment that cannot be snatched from you by anyone, just like education. What can traveling teach you? Patience, kindness, openness, worldliness, the first-hand education of cultures, languages, morals, values, and ethics—these surely will be beneficial to you in the future. It also likes to invest memories in your head.

Travel makes you richer in many ways that you will realize only after you have traveled. Why not plan a private tour now?

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I havent thought of a title yet but let me know

Semester at Sea Essay
One of my favorite quotes is, «Travel is the only thing that you can buy, that makes you richer.» This quote is significant to my life in multiple ways. I was raised and born in a family of four about an hour outside of Philadelphia. One would say my upbringing was very conservative and fulfilled the stereotype of the «American Dream» lifestyle. After spending 18 years in the same house and the same small town, I left to attend school in Cincinnati, OH which is over 500 miles away. This transition in my life instilled a fire inside of me. A fire to see what the world has to offer, a fire to completely immerse myself in culture and history and a fire that could only be put out by learning, doing and seeing. My global perspective has only been shaped by what I’ve been taught in school. The information I have learned is not sufficient enough for me. I want to see first hand how other cultures live their day to day lives. I want to completely immerse myself in the history and the art of places I’ve always dreamed of traveling to. I believe that the best way of learning is to experience it and to do it for your self. By traveling to twelve different countries, it will allow me to develop awareness of my own culture through comparison and contrast with other cultures. I will get the chance to broaden my education and broaden my perspective by not only gaining information that educates my awareness, but by seeing how other people view the world also. These experiences will allow me to form my own views and opinions on the world. As a marketing major the ability to see what other people need and want will help me immensely. Through observing different cultures I will learn how other people outside of the U.S. live and by observing their markets and trends, I will gain knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to learn in a classroom.

This trip will not only fulfill my dreams of traveling and learning other cultures but I will get the opportunity to fulfill one of my passions, philanthropic work. Poverty is a topic we all hear about and have learned about, but not many have witnessed it. By visiting a place such as Ghana, I will be able to gain insight on the alarming conditions that are actually taking place there. By seeing this poverty first hand it will make me want to make a difference and do service projects. Understanding how extreme poverty is, is critical in building connections to those who have been in similar situations. To witness these conditions will definitely widen my global perspective and awareness. Semester at Sea will provide me with life long knowledge and experiences that will make a positive impact on my life and who I am. My dream is to fully immerse myself into many different cultures to broaden my view on the world and I think Semester at Sea is the perfect way to fulfill that dream of mine. The fire that I have inside to learn, see and do can only be extinguished through this opportunity.

I was raised and born in a family of four about an hour outside of Philadelphia.

I think the number of your family members is irrelevant.

you have repeated your idea. and i barely see a structure here. try to make at least 3 paragraphs. Here i can see that, you can divide this in to 4 paragraphs.

Paragraph 1 — Hook, paraphrased prompt, and your view. ( i think you have given a interesting hook here, but your prompt is not clear)
Paragraph 2 — start it from here «This transition in my life instilled a fire inside of me…»
Paragraph 3 —
Paragraph 4 — conclusion «Semester at Sea will provide me ….»

I hope this is helpful, anyway this is only my opinion, as i am a student, i could be wrong 🙂
on the other hand i really felt your urge to travel 🙂

Mod’s comment:Making two comments one after another is not allowed — please use the edit option and add what you need instead

In my previous posts I have gathered some tips about booking flights. Now I want to slow things down a bit and go back to basics. Why do I love travelling so much and why am I writing about it?

For me travelling has always been a lifestyle. Ever since I was little, my family used to go for a big trip at least once a year. When I was a kid, the trips were mainly to resorts in the Mediterranean, but as I grew older, the trips turned into more and more city trips. From there on, I’ve been hooked on travelling. So what is it about the travels that excites me so much?

As I started to write this post, I really had to stop for a second and think what it actually is that makes me so happy about travelling. I’m not able to pinpoint just one or two things and they are hard to put down in words, but I will try.

