You can t get rid of poverty by giving people money эссе

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Dear guys,

Read this interesting quote which caught my eye.

You can’t get rid of poverty by giving people money.
— P J O’Rourke

What would be one significant thing you could do to «Get rid of/reduce poverty?»



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Firstly, Sunstone

You would have to define ‘poverty’.

The value judgement of the observer may not be the subjective estimation of the person experiencing the situation.

Equally, the poverty may be financial, emotional, etc

Have we not been told many times of the ‘poor little rich girl’, the story of Barbara Hutton, heir to the Woolworths fortune?

Monica Dickens, in ‘The Listeners’, describes poverty as a ‘social disease’.

Many philanthropists have tried to cure poverty.

But to many other people there is no such thing. It is just how things are.


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Well, I think there are many types of poverty and many causes of poverty.

When we look at overseas countries, with no natural assets, poor climate conditions and soil and see the people with virtually nothing, then THAT is poverty.

Then we see other film clips that look like poverty, but the assets of the country are decimated by dishonest power brokers. International aid is at times stored in warehouses to be sold overseas or on the black market, while people starve on the next block.

Then there is poverty caused by inter racial or religious tensions which do not allow people to grow crops etc, causing great hardship to everyone, eg Zimbabwe.

Then you have countries like India where some people have extreme wealth but just 2 klm away people live under a sheet of tin in a garbage dump. There are places in the USA where the poor are quite badly treated.

Then we have the imagined poverty of countries like Oz and the UK where generous welfare systems minimise the effects of illness or unemployment.

Here in Oz it is extremely rare for anyone to live in continual, true poverty. It would only be those who have a chronic illness or perhaps a mental handicap, who are stuck in the poverty cycle.

We do have quite a few who choose to spend all their income, then complain when it is gone, but obviously that is not poverty, that is greed and envy.

The quickest way to get rid of poverty in Oz would be to teach everyone how to budget and how to prioritise their spending habits.

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The easiest and fastest way to get rid of poverty would be to remove the word from dictionaries & classify anyone living below UN or state-defined poverty lines as ‘economically-challenged’.

Then herd all the homeless people and those mentally and physically disabled into re-education camps.

Then send out press releases claiming that there is no more poverty & show pet journalists around the cleansed areas to prove it.

Sounds callous? It has been used (successfully) by numerous governments in the past and present (including so-called democratic ones).

No other solution to poverty has succeeded in even 50% of cases — different groups need different solutions.

Complex problems need multi-faceted solutions — usually too complex for governments to enact.

Even in Australia poverty is a many-headed beast & simplistic education or hand-out based solutions have consistently failed to eradicate the problem.

The fastest & cheapest way (above) is clearly not the best for the people concerned. Instead a long-term community-based strategy focused around changing the circumstances & attitudes of impoverished people and providing them with the support and education required for people to lift themselves out of the poverty trap is required. The structure must be extremely flexible to support different levels of need and ability and aim to foster everyone according to their needs.

Sounds socialistic? This is not normally my thing, but for this issue it’s the most effective approach to create middle-class wage slaves….

To create independently wealthy and happy people a much larger commitment would be required :)



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Good post AC.

glad i read it right through though as it sounded like you were about to herd them all together and shoot them:D

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Instead a long-term community-based strategy focused around changing the circumstances & attitudes of impoverished people and providing them with the support and education required for people to lift themselves out of the poverty trap is required.

Which is why most people who win any large prize in a form of Lottery seem to have not much left many years on.

They lack the education on how to use there new wealth wisely and seem to squander it away rather than invest for the future.

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Originally posted by Aceyducey

The fastest & cheapest way (above) is clearly not the best for the people concerned. Instead a long-term community-based strategy focused around changing the circumstances & attitudes of impoverished people and providing them with the support and education required for people to lift themselves out of the poverty trap is required. The structure must be extremely flexible to support different levels of need and ability and aim to foster everyone according to their needs.




