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We don`t imagine our lives without Internet. We can find all necessary information there. We use popular services and sources every day. One of the most popular sources is social nets. A social network is a very useful invention of the 21st century. Nowadays millions of people use social networks. It is an Internet site that gives us a chance to support various contacts, keep friendly relationships with classmates, acquaintances. More functional social nets allow watching photos and video films, to listen to music and so on. There is a possibility to enter different interesting groups. There exist social nets connecting people according to a general interest, for example, computer games players are combined into a social net.

People got used to surfing on the Internet because it is quick and very easy to discover any wish. You don`t need to think of suggestions and ideas. At least what you need is to be able to type correctly. I think social networks help disabled and lonely people very much. They can create an account and start communicating with other identical partners. Most of social networks are used by people to meet friends with similar interests and hobbies. Very often close — minded persons find each other on the Internet. Although people live far away from one another any network can unite them. However why are social networks so widespread and widely used? As we live in an era where technology is at its peak and is in constant development, things like reading books on the internet, shopping online and communication with contacts around the globe, which were impossible a hundred years ago, are now part of everyday life. The most vital part of today’s world is speed – the speed of acquiring information.

The appeal of social networks lies firstly in their accessibility – the registration on most of the popular social networks is free of charge. Accessibility and ease of use is what makes sites such as Facebook and MySpace appealing. Secondly social networks create the possibility to connect with friends, acquaintances or even strangers across the world, which is vital in the modern world. While during the pre-internet era communication required countless amounts of time, energy and money then today it is only a click away. In addition social networks allow people to monitor the social developments of their ‘friend list’. Finally, in addition to fulfilling the task of a social network, sites such as Facebook, provide entertainment for their users. Take for instance the Facebook applications, which feature all kinds of quizzes and games for the users. And so numbers of users of Facebook are millions.

Writing and receiving correspondence with the help of post is a long process. It takes time and money. More over a letter can be lost. But e-mail can`t be lost and doesn`t take much time. A social network is a very useful invention of the 21st century. Thanks to modern technologies people can not only write different kinds of letters to their partners all over the world, but talk and see them by means of a web camera. But on the other hand, social networks are a great trouble. They made people forget traditional heart-to-heart talk. Sometimes you can`t see the eyes of your partners and feel their emotions. Besides, social networks are full of aggressive, cruel, violent and dangerous videos for children.

Many uncertain persons try to raise their self-confidence using social networks. It can be said that on the internet, namely on social networking sites you can never be certain of who is «listening». I believe networks can be used by adult people and children at the age of fourteen and up. As for me, I use social networks with great pleasure as they give me a helping hand with my self-education and communication.

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Представлено сочинение на английском языке Социальные сети/ Social Media Networks с переводом на русский язык.

Social Media Networks Социальные сети
Lots of different services became available to make communication between people easier after the Internet was invented. One of the most interesting and useful services was a social media network. It’s well known that one of the first website was launched in the USA and was called Classmates that is translated as Odnoklassniki. It was so successful around the world that copies of this website were made in different countries including Russia as well. Then in the USA other social media networks were created such as LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook which became the most popular network up to this day and became a prototype for the most popular Russian network VKontakte. Then such giants were created as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. I would mention one more relatively new network called TikTok. После изобретения интернета стали появляться различные сервисы упрощающие общение между людьми. Одно из самых интересных и полезных изобретений была социальная сеть. Принято, что первый такой сайт был запущен в США и назывался Classmates, что переводится как одноклассники. После его успеха во многих странах мира стали появляться его клоны, в том числе и в России. Затем, в том же США, появились такие социальные сети как LinkedIn, MySpace и, особенно, Facebook, которая является одной из самых популярной сетей до сих пор и прототипом которой является самая популярная российская сеть Вконтакте. Далее появились такие гиганты как Ютуб, Инстаграм и Твиттер. Хочется упомянуть ещё одну, относительно недавно появившуюся сеть — TikTok.
As we can see there are lots of different social media platforms and all of them were created more or less for communications between people and self-expression. Usually network users can send a friend request or follow somebody, communicate, watch videos, see photos, read articles of other users, create groups depending on different interests, join other people’s groups and so on. Как мы видим, социальных сетей очень много, и все они, в том или иной мере, созданы для общения и для самовыражения людей. Чаще всего для пользователя сети возможны следующие функции — подружиться с другим пользователем или стать его подписчиком, общаться, смотреть видео, фото или статьи другого пользователя, создавать свои или вступать в другие группы пользователей по интересам и многое другое.
Social media networks offer lots of opportunities for business besides communication such as ideas promotion, talents searching etc. There are basically no companies that do not have at least one social media account. Many people already have become famous and rich thanks to social media platforms. Everyday millions of people are trying to become famous or create their own business online. Here are some bloggers that became famous due to social media in Russia: Yury Dud, Ilya Varlamov, Nikolay Sobolev, Stas Davidov, Eldar Jarakhov, Evgeny Bajenov etc. Социальные сети, кроме общения, предоставляют огромные возможности для бизнеса и продвижения свои идей, талантов и т.д. Практически не осталось компаний, которые не имеют своей странички хоть в одной социальной сети. Огромное количество людей уже стали знаменитыми и богатыми благодаря социальным сетям. Ежедневно, миллионы людей пытаются прославиться или создать бизнес в этих сервисах. Вот несколько известных блогеров в России, которые сделали себе имена в социальных сетях: Юрий Дудь, Илья Варламов, Николай Соболев, Стас Давыдов, Эльдар Джарахов, Евгений Баженов и многие другие.