I’ve been doing most of my travelling by flying, and I realized that my excitement for the trip starts already when arriving to the airport. I know many people that hate airports, but for me airports are a happy place as it usually means that I’m about to experience something new. There is just something special about airports… The atmosphere is full of anticipation and excitement – people going on holidays, going to visit their families or about to move to another country. As part of my routine, I enjoy being at the airport a bit earlier to be able to sit down for a bit, have a glass of wine and just enjoy the moment before heading to the departure gate.

However, I don’t travel just for the sake of being at the airport. The greatest part of travelling is of course the destination. Every town, city and country I have visited has had its own charm and uniqueness. And that is exactly what attracts me in travelling. Whether you are walking at the Colosseum in Rome, looking at the ruins of the Berlin wall, or simply sipping wine at the Como lake, every impression is something you won’t be able to experience anywhere else. But the uniqueness doesn’t need to be something that extravagant either. Every country, city and town has their own ambience that can create a unique experience.

The overall atmosphere is something that can either make or break the trip. I personally have had some amazing trips, some mediocre trips and some trips that just were not successful for one reason or another. But the trips that were amazing had something in common – and that was the overall ambience.

Another thing – although connected to the uniqueness – that fascinates me about travelling, is experiencing something new, whether it’s nature, sights, culture, or food. Every trip is different and has its own purpose: If you go to a city with a lot of well-known sights such as Paris, you will most likely spend most of your time sightseeing. If you go to Scandinavian Lapland, you will most likely go there for the nature, and if you go to Italian countryside, you do so to enjoy good wine and Italian food. Whatever the purpose of the trip, it’s important to experience something new. If I visit a place that I’ve never been to before, that will automatically happen but there are also several cities which I’ve visited more than once. In that case, I usually do some research to find new things I haven’t seen or done.

Sometimes these new experiences can leave you at awe. It doesn’t matter how many pictures of a sight or landmark you have seen , seeing it with your own eyes is a hundred time better. The feeling of seeing something so spectacular that it makes you speechless, this is the feeling that I grave for when I travel.

What you gain from travelling is not tangible, it is a feeling or memory. Taking pictures may help to remember your trips, but let’s be honest: how many of us scroll through images from a trip to Venice 3 years ago? The most valuable memories are in your head, and that is what I seek with travelling, filling my head with happy memories and images from different places.

So, going back to the title of this article, for me travelling really is the one thing that I can buy that makes me richer. Not in the sense of money – but in terms of experiences.

So, why am I writing about it?

Being a student and only working part-time, my budget is obviously tighter compared to when I worked full-time. However, as I still need to fulfil my urge to travel frequently, I am eager to find ways to save money when travelling or finding budget options to my normal travels. I realized that I am not the only one struggling with this, so as I’m discovering various budget travel options, I also want to share my findings and tips with you.

Are there any other (budget) travel junkies out there? Leave a comment about what it is about travelling that gets you going!


All pictures by Lotta Keski-Mäenpää

The idea of traveling, for many people, seems like a pipe dream that they can only fantasize about. Some people think that traveling is reserved for a privileged few who belong to the highest income brackets. Surrounded by your own and others’ thoughts about the matter, you may start to feel like you are in an unending disciplinary hearing. You may start questioning whether it is “responsible” to invest in your own growth and happiness.

Are You Escaping Life, Or Is Life Escaping You?

If you prioritize travel in your life, many people will sit you down and point out the problems with your plan’s practicalities. They will try to tell you where you should “invest” your financial resources “for your own sake.” You may be constantly named, shamed and blamed for being irrational or for using travel to escape your reality. Contrary to those expressed sentiments, if you immerse yourself in a monotonous routine of work, sleep, eating, and weekends, life will escape you[1] because you will never experience the extraordinary. Instead, invest in a journey of a lifetime. You will have experiences money can’t buy.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.[2]

Giving Up on Your Inner Desires?

