Virtual pets can replace real pets эссе

Undoubtedly, a host of inventions have been made recently, which have changed the existence of the humanity profoundly. Specialists tend to anticipate that in near future machines will totally penetrate our life.

I totally disagree with the statement above. I do believe that pets will never be replaced by atomised machines. Firstly, animals are a part of our ecosystem. If they vanish, nature will destabilise, which will influence our environment badly. Secondly, robots do not look so cute as pets do, subsequently, children will be afraid of machines. Finally, animals seem to feel people’s emotions and act in such a way to encourage a host or, on the contrary, to sympathize. Evidently, robots are not capable of it.

Nevertheless, there is another point of view on this issue. Some people claim that in the epoch of technologies they would rather have a robot than a real pet. Actually, hosts will not have to pay for special food, vaccines, clothes and stuff like that. Moreover, if a person becomes exhausted with robot s/he will just turn them off, which cannot be done with real animals.

However, I still insist on my opinion. Actually, a pet is supposed to be a friend of a human being, so it is not an object to save on.

In conclusion, I would like to stress once more that under no circumstances will people own robots instead of pets, because it is impossible to betray a friend. If people were not keen on keeping animals, now they all would use Tamagotchi.

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Virtual pets

котенок в игре

Modern technology is penetrating all areas of everyday life. Nowadays, you can even have a virtual pet, for this, you just need to buy an appropriate gadget and press buttons on it that perform the functions of feeding, walking, etc. And these pets have many fans. Why do virtual animals attract people?

Among the benefits of virtual pets, many say they are easier to care for. Firstly, they do not need to be regularly walked on the street or in the yard, as happens, for example, with dogs, whose owners have to get up early and, regardless of any weather conditions, leave the apartment. And after returning from work, instead of lying on the couch, they again have a walk with a four-legged friend. Secondly, keeping a virtual pet is much cheaper since you do not need to buy expensive feed or visit a veterinarian. Also, the virtual pet will not chew on your favorite sofa or leave shreds of fur on the armchair.

But the owners of virtual puppies or cats will be deprived of the lively joy of communicating with their pets, since electronic devices will not jump on their laps, will not bark joyfully when they appear, will not listen carefully to their owners when they talk about something intimate with them … They will not share their joy, warmth, and will not bring your house slippers in their teeth.

To summarize, we can say that there are both pros and cons to keeping virtual pets. If you live in a small apartment and do not have free time, then perhaps an electronic gadget instead of a real animal is what you need. And if you do not have enough live communication, then a living being will certainly make your life brighter.


Современные технологии проникают во все сферы повседневной жизни. В наше время можно даже завести виртуального питомца, для этого необходимо лишь купить соответствующий гаджет и нажимать на нем кнопки, выполняющие функции кормления, прогулки и т.д. И у таких домашних любимцев много поклонников. Почему виртуальные животные привлекают людей?

Среди преимуществ виртуальных питомцев многие говорят о том, что за ними легче ухаживать. Во-первых, их не нужно регулярно выгуливать на улице или во дворе, как это происходит, к примеру, с собаками, чьим владельцам приходится рано вставать и, не взирая ни на какие погодные условия, покидать квартиру. А вернувшись с работы вместо того, чтобы полежать на диване, им снова предстоит прогулка с четвероногим другом. Во-вторых, содержание виртуального питомца обходится значительно дешевле поскольку не надо покупать дорогих кормов или посещать ветеринара. Также виртуальный питомец не будет грызть ваш любимый диван или оставлять клочья шерсти на кресле.

Но владельцы виртуальных щенков или котиков будут лишены живой радости общения со своими питомцами, так как электронные устройства не запрыгнут к ним на колени, не залают радостно при их появлении, не станут внимательно слушать своих хозяев, когда те беседуют о чем-то сокровенным с ними. Они не поделятся своей радостью, теплом и не принесут в зубах ваших домашних тапочек.

Подводя итог, мы можем сказать, что в содержании виртуальных питомцев есть как плюсы, так и минусы. Если вы живете в маленькой квартирке и у вас нет свободного времени, то возможно, электронный гаджет вместо реального животного – это то, что вам нужно. А если вам не хватает живого общения, то живое существо, наверняка, сделает вашу жизнь ярче.

In future robots will replace pets as people’s companions.