Very impressed with your post, there is an humanitarian lurking around somewhere inside of you.

An old saying goes,
“Give people a fish and they can eat for a day. Teach them how to fish and they can eat for a lifetime.”


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Originally posted by Jakk
An old saying goes,
“Give people a fish and they can eat for a day. Teach them how to fish and they can eat for a lifetime.”

And be sensitive to cultures that don’t eat fish & individuals allergic to sea food by teaching them other skills :)

I only let my inner humanitarian out on special occasions — but who does want people to be poor — they can’t consume as much :D



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Another old saying goes:

Light a man a fire and he is warm for a day. Set him on fire and he is warm for a lifetime.

:D :D

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Absolute poverty — that is having insufficient essentials in life (food, clothing and shelter) is easily overcome and could be totally eradicated (if the powers that be were serious about the problem).

Relative poverty will always exist. In Australia one measure of relative poverty is known as the «Henderson Poverty Line».

Brotherhood of St Laurence

Australian Council of Social Service


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Originally posted by Pitt St
Absolute poverty — that is having insufficient essentials in life (food, clothing and shelter) is easily overcome and could be totally eradicated (if the powers that be were serious about the problem).


Why would the powers-that-be EVER make a serious attempt to get rid of absolute poverty. It affects too small a % of the Australian population to make an impact on votes.

They instead target people who feel poor but really aren’t — a much larger demographic group & easily influenced by small concessions.

The only way to eradicate absolute poverty is by community action.

That means each of us has to take some action towards getting rid of poverty — not just sit on the sidelines and call it SOMEONE ELSE’S PROBLEM…..



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You can’t force people to become educated, some are happy with very little money and if you give them some give them some finance / budgetting training they still get rid of the cash as quick as possible. (my test subject is a family relation)

Make your donations, make yourself happy by being a worthy citizen, find out what you need to do to be happy with your social responsibility. Some people just don’t want your help.


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Originally posted by Aceyducey
Why would the powers-that-be EVER make a serious attempt to get rid of absolute poverty. It affects too small a % of the Australian population to make an impact on votes.

When I wrote that I was actually thinking beyond Australian borders.

In Australia, our social security system *should* eradicate absolute poverty (it doesn’t, as some people have either fallen through the cracks, or otherwise taken a wrong turn in life).

In other countries this is not the case (our social security system is among the most advanced, and generous, in the world).

But you are right.

For the most part, when it comes to poverty the care factor = zero.


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True Poverty cannot exist in Australia. The welfare system is too good. Anyone who is in absolute poverty in Australia must do so by choice. (Unless someone can point out how this cannot be so?)

BUT — It does exist elsewhere, which is bad…:(

Unfortunately, those governments/dictators/whatever choose to continue this to the detriment of their own people…

Thoughts ?

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how bout immigrants coming into hte coutnry. they are outside our welfare system…


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Homeless people frequently live in absolute poverty — no fixed address or «identity» = no welfare so scrounge from bins or beg for handouts. Many of these people have mental illness and simply cannot fit into the mould the government insists on. Some of course choose to live this way (why, I can’t imagine).

There are also many aboriginal communities in outback QLD, NT and WA where people live in less than tin shacks subsist off the land — receive no government assistance.

We all like to think that Australia is nothing like the images seen on TV of third world countries but the fact is, for some people thats exactly how it is. Unfortunately, I don’t think World Vision have child sponsorship projects aimed at aboriginal communities.

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Originally posted by natmarie73
Unfortunately, I don’t think World Vision have child sponsorship projects aimed at aboriginal communities.

No, but there is Indigenous Enterprise Partnerships .

Things ARE being done in Australia to help the indigenous aboriginal population to help themselves.. This took one search in google, and about 2 minutes of browsing. We can all help to make a difference. There IS poverty in Australia but not on the scale or tragic circumstance as in many other countries.