Many people are held back by the stifling belief that they need to be “money wise,” so they end up “settling” and never fulfilling their inner desires. These people sit back thinking about their dream getaway, but then they hold back on reaching for it.

When you have to work yourself into a state of excitement rather than naturally experiencing joy and passion, you’re probably settling.[3]

Travelling is a journey of the soul. The benefits are immeasurable. When you travel, you are awakened into self-discovery, you conquer fears, and you let go of burdensome stress. Numerous benefits come from taking journeys that are not just vacations or preplanned getaways but journeys of discovery.[4]

“Should Haves” and “Could Haves”

After years have passed, we look back and we regret what we did not do more than what we did wrong. What we did wrong just added to our life lessons. Our deepest regrets come from keeping ourselves locked down into practicalities, calculating time and money spent, and halting our own plans to break free. The love, the gratification, and the joy that embrace you when you travel will make sure you stop focusing on how much money or time you’ve spent on the endeavor.

Travel – A Tool of Self-Development

We are all surrounded by a plethora of life difficulties, and we work hard to change this, that and the other. And, it takes effort and hard work to make big changes with persistence. No one has the mental energy to make all the changes that they should. We each create a long list of resolutions each New Year’s, but we end up overwhelmed by all we’d hoped to achieve.

⌄ Scroll down to continue reading article ⌄

⌄ Scroll down to continue reading article ⌄

Travel is a pathway that will help you realize your self-improvement goals.

All of us contemplate where we are heading. Then comes a new day, and another. All the things we desire to do pile up, and it seems we are always waiting for the right time. Taking the initiative to travel now can help you achieve many goals, such as:

  • learning new languages
  • managing social situations
  • exploring cuisine
  • encountering new literature
  • keeping the mind and the body active

When you find yourself in a foreign country, you learn how to communicate even if you don’t know the local languages. You figure out how to navigate, you make new friends, and you learn how to coexist with others and how to solve a stream of problems. The experience will boost your confidence in your ability to handle unexpected situations in a new setting.

Face It: Life Becomes What You Allow It to Become

As Mark Manson writes,

“Most people assume that they suffer because of the negative aspects of themselves. But, the real reason they suffer is because they avoid those negative aspects of themselves, not the fact they have them.”[5]

You lie back on silent nights staring at the walls and agonize, “where did life go? Where was it m

We’ve all heard it said that travel broadens the mind, and it’s an extremely accurate and descriptive cliché – mainly because it’s true. You can gain far more knowledge from one year travelling the planet than you can in ten years looking at a textbook, which is probably why more and more parents are “home” schooling their children while on a trip around the world. But perhaps the most useful knowledge you will gain when you’re on the road will be about yourself. In this day and age, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings coupled with an over-reliance on western medical principles, has managed to suck the life out of many people – and many of those people don’t honestly see a way out of it. But the answer is as plain as the nose on your face – go travelling.


You can gain far more knowledge from one year travelling the planet than you can in ten years looking at a textbook.

In today’s blog post, we, as long-term globetrotters and travel buddies, are going to give you our thoughts on how travelling will make you a better person, and why you need it – even if you think you don’t.

Feeding elephants Agness and Cez of Etramping

Go explore the world, meet people, feed elephants and be happy!

Why we should all travel

Mark Twain said “…travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness…” and he was not wrong! We live in a world that is blighted by racism, hatred and xenophobia – but these negativities are born from misunderstanding and fear – which can be fought with education and courage. Stepping out your front door to travel the big wide world might be utterly terrifying, but it will ultimately lead you on a path of acceptance, serenity and mindfulness. And not only is travelling fatal to the hatred of other cultures, it’s also fatal to your own insecurities, depression, low self-esteem and anxieties. In short, there is basically no disadvantages to travelling – so you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. We’ve provided a handy guide below to assist you.

Agness of Etramping in Zurich

Stepping out your front door to travel the big wide world will ultimately lead you on a path of acceptance, serenity and mindfulness.

