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People put much value upon different things, for example, money, freedom, friends, etc. But it is often stated that family has to be on top of all things.

In my opinion, it is really true that family is the most important thing in life. First of all, it gives birth to you as a human being and a personality. It is your primary environment where your thoughts, habits, behaviour patterns are formed. If you are a successful person, you owe it to your mother and father. In addition, family ties are the strongest, even though related people can live far away from each other. You may have a large circle of social contacts consisting of friends, colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances, but in need it is your mother or father, brothers or sisters who race to help you out.

But there are people who downplay the significance of family. They show preference for other things, mostly for money. They believe that money talks on our planet that is why they spend more time to acquire wealth than to take care of your family.

Nevertheless I cannot support the opposing opinion because no matter how much wealthy you are, you cannot buy a new mother or father. People pass away and never come back, but money is a revolving stuff. Today you loose, tomorrow you win again. Relatives are lost forever.

To sum up, I would like to refresh memory about an old wisdom saying that blood is thicker than water. Blood means your family ties, water is everything else.

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It is impossible to imagine our life without family. Family is believed by many people to be the most important thing in their life while other people consider it differently. I would like to express my own opinion on this point of view.

I am in favour of the idea that family is the most essential part of people’s life. Firstly, everybody needs love, care and protection, parents, grandparents and relatives can really give all these things. Therefore, people do not feel lonely and sad. Secondly, family brings children up and provides them with education. Humans really should appreciate the fact that parents give them the chance to be not only rich and smart but good and honest, too. Finally, family passes traditions and life’s guidelines that humans use in the future. For example, it is an attitude to other people, family or children. It is really important for people’s life in society.

Some people think differently. They consider that family is not very significant in life and relatives just do not let people have high results.

I do not fully agree with above statement because I think that family helps to achieve aims and goals in life. Having some difficulties and problems, the support of loved ones can help to solve these problems and  achieve greater results than people might think.

In conclusion, I would like to say that family is the most significant thing in our life. It gives people everything and  surrounds humans with care and love that all people need.

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Writing 2

Вербицкая М.В.

Вербицкая М.В.

Comment on the following statement:

    The most important thing in life is family.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?
Write 200-250 words.
Use the following plan:
—    make an introduction (state the problem)
—    express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion
—    express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion
— explain why you don’t agree with the opposing opinion
—    make a conclusion restating your position

     A majority of people think that the most important thing in life is family. There are many people give it more importance than even a career and other human values. There are also others who prefer family to friends or work.

     In my opinion, there are many good reasons for family. First of all, a person feels complete living in a family and he always has someone to support him emotionally and in other ways. Another reason is that a person can almost always talk and share things in life with his near and dear ones which at times is hard to do with others. The family takes care when you fall sick and one doesn’t feel lonely in life.

     On the other hand, there are those who prefer to stay alone or lead a bachelor’s life. A person who lives outside a family has more free time for himself, career, friends, etc. He is also free to do things that he likes without caring about his family’s opinion.

     However, I think it’s important to have a family as one eventually gets tired of living alone. As most people believe, a man or a woman is not complete without each other. So there is a healthy balance in life living in a family and raising kids. I would prefer family to other things.

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Though, in strict sense, we often think of families as either biological, ‘nuclear’ families, consisting of two parents and their children or extended family discussed above. However, there are many formats that a family can take, and all that truly matters is that people who consider each other to be family love each other and take care of each other. Some children are raised by their grandparents, for instance, whilst many families center around same-sex couples and their children.
Additionally, several people consider their friends to be their ‘real’ family as these are the people that they turn to when in need. Families are, after all, pretty flexible: children and adults can be adopted into the family and seen as part of the family for a variety of reasons.
The word ‘family’ can be traced back to the Latin word ‘familia’. This word referred to an entire household: not just the parents and children who formed the traditional nuclear family back then but also the household servants.
There are several occasions in life when you want that you don’t have any obligations at all. At such stages, you ponder why a family is important. For beginners, it offers you the most significant things in life – support, love, plus a feeling of belonging. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention 7 reasons why family is important in life.

7 Reasons Why Family is Important in Life

1. Support and security.

Families are important because human beings cannot live solitary lives all the time. We need others to support and to love us, even as we love and support them in our turn. Whether you are applying for a new job or just getting over a difficult breakup, there is no denying that it’s so much easier when you have your family there to support you with their love and care. Your family will boost your self-esteem no matter what thanks to their unconditional love for you!
The sensation of fear exists in every single human; every one of us must feel secure. A family will provide one with protection. The strength of the family members is not important; a nuclear family or maybe a joint family offers you a feeling of being secure. It is because you realize that your family is going to stand by you, regardless of what.

2. They love and understand you.

Just like the basic requirements, a human also has several emotional needs, the gratification of which is essential for mental as well as physical happiness. Everyone requires affection, understanding, feeling of belonging, love, and so forth. Families are important because they provide us with love, laughter and a sense of community.
Your family understands your habits and knows the trials that you have been through throughout your life. Of course, sometimes your mannerisms can provide a little entertainment for the other members of the family as well!

3. Protects from external influences.

Peer pressure might have a substantial impact on teenagers and adults alike. When individuals try to get other folks to perform things which aren’t morally correct, they make an effort to penetrate the family values. This means, if somebody possesses a strong perception of what is correct and what is wrong due to the values they had been raised with, they are more unlikely to become sufferers of deviant influences.

