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Эссе, пожалуйста надо быстрее, 70-100 слов. ДАЮ 45 БАЛЛОВ! СРОЧНО!

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Ответ:My gym that is called “ Zebra” is truly amazing. It is located right next to my flat on the first floor of our house, and this is why I like it so much, it’s so CLOSE!

Plus, They have amazing facility, top equipment and great environment. Good service with friendly staff and super clean and comfortable gym for everyone from beginners to professional athletes to train at.

I will recommend it to my friends.


1. was
2. were
3. were
4. were

1. she bought an amazing pink, cotton dress


Английская транскрипция:
ə ˈpɜːsn huː weəz ˈstaɪlɪʃ kləʊðz lʌv tuː biː ɪn ðə ˈsɛntə<span>r </span>ɒv ə ˈtɛnʃ(ə)n.ðə kləʊðz wɪʧ hiː weəz ɑː braɪt ænd hiː hæz ə ˈfʌni ˈheəˌstaɪl<span>.

Русскими буквами:
</span>э ˈпёсн ху уээз ˈстайлиш
клоузз лав ту би ин зэ ˈсентэр ов эˈтеншэн.зэ клоузз уич хи уээз а брайт энд хи
хэз э ˈфани ˈхеэˌстайл.
<span> </span>

<span>11. a. shouldn’t
12. b. have
13. b. being built
14. a. flowing
15. c. having been tested
16. c. having been built
17. </span><span>b. being
18.a. is supposed
19. b. are known
20. c. to be
21. c. would have been
22. a. used</span>

ВЫБЕРАЙ-1)It wasn’t what she liked.Это было не то, что ей нравилось.2)Were your parents born in Madrid?Твои родители родились в Мадриде?3)It happened many years ago.Это произошло много лет тому назад.4)Sean studied French for five years.Шон изучал французский в течение пяти лет.5)He liked being in the spotlight.Ему нравилось быть в центре внимания.6)Kate didn’t like her new hairstyle.Кэйт не нравилась ее новая прическа.7)He bought a pair of socks and a T-shirt.Он купил пару носков и одну майку.8)We didn’t buy a thing at this awful store.Мы ничего не купили в этом ужасном магазине.9)Did you call her last night?Ты звонил ей прошлой ночью?10)Henry’s mother was a strong-willed woman.Мама Генри была волевой женщиной.11)You could at least tell me that you weren’t coming.Ты мог хотя бы предупредить меня, что не собираешься приходить.12)He wasn’t going to sell his old car.Он не собирался продавать свою старую машину.13)Clildren had to arrive to school on time.Детям нужно было быть в школе вовремя.14)I managed to open the front door without the key.Я умудрился открыть входную дверь без ключа.15)There was a long pause in the conversation.В разговоре наступила длинная пауза.16)There were many guests in the living-room.В зале было много гостей.

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Write a review of a gym you have visited lastly. Tell what and where it is, what you can
do there and your opinion. Use the style and structure of a review and topic related vocabulary.

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Yesterday I visited the gym. It is very interesting, there are many different tools and devices for burning of excess calories and pumping muscles. There are coaches who can train you properly. Generally, you can train for no more than 2 hours, as well as take small breaks. After sunset you can take a shower, and get your portion of the vitamins that give it.I really like to go to the gym because they are well in keeping track of your health, but you can really pump yourself good mozy.Tam even sometimes make interesting sports contests for which they can get a reward.

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