My case in point — Our family trust has a policy that for every $50k of equity controlled (used to be $100k but the profits seem to be come so easy it was modified), it either sponsors one world vision child, or donates $500 per annum to charity. Charity of choice is the trustees discresion. Mine will always sponsor charities that help setup communities with education. and an infrastructure for self-reliance.

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Jas — As I understand it, for normal immigration, you must have $xxx behind you to be eligible. Hence, they shouldn’t need assistance (actually, I think they cant for a set period — perhaps 1 year?).

Natmarie — Homeless people. I have trouble with that in Australia. You are homeless by choice — again I don’t understand why — especially when there are many agencies around that offer accomodation etc. Ususally though, the people don’t like the conditions attached (no drink/drug etc). Again, choice. Mental issues — I’d need you to explain how these people couldn’t get assistance….
Aboriginal people is something I really don’t understand. Per head, they receive a magnitude more welfare than ‘the rest’. This tells me there should be no poverty there, other than choices (drinking, smoking are choices, so why is it poor people always seem to have both habits?), or very bad management (very possible!)

Jum — I agree, in that I feel blessed to be where I’m at now, so I make it a point to ‘share’ that.

Don’t mean to offend anyone, but I really do struggle to see how, with our current welfare system, you could live in TRUE poverty, except by choice (and that can mean choosing not to comply with conditions also).

I actually tried to get some emergency accomodation off the ground last year. Found a property that would’ve been perfect for it — 30 rooms with ensuites, common rooms, kitchen etc!! Wanted to do something like battered wives, or emergency accom of some sort. In the end, couldn’t get any gov’t or charity to be interested in it if it wasn’t 100% free (nice, but I can’t afford that sort of money just yet. ;) So, I had to let it go. Damn pity.)



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My previous experience with people suffering financial hardship is that poverty does exist in Australia and it would be difficult to eradicate (as much as I would love to).

The main groups I noticed were as Jas said the newcomers who fall outside out welfare system, those with mental / drug /illness issues where either they fall through the gaps of the assistance provided, or due to lack of life skills, are unable to manage normal day to day mangement of money.

Financial couselling usually consisted of setting up automatic payments for their rent and utilities.

The most frustrating to deal with were those that had «inherited» poverty as a state of mind and regarded any assistance or offers of help or knowledge as some kind of trickery to deny them of some form of financial assistance. This group had the ability to learn and had quite a lot of skills and knowledge but all narrowly directd towards how to obtain the most from the system than gain paid employment. This group woul prefer to stand in line for an hour waiting for a $20 food voucher than say clean some-one’s house for 3 hours and recieve $40.

In the end I became far too disillusioned to continue in this area of work. :(

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You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging hatred.
You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.
You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.
You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.


True and relevant words both then and now.

Except for true poverty, famine etc or mismanagement by governements as has already been mentioned, I don’t think you can change a persons thinking unless he/she WANTS/IS WILLING to learn to think and act differently.


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    posted 11 years ago

    Is giving money the only way to help poor people?

    You can’t get rid of poverty by giving people money. — P. J. O’Rourke. What do you think?

  2. I agree that giving money does not get rid of poverty.  what happens when all that money is spent and they can’t get anymore?

    Educating somebody how to earn money for themselves is more of a help.  Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Old Chinese proverb.

  3. it depends on what is the need of poor, if its hunger than its food, if its cold than its fire & i feel money can fullfill both so you can always help best with money.

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    reena_yadavposted 11 years ago

    Money does not get rid of poverty but by providing education on how to make money for themselves is a good start.

    Apart from money, we could provide household groceries such as the basic necessities, ie, rice, oil, vegetables, free schoolbags, and maybe pay for the bus fare for a few months are a few other ways to help the poor.

  5. No. And I love that quote.
    Everything starts in the mindset….. And the reality is that poor people have a «lack» mindset. You can dress it up/down anyhow you like but this is the truth.
    The best way to assist is through education and role modelling.

  6. Giving money isn’t even a way to help the poor if it was then the various charities should have solved the proverty problem ages ago.