4. Giving earth a center!

No matter where you roam, you always know that you have a home to go back to – your family home. That means that you are never alone in the world, and always have somewhere to go whatever happens. Sometimes this sense of home is legally and financially cemented with shared (joint) ownership of the house.

5. Helps to raise a child.

Family play an important role in the raising of the child. Your loved ones can assist you to raise a child. In case you are in close contact with your household, it will be much easier for you to aid your kid to grow up healthy and happy. You will not just have a couple of people taking care of your child; you will have lots of people. Your family members will take proper care of your kid when you are sick or away, and assist you to cope with your youngster while things are tough. Whilst raising children is never simple, having powerful family relationships makes it a whole lot simpler.

6. Aids to make decisions.

Family values affect the decisions individuals make both in the family structure and also outside. Deciding about crucial topics can be challenging, and people might feel helpless if they are clueless which way to proceed. Consequently, having strong family values aids individuals to make the correct decisions in life.

7. They help to make you who you are.

Whether by providing you with your first steps in education (like learning to read and write) or instilling you with moral values, your family can shape your personality and beliefs for many years ahead. Many people say that the kind and wise words of their family helped to make them a better human being.


Our family can be whatever we make it: it can consist only of blood relatives or it can also include close friends. From promoting your inner growth to giving you financial support, your family will help you to achieve all of your goals.
When you have your family by your side, you never need to feel that you are alone as you step out into the world. There is always a whole team of people behind you who want the best for you and who will always be there to call upon when you need someone to talk to or a helping hand.

Представлено сочинение на английском языке Важность семьи/ Importance Of The Family с переводом на русский язык.

Importance Of The Family Важность семьи
Family is a very important part of the life of each person. Parents care about us from the beginning of our lives. A little baby becomes the center of universe for them. They wash the new-born’s nappies, feed and play with it, teach to speak. Parents give all their love and care to the little child. When the child goes to school, parents begin to attend parents’ meetings and help with the homework. Семья – очень важная часть жизни каждого человека. Родители заботятся о нас с начала нашей жизни. Младенец становится центром вселенной для них. Они стирают пеленки малыша, кормят и играют с ним, учат говорить. Родители дарят всю свою любовь и заботу маленькому ребенку. Когда ребенок идет в школу, родители начинают посещать родительские собрания и помогать с домашней работой.
Usually a person also has sisters and brothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins. It’s a great happiness to have a big family. All families have their traditions and customs. The members of the family usually visit each other, celebrate holidays and go on vacation together. Everybody likes, when the family meets at the table. All relatives communicate, laugh and eat a mother’s signature dish. Grandparents tell the interesting stories and children play and have fun. Also it’s interesting to see the photos in the family album. This album keeps the history of the family. Обычно у человека так же есть братья и сестры, бабушка и дедушка, тети и дяди, двоюродные братья и сестры. Это огромное счастье иметь большую семью. У всех семей есть свои традиции и обычаи. Члены семьи обычно навещают друг друга, отмечают праздники и проводят каникулы вместе. Все любят, когда семья собирается за одним столом. Все родственники общаются, смеются и едят мамино коронное блюдо. Бабушка и дедушка рассказывают интересные истории, а дети играют и веселятся. Так же очень интересно смотреть фотографии в семейном альбоме. Такой альбом хранит историю семьи.
If a person doesn’t have a united family, there is a chance to create such family. When we meet someone and fall in love, we can marry for love. We should protect and support each other. Your husband or wife becomes your best friend and beloved person. It is very important to maintain family ties. The members of the family always help in difficult situation and share the happiness. Если у человека нет дружной семьи, есть шанс создать такую семью самому. Когда мы встречаем кого-нибудь и влюбляемся, мы можем заключить брак по любви. Мы должны беречь и поддерживать друг друга. Твой муж или жена становится твоим лучшим другом и любимым человеком. Очень важно поддерживать семейные узы. Члены семьи всегда помогут в трудной ситуации и разделят радость.

Family is very important for every person. It’s a special unit of society, which matters the most. The human nature has a need to always communicate, to have friends, partners and children, to share emotions and experience. So, loneliness is a bit unnatural for people. For this reasons everybody has a family. It isn’t surprising that every achievement, piece of happiness, good or bad mood, it all depends on family relations. Family is the place where people spend most of their time, apart from regular work.

Family is originally created by two young people who meet, fall in love and get married. They gradually build their family life on certain values and priorities, which are more important for them. Husband and wife can create their happiness together. Often they decide to have children. When the family is big, everybody can have different characters. It doesn’t mean that it’s a bad, unhappy or unsuccessful family. They just need to learn to respect each other and to

find a compromise. Mutual aid and rapport are also important. To build the right rapport people should communicate often and spend time together. In this way people can have a loving family with friendly environment.

Modern family life is a bit different from the way it was several decades ago. Earlier, several generations could live together under the one roof. There were also lots of children in each family, up to 15-20 and more. Nowadays, young people tend to be more independent and want to live separately from their parents and grandparents. They also have fewer children. The average family has 1 or 2 children. Marriages are also becoming rare. Many couples tend to live together without actually being husband and wife. Thus, modern families differ a lot from each other. However, they all have something in common: when all members in the family love, respect and understand each other, they will definitely find happiness in family life.

Family Life – Семейная жизнь

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