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Social Networking

Social networking has developed to become one among the most influential elements of the web. However, despite how viral it is within the Western part of the globe, (particularly among the young adults), not every individual uses it or else understands it Social networking is the practice of expanding one’s social contacts or business through creating connections via persons, often via social media sites, for instance, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter among others (Cosmato, 2013). Accordingly, this understudy concentrates on shedding light on the advantages and disadvantages of social networking.

Advantages of Social Networking

One pro of social networking is the aptitude to connect to different individuals internationally (Cosmato, 2013). One can utilize Facebook to stay connected with old friends who have moved in different parts of the world, get on Google+ to keep in touch with family members who stay halfway around the globe. Also, one can meet new persons on Twitter from towns or regions that one has never heard of before.

Another pro is easy as well as prompt communication. Now that a person is connected wherever he goes, he does not have to depend on his answering machines, snail mail or landlines to contact somebody. One can easily use a computer or a smartphone and instantly begin communicating with any person on social platforms, such as, Facebook, or one among the diverse social messaging applications accessible.

Real-time news as well as information discovery is another advantage. Gone are the times of sticking around for the seven o’clock news to be aired on television or else for the delivery person to bring the daily paper in the morning. On the off chance that one needs to realize what is happening around the globe, one should simply use social networking media. A special reward is that one can customize his/her news as well as information discovery encounters through following precisely what one desires (Cosmato, 2013).

A great opportunity for entrepreneurs is another pro of social networking. Entrepreneurs and different sorts of professional associations may connect with current clients, sell their items and extend their reach utilizing online networking. Actually, there are numerous business owners as well as businesses out there which flourish completely on social networking and would not be in a position to work without it.

In addition, another advantage is general fun and satisfaction. One need to concede that social networking is simply fun once in a while. Many individuals find refuge in social networking when they get a break at job or simply need to relax while at home. Since individuals are normally social beings, it is frequently very fulfilling to see remarks and likes appear on one’s own posts, and it is helpful to have the capacity to see precisely what our pals are doing without asking them straightforwardly.

Disadvantages of Social Networking

One disadvantage is backlash.  A joke amid pals is one thing; however, a joke with rest of the universe is another thing. If potentially aggressive contents are posted online, the degree of feedback may be excessive, besides, is normally brutal. This is especially valid with profoundly opinionated topics, such as, religion and politics. Likewise, this backlash has a long-term effect upon an individual’s future, principally in a globe, which is greatly involved in over-sharing. Actually, even school understudies are realizing that comments they post via social media may impact whether a university accepts their admission application (AL-Tarawneh, 2014). During a time where selfies are currently the norm, over-sharing might be modifying our perspective through making a more opinionated outlook.

Crimes and cyber bullying against kids is a con of social networking. Utilization of social networks might expose individuals to diverse forms of harassment and wrong connection. This may be predominantly valid for teenagers. Unless parents diligently control online content accessible to their kids, children may be exposed towards explicit content, such as pornography. Other than releasing age-improper content, the computerized age additionally brought forth a social phenomenon, known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying may occur 24 hours on a daily basis. Adding to this domain of cyberbullying are the independent social networking sites which may raise the seriousness of the crime, following false warranty of privacy. The negative consequences include depression, stress and anxiety (Chu, & Kim, 2011).

Another disadvantage is risks of fraud and identity theft. Regardless, the information one post online is available to any person who is smart to retrieve it. Most criminals need a few basic bits of a person’s information towards making one’s life a living hell. If they successfully acquire a person’s identity, it can cost one dearly. Studies have shown that Millennials are among the quickest developing population to be targets (Chu, & Kim, 2011). This is connected towards the population’s solace with sharing almost everything on the web – including individual information.

Time consuming. Social networking is both time consuming as well as addictive. Simply keeping up to do the most recent updates consumes time that could be better used elsewhere. It is never more genuine than in a job situation where a ton of profitable time is lost since workers communicate online, download music, play online games and so on.

Social networking causes serious relationship problems (Chu, & Kim, 2011). Online interactions have not only started relationships, but they have also played a greater part in ending countless others. It is easy to communicate as well as share pictures with persons on social media plus keep them under wraps. This temptation causes complications in people’s life, offline relationship, frequently ending some for good. Further, social networking results to trust issues.

Sedentary lifestyle behaviors and sleep disruption. Finally, because social networking is done on either smartphone or computer, it can at times promote excessively sitting down for a really long time. Likewise, staring the phone screen or computer screen at night may adversely affect one’s ability to get a good sleep (AL-Tarawneh, 2014).


Social networking is the practice of expanding one’s social contacts or business through creating connections via persons, often via social media sites, for instance, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter among others. Some advantages of social networking include aptitude to connect to different individuals internationally, easy as well as prompt communication, real-time news as well as information discovery, a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, and general fun and satisfaction. Disadvantages of social networking include backlash, crimes and cyber bullying against kids, is risks of fraud and identity theft, time consuming, causes serious relationship problems and sedentary lifestyle behaviors and sleep disruption. As with any innovation, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it is solely in the user’s part to acquire the utmost possible advantage. Accordingly, one should be very careful on what he/she posts.


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