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 There is a well known fact, that robots are modern technology that can help people in everyday life. Some people think that in the near future they will not have to get a pet because of robots. While others are agains it and think that nothing and no one can replace a real domestic pet. Let me speculate what makes them think so.

      In my opinion, it is absolutely impossible even imagine that robots can replace our little domestic friends. To start with, robots are totally artificial, they feel nothing and can not understand real feelings. Also their emotions are unnatural and sometimes it can be annoying. Moreover, they can not be our companions because of special programs inside them and in one day it might be broken. 


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Can you ever be attached to a virtual dog?

Well, the trend certainly does seem to indicate that you can. A quick glimpse on online virtual dog forums reveals thousands of emotional comments and well wishes if a virtual pet gets sick or is on the verge of bidding adieu to the virtual world.

There have been incidences of people holding funerals for their dead Tamagotchi pets when it died due to neglect or just because the owner accidentally dropped the handheld device into water.

A theory suggests that we are already living in an overpopulated world, the population of which is all set to cross 10 billion people by the year 2050. In such a world, owning a pet will soon become a luxury that only a select few have access to.

In such times, a virtual dog is the closest that you can get to the real thing. People are already accepting this fact and adapting to this change.

Further, if you are allergic to a real dog, are just scared of one, are bedridden or just don’t have the space or the resources to have a pet at home, then a virtual dog is being labelled as the best option for you. It is low on maintenance and can supposedly trigger the same emotions that a real dog does.

However, experts warn against this trend and opine that this can very well alter the way humans interact with real animals. Think about it, if you are living with a virtual pet that does not exist in the real world, that does not need air to breathe, food to eat or water to drink, you’d just get adapted to living with it, the way we cannot imagine a world without a smartphone device now.

Where does that place a real pet? It would seem to many, like one huge hassle that is so not-worth the effort.

Also, in the near future, the world of virtual dogs will feature artificial intelligence that will allow the pet to think and respond according to the behavior of the pet parent. Depending on an artificial intelligence based robot for emotional bonding or companionship, may well be the most disastrous thing that can ever happen to mankind.

Why real dogs cannot ever be replaced

Everything said and done, it is impossible to ever replace the joy and the many perks that come with owning a real dog. No virtual dog, no matter how flawlessly it is designed can ever replicate the innocent wet muddy eyes that can melt away the stress irrespective of how bad your day was.

A virtual pet may ‘pretend’ to jump and wag their tail in joy as you turn on the computer. But in the end, that’s all that is there to it. It is nothing but pretense. On the other hand, no one will be happier than your dog as you reach home after a tiring day at work. If you have owned a dog before, then you know what we are talking about. If you don’t, then you have no idea what you are missing out on.

That’s not all. Dog owners are more resistant to disease, have lesser allergies, are happier, have better cardiac health, get more exercise and have a better social life as compared to people who have never owned a dog.

If all these aren’t motivating enough, then maybe this will.

If convenience is the reason why you are seeking a virtual pet, then you might be surprised to know that owning a real dog is extremely easy. Probably easier. There are a lot of purported myths about how a virtual dog is better than the real thing. We figured that it’s time to do some myth busting.


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Effective essay. Writing course.

Teacher V. Sinitsyna


DID YOU KNOW? A Buddhist temple in Japan has held funeral ceremonies for around 800

broken Aibo robot dogs in the past five years.

Homework: Read the article “Are robotic pets better than real ones” in the week junior and take a position on the issue. (see Supplement 1)

Topic: Robotic pets are better than real ones.

Question: Do you agree or disagree? Task: Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Pre-writing: read and consider the topic, question and task carefully. Before you write, give a personal response to the topic and plan your writing.

Discussion: Discuss these questions and brainstorm the positive and negative aspects of each opinion, complete the table.

  • What are the advantages of having a robotic pet? What are the disadvantages?

  • What are the advantages of having a real dog or cat? What are the disadvantages?

Having a pet



Having a real pet

Having a robotic pet

TIP 3: «hook,» is an interesting statement that catches the reader’s attention. Hooks can use humor, descriptive language, or clever questions to get the reader’s attention.

Plan: What structure are you going to opt for? (Supplement ).