    Here on TV every day we see terrible pictures and hear the mournful voiceover asking us to save a child from lack of clean water, starvation, or illness usually somewhere in Africa.   

    I have heard the same pleas all my adult life and still the problem persists or has got worse, surely in nearly 60 years  the people of the West have given enough money to the charities to drill a few thousand wells and buy enough food to feed the entire population … yet it goes on and on.

    So therefore I say whatever they have been doing and are still doing is not the answer.

    How much of what we give is lost or wasted, swallowed up by corruption before it ever gets anywhere near the people who need it.

    There has to be a better way, I know in might sound harsh but why should we donate money to elivate starvation and poverty in any country that is at war with itself and yet they can find money for arms and ammunition but not food and care for their own people.

    I too am in favour of teaching people to fish and farm so that they learn to provide for their own.  However you cannot fish in a dry river nor farm where there is no rain…

    For charities to continue to sustain life where life cannot sustain itself is maddness there just has to be a better way.

  7. Easy money to any people can kill his labour skill,

    So instead of this … teach him or her some skill through which she or he can earn their livelihood.

    Provide education to their children so that poverty can stop to their old generation.

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    edhanposted 11 years ago

    Personally for me, I will teach them some skills to earn a living. In a long run, they will be able to survive and help others to do the same thing.

    This is the best way of helping those who are poor so that they do not need to rely on others to just providing money.

    If I have huge some of money, I will setup a factory to provide them with work and train them the skill. It will help to run the factory and generate income to support those who are in need of help. I will give each of them a share in the factory so they will work hard to maintain as they will generate more income for themselves in return.

  9. The quote is very true.

    My grand pa told me this — Once, when he was with his uncle on a trip to another town. There, they saw a man with two kids. The kids are hungry and all three were begging. His uncle, being a generous man, gave them money so they can buy food. Another man was watching all this and he comes near by and asks my grand pa’s uncle not to give that money. Instead, he asked them to buy food for the children — he said that the father is very irresponsible and would not even buy food for the children, he would drink liquor with all that money.

    Moral: Giving money doesn’t solve the problem.

    A man can be poor due to several reasons like
    * he is being exploited
    * he is ignorant
    * he doesn’t work
    * he wastes all his money(being irresponsible)

    We should help them if that poor man is willing to change and work hard. At the same time, if any person/organization can do that, we can donate money to them — assured that it reaches the poor in a justified way.

  10. Throwing money at poverty has about the same outcome as throwing money at education.  In America, we spend more per capita student on education than any other country in the world.  If money would solve the problem, America would produce the best students with the highest intelligence…that is simply not the case yet our government, etc. continue to ask for more and more money to be spent on education.  In some ways, poverty is a choice which people make.  Those individuals who are mired in it must make a conscious decision to get out and to invest in themselves.  Ignorance drives a lot of poverty as it does other things such as racism, etc. Ignorance is extremely hard to breed out of a generation or a society…it takes ages of focus which no one seems to have.  On that basis, money is simply a «salve» that temporarily eases the itch.  WB

  11. No, there are other ways to help the poor people. You can help by giving your extra clothes. You can help by giving them inspiring words. You can help them by giving a little time. In fact, even writing a hub can help. Even a simple status on Facebook can help. There are so many ways to help the underprivileged.

  12. I believe that money isn’t the answer for poverty. It’s better to just help the poor to find a job. Or an alternative might be lending money for them to start a business or pay debt. The bottom line here is to not let them depend on your money alone. You should help them help themselves.

  13. When you say poor,I take it you mean those who can’t create their own money like the federal reserve who prints up treasury bonds that are backed by the future earnings of the whole country to pay off those bonds.Yet,when it comes time to pay them off they simply print up more bonds and sell them to pay off the previous bonds ,like borrowing from peter to pay paul.
    If,that’s the case there shouldn’t be any poor people.At.least not so poor as not to have a place to live,food and clothing as well as training for a job that will exist when the training is done rather than paying thousands of dollars for schooling when your chances of getting a job afterwards is negligable. 