Who would benefit from travelling? Everyone.

Who wouldn’t benefit from travelling? No one.

It’s literally that simple. So, what exactly will you gain?

Life Skills

Travelling, especially travelling solo, is a sure-fire way to improve your life skills. You’ll develop more than just an acute sense of direction when you’re on the road. Everything from timekeeping to understanding currencies, to knowing how to negotiate packed train stations carrying everything you own on your back. You’ll learn how to solve problems, how to think critically and quickly, how to adapt to any situation and how to communicate effectively. You’ll also learn the vital skill of empathy – which is much needed in today’s society. And by the end of this strip, you’ll know how to peel a potato properly – a significantly underrated skill to possess!

cooking, scrambled egg, forest

Travelling can teach you how to cook and survive in the wild.

Instant Stress Buster

Sure, travelling can provide you with its own kind of stress, but with a bit of practice and advice (stick with us) you’ll be hopping around the globe like a pro in no time. And travelling is an amazing stress buster – especially if you learn to let go, clear your mind and enjoy the sights and surroundings you find yourself in. Stepping out of a frantic office and onto a beach somewhere does wonders for your blood pressure, and for your zest and energy for life.

Agness of Etramping is eating a waffle in Brussels

Travelling makes me happy or … just a waffle with whipped cream on top 🙂

Endorphin Release

Travel, much like exercise, is the best way to combat anxiety, depression and other negative thoughts that might plague you in your life. Getting out into the big wide world and seeing new things, making new memories and having new experiences will release those all-important endorphins into your brain – which help to beat the black dog and his friends. Keeping on the move keeps the negativities occupied, and you’ll be amazed at how such simple distraction can make you feel. Travel makes you happy.

Education, Education, Education

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, someone once said. There are also books – but the idea is there. You’ll learn so much more from experiencing a country first hand than you will reading a book about it. Learning about new peoples, countries and cultures by actually visiting them is the number one way to destroy xenophobia and bigotry. And you’re likely to be a smarter, funnier, more entertaining dinner guest in the process. Maybe.


Learning about new peoples, countries and cultures by actually visiting them is the number one way to destroy xenophobia and bigotry.

Friend Magnet

Arguably one of the best things about travelling is all the friends you make along the way. You might think that you have friends now, and some of them might very well be with you for the long haul. But there’s no accounting for the characters you meet when you’re moving from place to place, and you’ll discover genuine, life-long friendships from people that you might only get to know for a few days! Such is the power of travelling and the shared experience – you all have something in common, and that’s something you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Happy people during the elephant tour

You can meet awesome people on the road, create unique bonds and even find your second half 🙂

It’s All About the Confidence!

There’s nothing quite like the sense of achievement when you return home from a long period of travel or accomplish something marvellous while you’re still on the road. And with that feeling comes a renewed sense of confidence. Whether you were busting with it in the first place or a timid little wallflower, travelling will breed a confidence that will encourage you to achieve anything in your life – and not let anyone bring you down along the way. Go get ‘em, tiger!

Agness cruising
Take a control of your life and be more confident – that’s what travelling taught me.

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Governments and the media spoon feed us all with a skewed sense of reality regarding other countries, attempting to instil fear, control populations and divide nations. The best way to beat them at this game? Travelling! A journey to a country that has a bad reputation at home will often surprise you with just how beautiful it is and how hospitable the people are. Especially the likes of North Korea or Iran. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to return with the truth – and with the ability to speak out against lies and propaganda when you hear it.

Tour guides in North Korea

Memorable moment from North Korea.

A Polished Resume

An often-overlooked advantage of travelling is how much more employable it makes you. We’re not just talking jobs in the industry – although seeing 65 countries plus is a big advantage there – but in all walks of life and in all occupations. Employers will be impressed by all those aforementioned life skills you’ve picked up along the way, and communication is an essential skill for most companies these days. A boss won’t see a gap year student as a bum, rather someone with a thirst for knowledge about the world – and the skills to go in search of it. That’ll certainly give you an advantage over someone who has never left their hometown!