For/against plan outline looks like this:

I. Introduction.

1. Current situation. Introduce the topic (use a “hook” question or a quote)


2. Short general answer to the question. (Mention both opinions.)


II. Main paragraph 1: Discuss the idea of keeping real pets

Advantages: Reason 1_______________________________________________


Reason 2 __________________________________________________________

Support ___________________________________________________________


III. Main paragraph 2: Discuss the idea of keeping a robotic pet

Topic sentence (benefits) _____________________________________________

Reason 1/example___________________________________________________

Reason 2__________________________________________________________

Support ___________________________________________________________


IV. Conclusion

1. Summarize the main points ________________________________________

2. Express your opinion, recommend or predict___________________________

Write your essay: use the outline, facts from the article and your own ideas

See Supplement 2 “coherence and cohesion” to help readers follow and understand your ideas and to convince them.

Post-writing: revise and edit


What you need to know

  • Robot pets have developed a lot in the past few decades. Now technology

companies such as Sony and AIST are developing robot pets using artificial

intelligence (AI).

  • AI machines mimic human intelligence. They can “learn” from their environment

and make their own decisions.

  • Some of these robot pets are equipped with cameras so that owners can use

them to keep watch at home.

  • Kiki is one recent robot pet, made by the company Zoetic AI, that is proving to be popular. It looks like a cat with pointy ears and big eyes. It is designed to “understand how you’re feeling.”

Last week, a US technology company called Boston Dynamics started selling its dog-like robot “Spot” online for just under £59,000 each. There are other, more affordable robotic animals on the market, such as Aibo, a robotic dog made by Sony that can perform tricks and recognise its owner. Other robot pets, such as Paro the baby seal, are used in care homes and hospitals to reduce the patients’ stress. These robots are created with artificial intelligence (AI). They can make decisions for themselves, which they learn from their environment and the people around them. Some people think that robot pets will one day replace real pets. Others say that a robot pet will never be able to love a human like a real animal. So what do you think? Is a robotic pet better than a real one?

Yes – They’re much easier to look after

Robot pets are just like real ones but you don’t have to clean up after them or take them for long walks. Imagine if your pet could fetch you a glass of water, rather than a ball, or answer any question. These are some of the things robot pets of the future might be able to do. Many people would love a dog but they don’t have the time to walk it, or the space for it at home, or they can’t afford it. The pet charity PDSA says it can cost up to £13,000 to look after a dog for its lifetime. A robot pet like Aibo costs around £2,200 but the owner won’t need to buy food or pay any vet bills. Besides, when real pets die, it is very sad. With a robot pet, you don’t have to say goodbye in the same way because nothing has actually died.

No – It’s not the same thing

A robot might seem similar to a real pet, but it’s no replacement for a living, breathing animal. Humans have kept pets for thousands of years – it’s a bond that can’t be replaced by anything else. Animal behaviour, backed up by several scientific studies,

shows that pets really do love their owners. For example, Hachiko, a Japanese Akita dog, used to wait for his owner every day outside the train station in Tokyo, Japan, where he lived. After his owner died, Hachiko still waited for him every day at the station for the next nine years. Robots can’t provide this level of affection or emotion. Besides, it’s much better to have a real pet because there are many homeless or neglected animals in the UK who need loving owners.



OPENING: Nowadays…. Today…. Recently, … In recent times… It is more and more…..

It is often said that…. Many people claim that…. Many people believe… while others argue that… It goes without saying that …. This poses/ begs the question …

…. is a hotly-debated topic that often divides opinion.

….. is a subject of intense (heated, much, lively, fierce) debate.

The following essay takes a look at both sides of the argument.


When it comes to… In terms of …. According to experts… Research has found that…

Not only… but also/ There are those who argue that…

For example…/ Such as…/ For instance…/ As shown by…./ Illustrated by…/

One example is…./ In particular…/ Including…/ Namely….