    There is something wrong with a system that encourages people to be poor and dependent on the government

    Prison jobs are becoming a new kind of slavery that take away work from those who could use it outside prison walls instead of inside them.

  14. Giving money is not the main way to solve poverty i believe.  I think having programs that are to help the poor will be more beneficial. You cant just give money to people and except all their problems will be fixed. They can easily and quickly end up in a state of poverty again , if other aspects are not addressed.

  15. Giving money to the poor, directly, only encourages them to keep asking for more. Giving money to programs that help the poor have the ability, or opportunity, to earn money to support themselves and their family is the best and only way, in my experience, to help the poor in any country.

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    Guantaposted 11 years ago

    I find that things are so much more complicated today.  Years ago if you gave someone money, you knew they were asking because they could use a few dollars.   Today with the governemnt iterfferring in everyones’ lives and many people carriying on a hustle it becomes a little more complicated.

  17. Definitely not. By doing so, you do not help them see their real worth as a person but rather belittle them.
    Educate them, inspire them, teach them a skill or two-that is the proper way to help them.

  18. Giving money is not a solution. The better alternative is try to buy some vital things and distribute them to the poor but the question is how long can one afford to help and also to how many one can help. Thus it is better to convince the needy and put them to work it solves the purpose. It is needless to say that people are very lazy and giving money enhances it further. I feel,  convincing and preparing them to work is required and the authorities must see that there are suitable opportunities for all.

  19. Absolutely not, anything yu give can help out someone, money is jus the easy opinion way of gettin out

  20. giving money is just part of helping poor people. sharing your skills on how to become successful in life is also another way of helping them.

  21. money is one the way but not the only way, care and love for the poor and your affection also helps a great deal. just be affectionate to a poor man and see how he blesses you

  22. Giving money to the poor people is not the solution. It will make them dependent to those people who give them money and as a result, they won’t bother to work. Like what the parable of the fisherman says, «»If you give a person a fish, you feed them for a day. If you teach them how to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.»

  23. Teaching them how to make money would be better. Maybe you could give them some information about a class at a local college that would lead to a job interview. There is a possibility that you know some one who may need a temporary worker. Then, they could earn money on a regular basis. I bet the person would like this much more.

  24. No, of course not, giving people money is certainly not the ONLY way to help them. It’s not even the best way, nowhere near. I’d say education, jobs, affordable housing, and support (emotional, as well as concrete support like helping them negotiate the minefield of red tape that stops them getting back into the ‘system’).
    It breaks my heart to see young people begging in the streets. People are so ready to judge when they have absolutely no idea how these kids get to be where they are, and always it’s a grim story.
    I have created a hub about how we as individuals can help a homeless personin a small way. … ess-Person

  25. Giving money is ok, but that won’t solve poverty. What poor people need to be given is a way to help themselves. What is being poor, anyway? Is it being homeless, or is it having the same as everyone else( food, clothing, shelter), just not as much? Giving money to the poor is the same as giving it to your next door neighbor. It’s a gift for them to buy whatever they want.

  26. I came across a beautiful hub titled «How To Put Together A Care Pack For a Homeless Person». it offers specific ways in which we can help the poor. In the comment, there is a hubber, feenix, who is a real life inspiration for people who want to grow by helping others. … ess-Person

    I am truly pleased to find so many hubbers who have ideas to «Empower» and «Enable» the poor so that they can come out of poverty permanently. I am pleased and thankful to all responders.

  27. The bible gives a perfect illustration about why give a man a Fish, when you can teach him how to fish? I would say it depends on the situation, that at times the poor may need money right away to help a bad situation but also at the same time you can teach them how to make money to never be in that situation. Depends on each individual and circumstances.