It Doesn’t Stop!

This is literally all we have time for, but the list is not exhaustive. Travelling benefits you in so many more ways, and sometimes the fun part is discovering just how much you can learn and develop as a person when you’re out there experiencing it. You’ll return a bigger, brighter, stronger, more confident, knowledgeable and understanding version of the person who set foot out into the unknown all those days, weeks, months or years before. And that is absolutely priceless.

What have you learned while travelling? Let us know your best stories!


travel is the only thing you buy in life that makes you richer

This is one of my new favorite quotes about travel : Travel is the only thing you buy in life that makes you richer 

Sometimes I think about all of the places I have gone and all of the things I have done, and I wonder what I would have done with that money if I hadn’t spent it on travel.

Granted, I used to be able to spend a lot more on travel than I do now. Back in the days when I worked a full time job and carefully budgeted my travel funds, I went on cruises, couple’s weekend getaways to Key West — I thought nothing of jumping on a plane to NYC to go shopping at H&M with my best friend on Memorial Day weekend.

Seeing the sights, dining in new restaurants, making new friends — those things made me so happy. I came home and shopped on the clearance section of my favorite department stores, made dinner at home on most nights and packed a lunch to work in order to be able to spend what I wanted, when I wanted, while I was traveling. It worked for me. 

Of course my life is much different now, and with Chris changing positions at work this month and no longer traveling for business — which means we are losing that hefty travel expense payment in his paycheck — I am having a bit of a panic attack over the thought of no longer being able to travel. Sure, with his salary and my blogging income, we will be comfortable — don’t worry, we aren’t going to have to turn off the cable or anything crazy like that! But those trips I take throughout the year, funded by my blog earnings? That money will now have to go to more sensible things, like replacing the dryer that is threatening to die on me at any moment. Or to pay off the new refrigerator that we just bought — on store credit — because our 20 year old refrigerator died in September.

I began pushing myself as a blogger, attempting to earn as much as possible through my website in order to put away as much money as possible so that when Chris’s position changed, we would have a little nest egg. Well, he has stopped traveling and I had that little nest egg sitting in my PayPal account…I bought a ticket for Type A Parent Conference for Sept 2013, a ticket for the TBEX Conference in Toronto in June, thinking that I had enough saved that I would at least be able to attend those two events and explore Atlanta and Toronto…

And then I used every cent of it to pay off a credit card.

How practical of me, right?

If there is anything that my travels have taught me over the years, it is that traveling is even more fun when you are happy when the trip is over and look forward to returning home.

So I have a different outlook on travel for 2013. My home is my main priority (and paying off that new fridge), and travel comes second. Of course, if I am invited on any trips for blogging purposes, I will gladly accept, but I have only two trips tentatively planned for 2013: taking my daughter on a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines for her 16th birthday — that’s what she wants instead of a Sweet 16 party, and we put down a deposit on two future cruises earlier this year while we were on a cruise for spring break so it’s partly paid for…

The other trip? The TBEX Europe Conference…in Dublin, Ireland.

That’s right, Ireland.

I want to go so badly that I can feel it in my bones. My soul aches to step foot in Europe — dude, drinking a beer in the UK is number 9 on my travel bucket list, after all!

I will be saving every spare penny to make these two trips happen, as well as attempting to gain sponsorship for the TBEX blogging conference.

Giving my daughter a birthday that she will never forget, aboard our favorite cruise line? Going to Europe for the first time to hone my craft?

Like the quote says, travel is the only thing in you buy life that makes you richer.

Jenn, AKA «The Rebel Chick,» is a single woman who strives to help her readers live their best lives possible. Whether it be through sharing new recipes, sharing her dating stories, or encouraging people to embrace adventure and travel, she aims to inspire people to live full, happy and authentic lives.

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