OPINION: In my view…/ From my point of view…/ From my perspective…/ I think…/ I am sure…/ Apparently…./ To my mind…/ As I see it…/ As far as I am concerned…/

My own view on the matter is…

CONCLUSION: in conclusion…/ to conclude…/ to sum up…/ weighing up all pros and cons, it seems evident that…/ All things considered…/ taking everything into consideration…

weighing up both sides of the argument…/ The advantages outweigh disadvantages…

In short…/ To sum up…/ On the whole…/ In other words…/ Overall…./ Generally…./ In general…. In brief/in short

SEQUENCING: First../firstly…/first of all…/ Second../secondly../ Third../ Next…

Before/after…/ afterwards…/ Meanwhile/while…./ Subsequently…/ Finally…/ Eventually…

EMPHASIZING: Above all…/ In particular…/ Especially…/ Significantly…/ Indeed…

Notably…/ Particularly…/ Naturally…/ Really…/ Actually…/ Exactly







As well as




In addition

What is more

On top of that

Another point is


Similar to


As with



In the same way


Just as

But/ However

Whereas / While


On the one hand…

In contrast to







Because of

As a result consequently

Therefore/ Thus

Owing to

Due to


To /In order to

So as not to

So that

Topic sentences for main paragraphs:

  1. There are some good (sound, strong, reasoned) arguments for…

  2. There are several reasons 1) why people argue ….2) why they think it’s a good idea

…3) why the idea could be seen as ineffective, biased, unreasoned

  1. On the other hand I do understand the point of view …….

  2. The option to ………is (un)attractive for several reasons…

/ has many obvious (dis)advantages/ ….is largely based on the idea that…

  1. Perhaps the greatest argument in favor of .. ./ The only (dis)advantage

  2. On the one hand, I accept that it is important to …

  3. At the same time, I believe that it is not rightful to…./ reasons are unjust and unfair

  4. In spite of the above arguments, I support the view/ I doubt that it is relevant to…

  5. This all seems to be fair/ attractive, but the idea …

  6. The main advantage/ strong point/ positive or negative idea/factor

  7. While some believe it’s a good idea. I don’t find it the right/relevant solution

  8. Despite the controversy of the argument … I think it is ….

Check out the examples of essays. Comment on their form and content.

Read and analyze two sample essays below.

Robotic pets VS Real pets (1).

Modern technologies provide electronic pets with artificial intelligence. Affection for such pets is very strong. A Buddhist temple in Japan has held funeral ceremonies for around 800 broken Aibo robot dogs in the past five years. However, there is a question if robotic pets are better than real ones?

Electronic pets are true copies of animals, possessing a number of advantages. First, you don’t have to clean up after them or take them for a long walk. Second, they are equipped with various applications. If you want, such pet can fetch you a glass of water, answer any question, take a snapshot or film you. Finally, people miss their real pets for many years after they die. While with robotic pets we don’t say goodbye in the same way, as they don’t actually die.

A robot might seem similar to a real pet, but it`s no replacement for a living, breathing animal. First of all, people have kept pets for thousands of years – it’s a bond which cannot be broken. Moreover, pets have been proven to really love their owners. Robots are not able to provide this level of emotion. For example, Hachiko waited for his owner every day outside the train station in Tokyo, where he lived. On the other hand, it’s very painful when your animal dies, but that is life.

To sum up, robots are a good choice for people who don’t have a lot of free time to look after real dogs or cats. I was born with a love of animals and my strong opinion is that only real pets are true companions/ friends. Our pets are a part of our family.

Robotic pets VS real ones (2).

Modern society becomes more and more addicted to gadgets. Many people believe that technology can even provide pets that are just as lovable while others argue that nothing can replace live animals. Thus people today face a dilemma of choosing between artificial intelligence and nature.

There are several reasons to opt for robots. Firstly, they require less care and attention. You don’t need to buy food, pay vet bills, take them for long walks or clean up after robotic pets. It is great for busy people or those who have allergy. Secondly, pets of this type have special applications to snap shots, perform tricks or recognize owners and friends. Robots, such as baby seal, are used in care homes and hospitals…At the same time robotic pets cannot feel true deep love due to just programming, but I think it will make the loss less painful.

On the other hand, live animals have advantages too. Nothing can change affection, natural love and devotion are irreplaceable. A dog or a cat becomes your real friend and a companion. A striking example of such sincerity is Hatiko, which was waiting for years for its owner after his death. Also, in any city there are many homeless animals in need. In addition, animals, such as guide dogs, are trained to help disabled people. Although we miss real pets when they die, that’s life and it’s out of our hands.

To sum up the above said, we cannot say for sure which is better. Our choices are individual just like us. As for me, I believe that a machine is not a substitute for a living being. This is tantamount to preferring a robot to a person.


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