  28. Not at all. You can do plenty of things! The most valuable is to teach them a skill — but giving them a meal or two can’t hurt either. Sometimes this is better than money. Money can get stolen or used in an irresponsible way.

  29. If you want to feed a man for one day,give him a fish.
    If you want to feed him for whole life,teach him how to fish.

  30. I firmly believe tangible, physical help is better than financial

  31. no! I think,it is the easiest way to help poor……..

  32. Giving money will be a short term gain for most people that are «poor». Though you will truly be helping them in their eyes, you will be ultimately encouraging them to continue to seek free help.

    If you really want to help someone poor I would suggest starting with getting them some decent clothing. Many times ones personal appearance is a major determining factor in whether they can get a job, place to live, or even create some sort of social support from people in similar situations or empathetic people.

    Another good step is if you can aid them in a means of working for their own money.

  33. Giving money is not always the answer. Help one find a job, buy one a hot meal, mentor one, some just want to talk to someone,

  34. profile image0

    rorshak sobchakposted 11 years ago

    You could give a homeless person the shirt off of your back.

  35. you can help build homes for the poor thats the hard way. giving money is easy way.

  36. No, teaching them how to earn their own money is the best way to help them.

  37. No, certainly not.  Better help to the poor would be to educate them, teach them how to become self dependent.

  38. profile image0

    jasper420posted 11 years ago

    not at all there are many ways to help the poor besides money in fact money is the worst thing you can do for them bring the food water give them a word of encougerment be there for them when no one ese is pray for them help to guide them take them to a aa meeting or na meeting if there an addict there are so maney ways to lend a helping hand without money

  39. No. In fact, if asked on the street for money, find another way to help, instead. Example: rather than hand someone $10, buy them a loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter. Then you are assured of the use of your money, rather than wonder if the person has bought alcohol or drugs.

  40. Being one of the poor I can answer from the other prospective. It is not that I don’t have the skills to work or that I don’t work it is just that my current job is in retail and my hours are next to nothing.

    Would it help if someone gave me money yes it would and it would be more appreciated than you could believe. Just because a person is poor it doesn’t mean they are lazy or unqualified. In this day and age with the poor outlook for jobs being available you take what you can get even if it is only 4-10 hours a week. But when you are supporting a family of 3 on that you really struggle to make ends meet and honestly you can’t always make those ends meet.

    Yes there are some out there who will panhandle as a living and I have to say that makes me angry. Several years ago there was an article in the local paper about a family who panhandled. They were considered homeless because they lived in hotel rooms and they had two small children. That family made $35,000 under the table without paying any taxes on the money. At the time of the article I was working full-time as and Administrative Assistant and I didn’t even come close to making that much money in a year and I paid taxes on everything I made.

    You hear people saying «Money can’t buy you happiness» however, the only people I hear saying those words are those who have money. Those of us that don’t have money or struggle to pay bills each month think otherwise.

    So I guess to give a more precise answer to the question I think that if you see someone who could use help and you can help what does it hurt for you to help them. There really is no way to know if they are like the panhandlers in the article discussed above or if they really need help. I think there are more people out there now who need help than those that would just as soon scam you. Those that need the help are grateful for any help you can give them; sure, it will be gone soon but it may be what keeps there head above water for a short time. It may be the difference between a family having a roof over their head or being homeless.

  41. I find that it is far better to give a poor person a helping hand or a bag of groceries rather than give them money outright.  Many of the poor are embarrased about asking for money so if you offer them some work or a way to earn the money they feel better about it.  I have given cash when the Holy Spirit leads me to.  I like to sneak gifts to people once in a while just to bless them.  You can for instance give them a ride to work, help them plant a garden, help them paint their house, and many other things. 
    There is a lady in our church that is always giving her clothes and shoes away in a gift bag to people just to bless them.  I think it is a wonderful way to do it.

  42. I think money is not the only solution to help poor people. Very often it is seen that the poor are mostly illiterate. And how an illiterate person spend the given money? So, first we have to make them literate by proper education.

  43. Money isn’t the only way to help poor people, there are more effective way to help poor people. Like sharing your foods to them. And if you’re kinda rich man, supply them education which is very helpful to them than giving them money to spend with. Also, suggesting/giving them jobs would be a big help for them. And many other helpful way to mention..

  44. Well ,doing something is better than doing nothing, you could donate money to shelters, food to the food bank, or provide a job for someone,

  45. No, we can make more jobs. Create self-esteem education that really helps people. Find out what is the matter individually with poor persons. Why don’t they have a desire to work? Or why don’t they have a desire to look for work. These are my only answers because really you can only help those who help themselves.

  46. Money does help. But you also need to make them understand the importance of independence. Hence, give them the ways or ideas how they can stand up on their own feet. Probably give them direction or advice.

  47. I think that it is better to offer people chances to change their life rather than giving them a few bucks so that they can buy food.. instead of giving them fish it is better to give a fishing rod

  48. Education trumps money.  But you can’t teach wisdom.

  49. No, it’s not the best way. In the short term, yes, help stabilize people so they don’t starve. But in the long term, it’s better to help people find a way to stand on their own feet, determine their own fate, and be responsible for their own success.

  50. No, giving money is not the only way to help poor people. Is it really the best way? Poor people, sometimes, just need a listening ear. They want to feel like they’re not looked down upon. Some poor people were not always poor. Some of them were wealthy and very talented. When I took my children, one Thanksgiving morning, to feed the homeless, it was an eye awakening moment for them and for me. It amazed me that a number of the homeless were once wealthy but made bad decisions that led to there situation or lay offs and they were one pay check away from poor.  It is embarrassing for a lot of poor people to admit what is transpiring in their life. A number of them want to sit down and just tell their story. Although they need money, it is nice when you remember some of them and when you meet people along the road, you meet people that can help the poor bounce back on their feet. People didn’t ask to live in poverty, but, poverty finds people. It’s not money that will change poverty it’s what people with money will do with that money to help those that have not. So when you see a person who is poor give them a smile, give a blanket, give them gloves, a listening ear(you may have a career path for them)three and a sandwich.


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When their concept of innovation improves, they will find a better way to get rid of poverty and become better off.

Когда их концепция инноваций улучшится, они найдут лучший способ избавиться от бедности и стать лучше.

It helps to get rid of poverty, to gain material wealth, to solve issues related to movable and immovable property.

Она помогает избавиться от бедности, обрести материальное благосостояние, решить вопросы, связанные с движимым и недвижимым имуществом.

You cannot get rid of poverty simply by giving people money.

How can we get rid of poverty?

A country that generally accepts that it cannot get rid of poverty.

Это свободная страна, которая, к сожалению, никак не может выбраться из нищеты.

He was desperate to get rid of poverty.

Only if we share can we get rid of poverty.

Here, for only $ 10 Mexican witches offer a means to get rid of poverty, or to return the beloved.

Здесь всего за 10 долларов мексиканские ведьмы предлагают средство, чтобы избавиться от бедности или вернуть возлюбленного.

How to attract into your life the energy of wealth and get rid of poverty?

To get rid of poverty and ridicule, Fedor gets a circus artist.

They can get rid of poverty.

«to get Rid of poverty is harder than to lose all wealth»

It plays a wide role to get rid of poverty and attract money.

It takes a long time for the country to get rid of poverty.

It has gradually become realistic for them to increase their incomes, get rid of poverty and acquire wealth.

Для них постепенно стало реальным увеличение доходов, избавление от бедности и достижение материального благополучия.

We have the ability to get rid of poverty in this country, though.

Baise is the main battlefield to get rid of poverty.

Has a law been passed to get rid of poverty and ignorance?

Разве есть законы против бедности и невежества?

That means you have to get rid of poverty.

You have to get rid of poverty and unemployment.

«Бежали от нищеты и безработицы.

Ничего не найдено для этого значения.

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